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Chapter 5: The Order of Blood and Thorn


Bucharest, Mihai Voda Church

Solitude. It is necessary for those of intense religious focus to purge their minds of temptation.

Secret in preservation of The Order, the last of the great hunters of Nosferatu- the undead; purges his thoughts.

Legs crossed, his bag straightened as he sits within the center of the floor cast holy symbol of arch angels; the hunter draws his mind to silent prayer.

Burning with a citrus smelling orange smoke, the candle before him is a tribute to freedom of transit by the arch angel Michael.

Directly behind him, a blue candle releases the aromas of the wind and the seas as if there is dew surrounding him of passing rains. This burning of the candle in tribute to holy protection by Raphael and the healing of the body and of the spirit.

To his right burns a purple candle in the name of the arch angel Avriel. The plum scented fumes guiding the mind to a mastery in control of power and of commandment.

To his right side, the final candle burning gives alms to the arc angel Gabriel. This candle burning black releases the scent of licorice and of a chocolate that purges the mind of hexes and the spirit of jinxes.

These hunters of the undead, now long since past with the exception of the last, they gain empowerment by prayer to the arch angels. For they alone can be called upon to face down the vilest of unnatural evils that stalk the innocent unseen by the eyes of the nonbelieving skeptics.

Berthed from a long bloodline of hunters, Bram is the last of the Vanhelsings.

The order, is unknown to all but the oldest of cult and religious practices. Similar in a sense of secreted activities to the knights Templars, but there associations take on even darker designs.

Of thorn and of blade do they hail.....

Of spirit and of blood they shall never fail.....

Of reaper's charges shall they be apprised.....

Of God's reckonings shall they advise.....

Of Christ's trust shall they prevail.....

For they are the trusted keepers of The Holy Grail.....

The grail lies before him. Bram's hands stretch out to his sides pointing to the candles of mastery and of purging with steady index fingers.

The bell chime from the towers announce passing of the focus hour. Bram snuffs the candles with the iron snuffer and rises to his feet stretching his back. Knocking on the door announcing the arrival of another.

The hunter rolls his eyes as the aid to the guild priest bounds straight through the center of the room without bothering to be invited within.

"Come in." Bram spoke sarcastically.

"I am already in." Gerald spoke smartly.

"..... Yes, I can see that."

"..... I presume that you shall again be absent from the days of passing of the all saints."

"You presume correctly..... My work is demanding that I make my presence known elsewhere."

The boy, young in age in his mid teens turned hard about and tightened the strap about his robe as he saw the middle aged hunter replacing his shirt.

"Well Bram at least you are not so fanatical as whipping blood letting wounds into your flesh for sacrificial healing."

Bram smiled wisely. "That was last week..... Have to allow the body time to heal you know."

Now the boy rolled his eyes. Bram ignored the notion, the boy too young to be considered as anything but a student and from his days of experience- a whelp of a holy person.

"Has his holy grace returned?"

"..... No, and I must declare that he will be disappointed to have missed you."

"Well, that's something isn't it?"

Fighting back the rising notion of retorting against the hunter's grammar usage; Gerald nodded to the door as he opened the store room to begin setting up the room for the later gathering.

"right..... I'll be going then."

The boy did not look back to comment.

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