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Chapter 4: Darkness Horizon

The sheen of my blade, the glint of the street lamp light reflecting off from the smooth silvery stainless steel razor edged sharpened blade.

It urges me with eruptions of never before wanted or expected temptations.

Temptations wrought from places of darkness never meant to be recognized.....

My blade, my means..... None around to hear her screams.....

Her beauty, this is put to waste..... Flaunting her body instead of a smile that should mark one a s having a friendly face.....

Lights shining from behind me.....

Sounds of some automated motor driven carriage coming quickly my way.....

Not my time, nor even my place; but The Ripper is here to stay.....

The shade faded as drawing shadow back into the darkness countered by the illumination of manufactured light.

The evil temporarily swayed from its gruesome smite.

Stephanie breathed in agitated relief. Her ride, though it may be a little late; it was pulling up to deliver her to her awaiting high dollar paying client.

The driver quickly exited the black stretch limousine, and immediately opened the rear left side door for her entry.

"..... Sorry..... Car trouble, believe it or not."

Stephanie looked surprised on the driver; for he was a young man, that by all her considerations would be seen as being attractive; if the situation fit the time and place.

The boy, by her reckoning (She had gotten pretty good at this too...,.. Talent of her, uh- trade you know); he was in his mid twenties. He was well fit and seemingly above average build. His shoulders were nearly broadened enough to be seen as a trained soldier or as a bouncer from one of the many clubs she chances to frequent. In all actuality, she had expected someone of a much older, and seasoned age.

The driver checked to see that her legs were clear.

The boy trying not to allow his own recognition of her legs leading up to her shapely hourglass shaped large breasted body to be seen by her own viewings of his build. He was here for his client, not for himself.

This fact, it was indeed a shame for the driver; for at present- everything he saw about her made her like her from the beginning.

Her hair was worn to her waist and it was raven black. Black haired girls and blondes, they have always been his favorite when looking for the next future hookup that may or may not lead him into a positive relationship.

Her perfume, it was a scent he had smelled before from a past girlfriend of unfriendly recognition.

The past event immediately brought the boy back to his purpose. The driver pushing old memories aside.

There is a time and a place for everything, and now was not the time, and this was not the place.

Securing her within the comfort of the limousine, the driver returned quickly behind the wheel. The boy smiled fondly on the woman, something he should have registered as being more important skipping his mind.

"Let's get going already huh! I have an appointment to keep."

The driver gave with a sigh.

He was going to tell her a little about where they are going and about her client, but she did not need to more anything more than she already had apparently. so much for being social.

The boy paused. he now realized what he had forgotten. The engine, he needed to keep it running. It had yet again stalled. The driver threw up his hands in visual discontent.

"..... No, not again!"

Stephanie, she was taken back. In her profession, she was not used to any of her prospective clients actually telling the truth.

"You were serious?!"

"..... Yeah, kind of stupid isn't it? I mean for a man with so much money."

The boy was now turning a slow dislike of the woman's voice.

She sounded a lot like the Bronx girl from a well known television show that right now he could not remember.

This incidentally, was the same voice he well remembered as being that of his first ex-wives' own nagging callings.

The boy now pumped the accelerator three times before trying to start the engine again. The first two times failing to spark any ignition.

"Isn't that going to flood the engine?"

The driver, he was now starting to get really annoyed with the piece of crap he was driving and with the woman he was supposed to be transporting.

"..... It depends, on the extent of the mechanical problems."

"Maybe we should walk....."

The streetlights spanning the stretch of road before them began to dim and their zone area effect of regular illumination was slowly felled to black.

The driver and his impatient streetwalker charge looked now to what appeared to be a mass of darkness that almost looked as if it were creeping their way.

"What the hell is going on?! You must be bad luck kid...... First the damn car, and now the streetlights."

That was the word he was waiting for. Well no love affair to be lost on this girl; he thought silently. He never did begin to ever be appreciating being called a kid.

He was today twenty three years of age, and even though he may be younger than the majority of his charges; this still made him an adult.

The driver immediately locked the limousine doors and reached for his phone.

The woman now looked at the boy suspiciously as she tested her door handle. She was locked in.

"..... What's up?"

"Safety reasons..... I will try and call for a replacement automobile."

The driver fiddled with his phone for a time. the streetwalker could immediately tell there was a new problem. The woman rolled her eyes.

"What now? No signal?"

The driver tossed his phone down into the floorboard of the seat to his right and buried his hands in his head.

"I don't believe this..... I just got this piece of crap fixed!"

"Hey? remember me? Don't fall apart now. I need to get to where I need to be."

The temperature began to quickly fall. The two were shivering from the cold.

The driver now looked to the buildings surrounding them in their broken down limousine. The boy took quick notice. Something was odd.

"Do you see any lights behind you?"

"..... What?! Why?"

"..... The shops, the buildings around us. The still have power.... Why are the blasted streetlights blacked out and not the shops, the buildings?"

The streetwalker smirked smartly.


"No! I am just curious..... The drop in temperature, The unexpected zone of darkness....."

Stephanie now smiled smarter, and made the scariest face she could muster. Her hands mimicking raking claws.

"Boo, Boo..... I'm going to get you Barbara..... "

The boy scowled on her.

"Very funny..... My name is Ben."

"Well then, Be..... maybe we are outside your service zone."

Stephanie smiled wider still.

"Even funnier."

The sounds from something metal scratching deep marks in the limo's trunk caused the streetwalker to jump in her seat.

"What the hell was that?!"

"Don't worry..... We will be safe as long as we stay in the car."

The scratching drawing noises now trailed along the side of the stretch limousine. Around them, they could see nothing but total darkness.

"Oh man, my father is going to kill me." The boy blurted aloud without thinking.

"Wait. Your father?"

Something shifted the front end of the limo forcibly to the right. The two jumped in silence.

Blackened bellowing clouds rolled towards the windshield. The front end of the stretch limousine lifted about six feet off rom the street and then immediately dropped. The glass cracked and shattered.

The tires bled of their stored air that was meant to aid in support of the limo's mobility.

The driver cringed gritting his teeth. The streetwalker screamed.

Strange of scent, fumes of some unseen vapor entered through the cracks in the shattered glass of the windshield. The vents knocked immediately open.

The two limousine occupants quickly succumbed to a deep sleep.

The darkness zone slowly passed. The last noise the two could hear before losing consciousness was the ringing and chiming sounds from some great old bell.

The streetlights slowly illuminated as the darkness horizon passed. The engine rolled over and kicked on before one final thud, clunk, and crash.

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