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Failures of society can drive the most innocent of individuals to actions that can seem criminal in the eyes of the many.... Dresmond Drudge is on the run..... On his attempt at stealing food to sustain him, he was drawed on by a store owner's gun...... The store owner slain, the police now hunt him down, very few places to hide, without aid, nowher to run.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Stalking Desperations

Running..... Never the best of positions for a man.....

This individual marked, he is a loner. No work, no family to call on for support and many the human needs.

Dresmond Edison Drudge..... He steals what he needs..... Food, tobacco, money and drink.

When time of protection had been called upon by the desperate man of his own concerns, Dresmond Drudge also found means of procuring that which he felt was needed for his own personal safety.

This fugitive of a man, now sporting: one double barrel, sawed- off shotgun, two Remington pistols, and a pair of- six and eight inch hunters' knives.

Drudge, he did not ever ask to be placed within this position of his existences' threatenings, and he; unlike others, that walked- mindlessly of their needs, that at all times- are visibly available around them; he was never known in anybody's eyes of bearing witness for being one, that is to be considered as being the best, in dealings with events demanding of the man's patience.

Dresmond Drudge, now sought alternating places, of shadow's concealment within abandoned shops and homes and within many the darkened alleyways. One crime the many never wanted to add to his rising list of criminal infractions, the murder of a shopkeeper; that was going to gun him down for stealing food.

The police, they quite literally have the man running boxed in.

One piece of advice the man called Drudge has recently gained, from that of one old, and experienced cellmate from his time of past's incarcerations, for his quick raising desperations, he was now- coming quickly to mind.

Completely surprised that he now, in his current situation, can- actually find the time in a remembering of the hastily delivered directions, to be offered by the guy so vividly, Drudge managed now to find many the concealed dark-way that lead the fugitive further away from authority's clenching grasp.

Tunnels dug expertly beneath many the building's foundations. Some, actually forgotten- of the city's past construction, meant- for water supply reclamation others dug by drug dealers and by smugglers of illegal products, to sell upon the streets within the blackest of markets, for multiple forms of ill-begotten gains.

Rough sketched, one difficult to read map detailed upon a legal lined paper tablet, this alone was the running man's guide.

Thunder was now rumbling nearby.

The seasons' first of its worst of gathering storms, was drawing quickly near.

Dresmond Edison Drudge shook his head fast instinctively in a minded state of silence, the man now being, extremely pleased- with himself; for deciding to keep the map, that was handed off to him, sealed within the Ziploc storage bag that was protecting it.

The rain immediately began to fall.

One major piece of advice from many a prisoner that may be in a continual searching, of secreted means, in a seeking of police- unit grid search evasion. This was to find the city that would be known for the worst of rains for the present season.

Another piece of shared cellblock advice, from those known to- be burdened with more experience is to Run, run long and run fast; and keep on running, until you can place find some means of passage to the other side.

Dresmond Drudge was now glaring on the map in confusion.

The location the map had guided him to, it seemed to be an old abandoned building.

Drudge through his coat's hood- fast over his head. The falling rain beginning to sting his eyes.

Lightning struck- within close proximity, to the man's position. The thunder temporarily deafened the man's ears and blinding the man's eyes.

Dresmond Edison Drudge, would soon find, that some borders are not so obviously realized by the naked eye.

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