Liar's Laments: Stranger in the Mirror

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Hear no evil..... See no evil..... Speak no evil..... Liars, they are continually placing themselves within conundrums of which they can never escape from...... Maria Stanton lives her life using people to get her way. her needs usually outweighing the personal safeties and securities of the targets eyed visually for her intended abuses of power by social existence's mistaken acceptances.......

Horror / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
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Liars' Laments

Hearing, it is so great the necessity for simplified commitment- to communication....... Seeing, of all things that happen around us; triggering automated responses in communications by our- perspectives, of daily experiences' interpretation....... Speaking, the one and greatest instigation of the evils three.....
Using power to make those around, you to- support their ideals of that; which is deemed to be- necessity, the liar usually finds- themselves with; many the lamented breakdowns, from reality; and from an eternal conundrum of confusion, on those fallacies from which they will never have chance to flee.....

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