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DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER, AND EVEN A CREATURE FROM A MURKY LAGGON THAT IS NOW LONG FORGOTTEN.....THESE ARE THE ORIGINA MONSTERS; OF TERRIFYING TALES THAT WERE TOLD..... Dracula, immortality for him; it is becoming much more than he has bargained for. His company, listed under an assumed name, it is now under attack from hostile influences of taking over...... The Vanhelsing's they concern him less these present days of past's futures..... These days he has many a supernatural nemesis, and one of his greatest of enemies; has become that of hos power-hungry son..... The monsters of the past, in immortality they continue to reign. Changing with the times, by their actions; will many a new evil be soon raised..... For of us all, there is a nemesis..... Whether it is our own failures or our misbegotten gains that draw on consciousness of guilt; or that of sibling wrought of wickedness or of jealousy that have been raised..... This future, it is a time of nemesis..... Those of normal adapting existence, and others from many an unhallowed grave.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: New Nemesis

The automated alarm timer, announced loudly the fall of day. The man once known as being a Prince of Darkness, he arose from his sanctuary in form of a tomb; one that has been by this day's standards- modern raised.

This tomb, it was like no other. For it was not one that would be found beyond the gates and deep within the sections of a cemetery lot.

This tomb, for Dracula; it was more as a panic room, that was constructed by his whims during the processes of Castle Bran working renovations. This place, it had become his Sanctuary of Solitude of sorts; not to be confused of course by the crystalline fortress of similar naming from a hero of super influenced origins.

Dracula paced his sanctuary in silence. It was the middle of May 2017. Many ties had he raised under many the assumed identification. Bram Alucard among that of his favorites.

His beloved wife, at one time mortal; she was now initiated into his bloodline, for a fatal disease was threatening to steel the woman away from him before her time.

Now, all he can do is wait. This, it did not set all that well with Dracula. One of his first and oldest of business corporations, it was suffered from an incursion of internal theft of many the profitable money making ideas. Many a rumor had risen on this being the work of his one and only son Vladamere, but on this; Dracula refused to believe.

But that was before Vladamere had infected his mother with disease. On claims of the boy's reasoning of making his mother a part of the real family, Dracula had allowed his son to live; and now this boy, his one and only nemesis; he was gaining in strength and worst of all; in that of multi-media personal representation.

Dracula spoke no concerns verbally to any of his followers on his concerns. The man of five hundred eighty-seven years (vampire years), he was feeling the burden of age creeping in on him. For there is a terrible secret to this idea of vampire immortality that many a spawned had not yet considered.

Vampire immortality was only one that lasted for one thousand years for the strongest of spawned. Dracula, his immortal life; it was now over half ended. For in no more than four hundred and thirteen years, his curse of immortality; it will then be ended, and he will die of a right old vampire lords' age.

The sounds of his beloved wife's sarcophagus now drew on his attentions. from an antique ice box Dracula removed a pouch of dark red looking syrupy liquid. His wife, she will no need feeding; and for the new spawn vampire, this was no easy task.

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