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Chapter 2: October 31st 2000



All Hollows Eve..... One vile individual, an evil stalker of women; follows a quarry of prey slowly from the shadows.

This prey, one attractive and young fair-haired woman in her mid twenties. Slim and voluptuous in figure, this one; she is a looker in the eyes of all men and of some women that would lay sight on her.

The woman's beauty this foggy evening, it was now attracting some unwanted attention.

The stalker picked up in a hastened following pace, as the unwary woman entered a dark alley. This, a shortcut to her apartments. not the best place to live, but the woman; she does what she can.

Estrangement of gleeful enticement now began to overwhelm the stalker.

Heart racing with thoughts of exhilaration on a fresh kill and anew trophy for marking of deeds most evil, the stalker moved in slowly on the woman. Dumpsters sitting in the alleyway at each residential unit providing her shadow with plenty of cover from her witness.

This killer, the vile stalker of women was known as being The Travelling Ripper. The killer's crimes, they were brutal and widespread.

The victims being found from New York to California. all having similar shared disturbing calling card consistencies that are now as marked trade of The Rippers' multiple slayings.

This night, The Travelling Ripper was going to surprise the press. The killer was now stalking a woman in Arizona. Tucson, to be exact. The press foolishly claiming the four corner states to be safe haven from that of The Rippers' demented focus. Or so, this is what the killer was thinking.

This killer, it was turning out to be a copycat killer of sorts. The killer surgically removing many the unmentionable piece of the multiple victims the killer is now marked as having murdered. Of the most mentionable, that seems to be a standard of the killers' disturbing craft: eyes, livers, fingers, ears, and even a tongue.

The slashing and disemboweling slayings by The Travelling Ripper, as with one similar murder that stalked the streets of London so long ago, it had been done with the recognizable skills of a medical surgeon. One black rose left at the site of each murder.

Country wide, a state of emergency has risen. More police officers have been assigned to the streets, the F.B.I have agents forming task forces to aid in the hunt for the killer, and yet; The Ripper still stalks freely.

The woman took a slight glance behind her. She now caught sight of movement from the shadows. The woman slowed her pace as The Ripper drew slowly near. The woman now spoke in a whispered tone. Her Word transmitted unheard by that of her stalker.

"..... Target confirmed..... Move in."

The woman, spun fast on the approaching stalker, as The Ripper leaped out from the shadows; a 357 Magnum clenched tight in her two hands.

The Rippers' glaring eyes showed no sense of fear, as the killer lunged on the woman. Two razor sharp fileting knives for implements of the murderers' next intended slaying.

The woman fired three times on her attacker. The Ripper fell immediately backward, reacting as if being stunned by the attack. Back-up units quickly charged into the alleyway. The way out to the street now being blocked by two S.W.A.T armored vehicles.

The killer of women advanced yet again upon the intended quarry of stalking's prey. The Ripper ignored the demands of warning from the officers behind.

The Ripper's target, she was quick to react. This last shot aimed high at the killer's head.

"Lights out, you sick bastard!"

Firing two more shots after the first, The Travelling Rippers' aim of terror now came to an abrupt end. The stalker dropped to the ground of the alleyway. The wide brimmed hat the killer wore fell off from atop the head.

The killers' two knives still clenched within a reflex of death's gripping. The woman removed The Rippers' mask.

Forty nine year old Madeline Britany Parish, bowed her head in silence on sight of the murderer.

".... Special Agent Parish?"

"..... She, was my oldest daughter..... This, I was not expecting. Bag her.....

Block off the alleyway, until Crime Scene Investigations has gone through and gathered the evidence.

"..... Sorry ma'am..... There is a call for you, from a director Seagal."

"..... I will take the call at my car. Have it transferred through to my voice mail."

"Yes ma'am."

The Captain of the Tucson Arizona Police Department, now left her oldest daughter shot down in the alleyway.

The woman, the police officer; she had been left with no choice.

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