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Chapter 7: The Reward

Bobby and Craig Yansky, they were outside the office, bent over with that of another younger patrolman puking.

The sight, it was not anything they had ever hoped or wanted to see.

The Doctor was being consumed slowly by what appeared to be a giant snake with two tails.

The Captain of the patrolmen now looked closer on Trask.

"..... I recognize you now...... You are that- Yansky fellow..... You are the morticians aids.....

My apology sir to you and to your boys..... On the loss of your employer as well....

Gregory Yansky looked away from the gruesome scene.


The mortician, he has sealed barrels of poisonous snakes, and multiple cages of arachnids.....

We have found vials of unknown liquid substances. Many are- marked as being poisonous."

"Good god Yansky..... What the bloody hell, was The Doctor doing here?"

Gregoey Yansky shook his head.

"What most men and women, in the knowledge of the sciences have done ever since those long past days of their honored one time acceptances; within that of the predominant caste in the- educated community..... Play with science..... That creature, it is an experiment of its creator."

The Captain laughed aloud.

"..... Look lively gents!

Frankenstein, he has yet again been felled by his monster"

Gregory Yansky smirked in silence, as the officers all laughed on the notion.

"...You and your boys return home. Best luck to you on finding work.... There must be better work to be found than digging of graves for a mad scientist, eh?"

Saying nothing more of the matter, Gregory Yansky took leave of- the grisly scene. The patrolman he passed, now speaking of the mutant snake; on its size, and on its bizarre, almost human like appearance.

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