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Chapter 3: October 1st 2005

Legs, that they would say just don't quit. The streetwalker, the whore looked behind her. For a moment, Stephanie Amelia Rivera had thought she heard someone following her close behind. The hour was late, and the streets of downtown Tucson were for the most empty.
Stephanie, she does not like walking the streets downtown. In the day, there are too many cops, and at night; well let's just say as long as you walk fast and avoid strangers you should be alright.
Stephanie's director of the exotic dancing services (a cover, meant to protect her and her agent; which is what she likes to call him). For everyone else in the world, there is another less than glamorous word to identify him; for he is nothing more than an upper class high society pimp. One that makes himself and his compliment of working woman a good sum of regular daily income.
Stephanie, drew her coat tighter to close around her double D breasts, as she eyed a homeless passing the opposite direction on the other side of the street. The man eyed her silently but was too interested in his hard attained bottle of the night's justifiable procurements. The last remnants from a Jack Daniels pint that he bought on an offer from an old woman wanting him to clean up his act and get himself off of the street.
The old woman of mention; she is a regular that walks the streets of downtown Tucson Arizona. She is one in a city of many that actually seeks to make a difference by helping the needy, and this fool of a man wasted fifty dollars on a bottle and what ever he could find to eat that he could not prepare, which turned out to be junk food like chips and crackers, and cookies. For meat, he did manage a couple of beef sticks. Slim Jims, they had always been his favorite.
The drunkard of a homeless man strained his eyes. In the darkened shadow behind the streetwalker, he could have sworn that there was somebody standing there. Reflexively staring on the nearly half empty bottle of liquor, the man shook his head and rubbed his eyes. His vision was all too blurry to be trusting at the present time and place, and he just wanted to return to his newest place of separation from the day's society. One secret place that he alone had known about. Or so, this is what the man had thought. But, he really did not care about spending his days and nights with rats and with alley cats. These days, the man whom barely could remember his name; he had no love for any beings claiming to be human that do. He had been chastised and segregated, and in the end; he is all too happy knowing that he will live and die alone.
His new choice, an old building that is marked for future renovation by no later than the year 2017.
The building, he could not remember for the life of him what it had been; but in the future, it was going to be a kind of pub and brewery.
His inebriation, caught him at a position of being unaware if anyone had seen him slip down the side street and behind the abandoned building for his personal quarters' entrance. The man stumbled in his darkened space fumbling for the walls until he reached his mattress, dropped his bottle on the tiled floor and was fast to sleep.
The bottle, it was now three quarters empty, and the squared blown glass bottle teetered back and forth until it lay on its back side. The last remaining liquor staying within. Gravity, having its way on both.
Stephanie, could not believe she had been called upon to entertain some rich businessman from Maine at one of Tucson's finest hotels.
She had but to meet him at the historic Hotel Congress building by 1:00am. Promise of a limousine waiting for her to transport her to her real destination. The location being kept on the low down, in an all too expected hushing by her client's concerns.
This, it was regularly expected by her. Even though they played at running a legitimate business, and for her client's safety and for hers; an exchange of updated medical check-ups to search for particular diseases proven in paperwork; this was all that the Latino American twenty five year old woman needed to share and see. Other than a night of what ever pleasure pleased her new client, and that of her paid income of course.
The homeless man had made her feel extraordinarily nervous, and she now found that she was walker probably faster than she should. The Hotel Congress, the old abandoned historic building of developers' future interests; it was now in her sights, unfortunately for Stephanie, the limousine was not.
"Shit!" Stephanie blurted aloud her discontent. By her watch, it was going on to 12:45, she had rather hoped the driver would be early so she would not have long to wait.
Finding a place of near concealment near the entrance of the old building, The street walker kicked up her right foot to lean up against the wall.
She was soon to be nagging for a cigarette. Something her new client would not hear of. The rich guy telling her if the driver smells beer or liquor or any smoke on her breath that the nightly rendezvous is off and he will express his deep discontent over her inability to please him immediately after she is turned away.
Focusing her mind on the money she will soon receive, the streetwalker breathed in taught exercises of yoga relaxation, and now thought of her ex husband; whom was secretly her pimp of the nightly entertainment services.
They had separated earlier than either family could imagine, and this was to avoid future complications. They rather liked keeping their relation with a sense of freedom to enjoy their lives without being shackled and controlled by balls and chains.
Oh, her ex husband would be mad at losing this client, but it was her making them both the money, and he would not have anything to say about it. Stephanie, she did not ever brag on this; but she was the best of his entertainers to this day.
The chill of the cool night winter air made her wish she had worn pants instead of her favorite skirt. She was cold, and quickly returned to thinking about smoking a cigarette, even though she had not carried anything with her.
She was now getting quickly irritated. It was five minutes to one am and the limousine was nowhere to be seen.

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