A Is For Adversary Book one of The Tales From Pandora's Box Series

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Pandora's Box..... Place of eternal sealing for the evils that should never have been wrought upon man..... Adversity to that which is holy, it can take on many unsuspecting forms..... Wherein do the first of 26 evils from The Box now lie?

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Bad Blood

666 AD

Constantinople, Rome

“..... You are the adversary spirit..... Be gone with you, unholy- demon.... Take leave of this child faith born.....”

"..... We must hurry, lord grace...... The Romans, they will fast learn of our treachery....."

"..... Of their acceptances, by faith's fallacies; I shall not allow- the children of these lands to be breast of beast's intrusions...."

".... I hear them, lord grace..... The legionnaires, they come....."

"....... Hold your place boy........ Pray aloud, that verse; which I have freely taught you..... Let not this Roman swine, deter you from your- right to faith....."

The sounds of rams battering on the barred church entry, drew the young faith to an uncontrollable nervousness.

"..... I am sorry, your lord grace..... My wife, and my children..... I must now think of them....

"Wait, boy! I have yet to administer the sacrament....."

The boy quickly fled, as the Roman Legionnaires burst through the church's- assembly hall entry. The thickened post, meant to bar the door closed split in two splintering pieces.

"..... You are accused of acts in heresy against the empire man of faith's lost..... Kill him..... Let his blood be all that remains of this forgotten place....."

"...... My spirit shall be raised from perdition, and of your evil- deeds....."

One of the Legionnaires, immediately decapitated; the man of a one faith, that is now outlawed; with the blade of his Roman- and Greek cleaver like sword.

"..... Excellent my son..... you shall go far in this empire....."

"....... The boy father? The one youngling, that was frequently- seen as traveling with him?"

"....... Of faith's lost, we have wasted enough time this day........ Call on our carriages..... Leave nothing that is of value behind, and then to the foundation shall this place be burned....."

"Yes father....."

Sealed unknown, within the hidden vaults that remain beneath the church's foundation; the box of Pandora's past protections, it now awakened.

Beating in rhythmic procession of its waking, as if within there- was stored; the heart of the box's guardian herself, the box now raised earth-work veins of blood's channeling.

The spilled excrement of the preacher man's draining existence now feeding the box.

The mystical latch of sealing now broke open.....

The evils once locked within the box now released.....

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