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Chapter 3: The Doctor's Experiment

Of The Doctor's intense laboratory daily focus, this experiment he as a scientist was now committed to; had been called by his- needs personally, it was: Raise The Dead, in all of The Doctor's written and working paper detailed notes.

The working experiment, it was initiated by the man's need, to- testing of a new alchemically conceived potion The Doctor now creatively called on as being: Resurrection X.

The Doctor's charges, they dared not ask questions of this man, on his attainment of cooler shelf stocked blood and of packaged embryonic fluids.

These two main adjoined, disturbing bodily fluid ingredients of The Doctors' new potion alone; they should be, by all that may- be recognized as being unholy; be enough of a fright to keep all but that of the most certifiable in hiring of hands, from probing too deep on requesting in curiosities of mind's interests.

Jig-sawed by pieces this monstrous first man-visage creation of the mad doctor of a scientist; it was now ready for the carefully tested processes in removal of the stitches.

Starting with the neck of the construct- unnatural humanoid in one man's unholy shadow workings by illegal experimentation, The Mad Doctor- removed the second stitch, and moved slowly on to the rest. The regenerating tissues within the restored skin of living cell injections; these too had reacted, during testing as been successfully regenerated.

Not in any considered position of pressing his luck on his timed revelation of probable success, The Doctor, now stopped stitch- removal with The Creation's neck.

The Doctor reached for his tape recorder, and began to recite a detailed update of his experiment's tested findings.

"..... May eighth one thousand nine hundred and eighteen.....

Potion labeled: Resurrection Gamma eighteen, Resurrection X was successful..... The tissues- have regenerated, instigating a natural healing within the body of The Creation.... Of Adam X.

The artificial heart that I have designed; is pumping the fluids throughout the body, as a natural system of life's internal time clocking beginnings, by man integrated assimilation.....

I will now inject the poison serums into the bodily systems one at a time..... Poison labeled- Class A, has been processed from- that of a species in selection of arachnids.....

The poison is flowing through the systems without affect.....

The artificial heart is still pumping the internal fluids.....

I am now injecting, Poison Class B, scorpion's venom..... This- poison, it too flows naturally, through The Creation's systems of bodily workings.....

The heart rate, it is now increasing.....

Blood pressure, it has now been slightly raised, but the timing collaboration of the multiple artificial organs within; they are holding within tolerance levels.....

I am hesitant to add the third.....

Once the artificial body, I have constructed seizes, I will have- only twenty-four hours, passed that instance, of the fast dying body's immediate time of burial; to raise up the remains of the body, and to resuscitate the being that should rise within.....

The Doctor now pressed a single calling button, on his rigged communications board.

Three hired hands left their gaming dealings in draw of Dead Man's Hand, and grabbed for a gurney and the supplies they- needed to secure a body order fast.

This experiment, it was demanding that the natural elements of the soil where the body was to be immediately buried, was to be left out of the equation.

No natural processes of degradation, to damage The Creation of stitch-work, bodily repair, and of transplanted mechanical- organ implementation.

The particular body bag in mention, it had been coated on the outside, in order to keep larval infestations, of carrion vermin flesh consuming maggots and worms from entering the sealed space within. Inside the bag was a womb, generic by design.

The bag, it was filled with a serum- of blood and of embryonic fluid, and of vitamins; to support healthy regrowth of the mix-matched stitch created body.

Attached to the outside of the womb-bag, was a double jointed filter air tank system, meant to regulate twenty-four hours of- clean recycled air.

"Transport Team? Stand ready...... Implementing phase three, of the experiment....."

The Doctor committed to the final injection. The body creation immediately seized.

"Code T! Body in seizure! Transport to lab now!"

The three rushed into the laboratory.

The Doctor, quickly aided his three hired hands in lifting of the construct body, up and into the open bag; that waited upon the four wheel adapted medical gurney. The Doctor sealed the bag- and turned a valve to release the regeneration fluids from tanks stored at the head and the foot of the bag.

"..... Remember. The body, it must be buried, sealed in no less- than one hour's time.....

You know where to go. Move out, and return here to be paid."

The three, they will never complain.

They- will always be looking forward, to that little bit of money, that will soon of their efforts be paid.

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