By Robert Alan Ryder All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Humor


We are pieces of one whole..... When we sleep, where do these pieces go? In our dealings with every day life situations, we are occasionally broken down into pieces that make up that of our being..... These pieces of individuality, are frequently represented as being our emotions..... What insanity would take place, if the individual pieces of puzzling connections were separated from that one whole in individuality we have striven to be?

Prologue: The Rack

"..... You stretch me this way, you stretch me that.....

That's a curious way to lose all that fat....."

The viewing audience, clapped and laughed heart-fully, on the- stand up comedian's actions, as the improv funny-man, mimed his body as being quartered of all fours the man's two arms and two legs stabilizing his body in the form of an 'x'.

"..... I asked the torturer..... Please let me go you know..... You would never guess what the executioner of my drawing on the rack was to answer of my request.....

She drew me tighter, my torturer, and told me, that she would not release me, until I had been separated into four individual pieces rather than one whole....

My wife, you know; she never did like me....."

The crowd laughed harder.

The man's manager, and his soon to be, better half to be, shook her head with a wry smirk drawn upon her face, as she clapped. Her position in the timely viewing of her fiancé's act right up to the left side of the stage, concealed behind the curtain.

"..... Thank you folks..... You have been a great audience....

Good night and god bless.....

Oh, and if you see my wife, I wasn't here....."

The audience now gave the funny man, a standing ovation as- he respectfully bowed and quickly exited the stage.

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