Born Monster

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Lily is a natural born killer with a serial killer for a father. However, when she spirals out of control, Lily becomes something even serial killers are afraid of. Growing up, Lily lived alone with her serial killer father who taught her how to prey on her own victims. At the age of eighteen, Lily lost her father to the court system. To honor his legacy, she decides to continue the massacring of dozens of citizens. To ensure her safety, Lily’s father asks Caleb, a family friend to keep an eye on her. Instead, he loses his daughter to an inner monster no one ever knew was there When Caleb shows up in Lily’s life, Lily instantly falls in love. It starts with a serial killing partnership. The love and romance mixed with the adrenaline of killing innocent people are intoxicating. However, as her craving grows out of control, Lily’s father catches wind of it and sets out to end her spree by hiring an outside hitman. On the run, Lily and Caleb have to work as a team to make it out alive. The only problem is that once the main hunter is dealt with, Lily becomes the huntress. The monster inside of her overpowers any emotions she has ever felt. Lily loses all connection to humanity and becomes something that even serial killers are afraid of.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Goodnight, Amber Lee

Blood splashed all over the walls as I brought the ax down on poor Amber Lee’s head, punctuating the hours of torture that she had endured. This was not a simple murder for money or reputation. This was personal, full of jealousy and raging hate. This was me showing Miss Amber Lee that despite everything she had in life-she was not better than me. Even with my shabby beater with the paint peeling off it and my one-bedroom apartment with stains devouring the carpets, I ran this show.

None of her riches mattered anymore. She couldn’t buy any more coats made of real pig leather. She could no longer go out for steak and potatoes with her drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend. The end had even come to her fancy little wine tasting parties in her five-bedroom mini-mansion. Her pristine life was over. All that was left was brain matter on the floor and blood on the walls that I would have to clean up before the stains set in. While I am not exactly a clean freak, which was obvious after one look at my shitty apartment, I did like to keep my workspace neat. This allowed for my next victim to wonder about the events that laid ahead.

Anytime I entered my abandoned warehouse hangout on the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas with a hot, young, rich female, I wanted her to wonder “what’s going to happen next?” If I already have blood and brains on the floor when she came into the building, murder was going to be on her mind from the start. I have learned from growing up and watching my father work that the worst torture is not always physical; it can also be mental. The lack of control in a time of danger was easily an example of a delightful torture worse than any physical pain. The pain was only an answer. It was the answer to what I am going to do, what is coming next, and what more I could do to you. Pain, pain, pain. All of it leading to the ultimate answer, death. The end.

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