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Perfect Stranger

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there is stranger in the house and i'm the only one to know it is so

Horror / Mystery
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something strange is going on

I came home after exhausting day at college and work. After greeting my dog that run to welcome me home i walked into kitchen .

My mom greeted me with smile and before i could say anything i noticed someone sitting there with my mom .

" I did not know we were having quests at home "

I said to my mom and felt ashamed on how i must have looked like .

" What you mean dear? are you feeling alright ?"

mom said looking at me with surprised look on her face

" it's your sister honey "

My mouth fell open as i looked at the strange woman next to my mom and my mother

" But mother ...."

Before i could finish my sentence the woman spoke

" She just must be tired mom . Like you told me she was working and studying whole day, maybe she needs to get some sleep"

The woman's eyes turned towards me with cold hard stare and i felt cold feeling wash over me .

Without knowing what to say i turned around and walked to my room locking the door behind me .

Something strange is going on in this house , was my last thought before i fell asleep

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