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Chapter 2: The Doctor Scorned

The Doctor stitched and sewed.

The corpse, it was now as a dark monstrous epitome, of the one man's insane obsessions.

Of the one doctor's insanity and madness.....

Disbanded twice, from any civil professional medical career in- practice; The Doctor, you see; he had nothing more- productive to do with all of his free time, than that of a strange bit, of black market, twisted research and development; that was to be paid- by the highest bidders from the chopping block, of his regular commitments.

Jeffrey Trask, his current employer, was now paying him; for- his talents in pseudo- sciences of medicinal and of black magic resurrection.

Trask, he became ecstatic over the story, by Mary Shelley based on the fictional mad scientist character known as Doctor Victor Frankenstein, and on his monstrous creation.

Like that of Victor Frankenstein, Trask was now looking for the secrets of: man controlled immortality.

His buyers, and his stalking shadows that are the arm breaking and finger snipping enforcers of his continuing under the table employment, they were fast growing old, and dying even faster. They were readily eager, to pay, and to do just about anything- for some realistic applications of practice that would gain them eternal life.

His medical journals, they contained the real work of scientists of past day's professions relating to the subject.

His specialty however, it was a learned skill that was conceived by a personal interest study in the known art of hoodoo, of true sorceries blackened.

Alchemy, Hoodoo, Sorcery.... To Trask, these bizarre practices; they were all the same in interest of study, and poorly mistaken by paranoid association, as being something evil by nature.

Potions of different element in recipe of material combinations, and multiple ingredient powders; alchemically conceived, from that of various venoms and of poisons; these were of The Mad- Doctor's past interests.

Illegal banned pharmaceuticals, and transplantation of healthy organs; these methods were now at the top of his list.

Tubes attached to The Doctor's experiment, were slowly filled- to capacity- with a mixture of electrolytes, and with embryonic fluids.

This doctors' strange practicing methods of researching and of experimentation; gaining him the well known title of being the first modern day Frankenstein.

The Doctor smiled with glee. It was now time, to begin his well- conceived experiment; in resurrecting human life.....

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