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Chapter 1: The Real Money Earned

Theft...... Rarely does it take on so bizarre the form.....

The chill night air, and the falling rain, have given snatchers of- illegal gain rise in purpose.

The cemetery, that was now to be sights in current targeting of- their robbery, the robbers did not even know of its name.

Three men, shrouded beneath- multiple layers of dark clothing, shovels, picks and lanterns in hands; they keep attentive mind- their placement, of foot falling steps- upon the wet, and muddy brick stones identifying the lot’s path.

One grave, it had been- freshly dug. Poor decision on their part. For the buried one’s family, they did not wish to wait.

In their minds, it really did not matter, the weather forecasters’ promises of pending rain.

The two youngest of the three, immediately began to dig up the moistened earth covering soil, laid over the dead’s- final resting place.

The oldest of the three was toting a weather-proof pack. Pulling a long black zipper bag from a sealed manufacturer’s pack.

Greg Yansky waited patiently for his two sons, to finish digging up the grave.

The man’s eyes quickly fell upon- a second fresh dug grave that he had not yet heard of.

Leaving his two sons to finish their grueling labor of night time grave’s desecrations alone to, the completions of their tedious- tasks; Gregory Ivan Yansky, the forty nine year old mortician’s aid; now recovered his lit lantern, from its settled place of once temporary placement and the jittery man moved off cautiously, to investigate the second grave of his timely notice, that may be of their financial gaining in relative interests.

The name that was carved upon- the graves’ tombstone, it was- difficult to read. The man’s sight of regular vision even with his prescription reading glasses; it was nowhere near to being, one hundred percent capable in reliability of low light operations.

Bobby and Craig Yansky now joined their father at the lot site of the second grave.

“..... Another fresh dug grave?” Craig, the oldest of the two dig brothers questioned their father aloud.

“..... Must have missed it..... Bag up the first, and then you and Bobby dig up this one.”


“.....Opportunity, it is knocking Craig..... Don’t ever pass up on money making opportunities, when they are available, or the- real money will never come your way.”

The man’s two sons, immediately returned to lot site of the first uncovered casket, body bag in hand.

Their father, he now paused in a sense of growing concern, and looked about their surroundings- in silence. The man, was now feeling as if they were being watched.

Craig and Bobby, they were drudging through the mud and the rain, on their way back to him and to the second grave from the old pick up truck wherein the first bagged corpse had been just loaded.

Whatever, if anything had been watching the three; there was nobody else to be seen.

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