Perfect Stranger

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The point is ...

I woke up next morning because it was my day off from College and work. After taking my time to get dressed i walked to kitchen to fill my cup with coffee and then check on my laptop for news and other things .

In kitchen i was again greeted by my mom and the stranger . They were enjoying their talk about something that had happened when my mom went to store the other day .

" Mom i need to talk to you about something , just between us”

I said sipping my coffee and looking at her . She just smiled and said that whatever i have to say i can say it infront of my sister .

I became restless thinking how i would place my words feeling the cold stare from the stranger upon me .

" it’s nothing . forget it .”

I finished my coffee and walked out from the kitchen and went on my room to do some work with my laptop as i said to my mom.

In reality i came here to tell you guys about this . There really is something strange going on in this house and i need someone to tell me what it is .

None of this makes any sense , nothing at all .

you see....

that woman cannot be my sister .

I can hear the door slowly opening behind me and feel her cold stare on my back.

Please someone help me , she is not my sister!

Because i’m the only child .

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