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The Rougarou

Abigail reached the pier as the sky darkened with clouds. She noted that while the parking lot was very much occupied, most of the boats were gone, out on tours. Her boat smacked the pier as she “docked”, not even bothering to tie her boat up.

Running around to the front of the building, she spotted a dead man face down on the doormat, jamming the door shut. The door’s window had been smashed in. Through the hole, Abigail could hear a struggle and screaming. The man was big and hard to move. By the time Abigail moved him, the struggle had ended.

The scene inside: Billy had a bloodied face. He was holding Mary, also a little bloodied, who was in turn holding her two youngest babies. When Billy tried to stand, he wobbled and fell back down beside Mary. Abigail rushed to them but both Mary and Billy pointed and shouted, “He went out back.”

It went against her instincts, but Abigail turned from her injured friends and sprinted out the back door. There, dragging little Jill towards a boat, was the man known as the Rougarou. He was a large, hairy man with unkempt hair and a long black beard. His clothes were ragged as well, like a wandering homeless man’s.

Abigail sprinted at them. The Rougarou heard her approach, picked Jill up, and tossed her into a boat. Jill’s head hit the side and she began to cry. Then he readied himself for Abigail’s attack, which came fast. Abigail ducked underneath a punch and struck the Rougarou with an uppercut. She followed with a right hook that forced the man to stumble backwards. Abigail tried to end the fight with a powerful kick to the groin, but the man dodged and hit Abigail with a stunning backhand. It was inexplicably like a smack from a baseball bat. Abigail fell to the ground.

She saw stars when she hit the dock. Before she could rise, the Rougarou was on top of her. His hands grabbed Abigail’s neck and started squeezing. It was then, as she struggled for breath, that she looked into the man’s eyes.

The man was very much alive, but his dark brown eyes showed no life. Cold. Dead.

Abigail recognized those eyes, and a deep rage boiled within her. Desperate to defeat this man, with the last little puff of breath that she could spare, she whispered, “Ire.”

Abigail might as well have been simultaneously electrocuted and stuck with an adrenaline shot. Her hands easily jerked the Rougarou’s away from her throat. She then brought a leg underneath him and kicked him a good six feet off the ground and even further away.

The ascent to her feet looked labored and twitchy. Her steps forward were forced and slow like Abigail was walking through water. Occasional spasms overtook her, but she continued forward.

The Rougarou got to his feet and moved in to punch. Abigail grabbed his fist and threw him through the air. He hit the ground hard. But then, he reached into his pocket for his trump card: a taser. Abigail was still too sloth-like to make an attempt at dodging and was struck with the electrical shock. It sent her into spasms and she fell over. The Rougarou took the opportunity to escape in the boat with Jill. Abigail watched him flee from the ground.

“Just let me take over!” Ire screamed in Abigail’s head.

“Shut up and give me your strength!” Abigail yelled back. She would have looked insane if anyone else was on the dock observing her.

“You said my name. Your body and soul are mine.”

"I said it because I'm going to use you to save that kid." Abigail got to her trembling feet. Sharp pain covered every inch of her body and she screamed to the sky.



Abigail fought through the agony and walked to her boat which had thankfully not drifted away. She hopped in and started sailing after the Rougarou. The boat zigzagged through the water as Ire and Abigail fought over body motions. The pain faded and a deeper game of tug-of-war began. It felt to Abigail like a fight to snap out of sleep paralysis.

"Damn it, just give in."

"You aren't getting a fragment of my soul. I'm saving Jill and you are going to watch me do it."

"Pitiful human! Damn you. This is not over."

And then Abigail had control. It felt as though a great weight fell from her body and she could fly away. She took a deep breath of relief and straightened out her path.

She turned around a bend and spotted the Rougarou up ahead. His steering was amateur at best and his boat was not at full throttle. He cast a glance over his shoulder and spotted Abigail in pursuit, then turned and pulled into an inlet.

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