In Our Dark

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Early Ends

Look at him, brother. Fluttering, tumbling, flying and falling.

His spirit is strong, makes me tremble; anxious, uneased.

It's a shame. Things wont go his way.

The hunt had begun, he was never aware.

A young life; vibrant and sparkling. A firefly in the night.

A "firefly" indeed. A spark, a flume and that's all he'll be.

Look, he's so close to the sky... to being able to fly.

A bow is tensed.

Yet so far.

The tension is released, an arrow flying through the starless sky.

Like gravity. Pulled from its goals, ripped from its dreams.

Wings are severed and gravity makes its job. Back into the abyss.

Such a shame some come to a sudden end before they even begin.

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