Terror's Agony

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Part 3:Inhuman Warfare

Being a part of the military was never supposed to be fun, but it was honorable. Nothing honorable ever comes from your own, always selfish, enjoyment.
My mother cried when I first told her that I, Milo Walker- her only son, was joining in my deceased father’s footsteps. She said that she wouldn’t be able to handle both of her boys dying to an enemy that has family at home as well, because killing them wouldn’t have been right either. In her eyes, war was useless to everyone but the people who weren’t truly affected by it.

Due to her opinions being ingrained into my mind, nothing changed my feeling of pure dread at having to end a life just as important as my own.
That was until I shot my first victim. Until I felt the spray of crimson blood as it littered my face.
At that moment I realized that I had never before felt true joy, and I knew then that I was right where I belonged.

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