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Night prowlers seeking monetary contributions to support daily life's existense, rarely do they commit to acts that people wish to be hearing of; by any known method of communication sharing..... Of their employers, their interests beholden to most gruesome of unspoken intentions, but offering those in need of pay by time's desperation- regular under the table monthly compensation.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Watchers in the Night

The silent night, of its- seemingly infinite blackness; many the- gruesome deed tends to unfold.....

Real time assumptions, considering of those to be cursed with- wishful thinking possibility that these secreted gambits of evil's whims, go unannounced by, none other than that of; these lone shadow stalking enactors, of such rarely seen- gruesome deeds; but by their eyes alone.....


They are at times: all around us.....

Their attentive focus, by many the objective obsessions- critical in their vigilant watching over us.....

Of all things, to be in bearer of witness to, that need not ever be done; these many nocturnal watchers from beyond they tend to frequently see....

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