In Our Dark

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Third: Answers

I am you, all of you and none too. With a skip and a hop i follow, waiting for my time.

She is playful and impatient, following and taunting. I'm patient, wise and resolute. My word is law. My bite...the last call.

I wish to see your story, to relish in your happiness, and weep in your sorrow. I am a companion, always seeing what path you are making. I believe in life, and life always grants me marvelous gifts. Wish me to share them with you?

The apple of discord and pandora's box. You are but temptation and lies in a fluffy attire. Wolf in sheep's clothing? I think you are taking it a bit too far.

I honestly think someone will appreciate what i have. I know the truth of it all, but have no one to share it. I have followed so many and seen them all end the same. What if one were to be different? To just stay... or to never meet his end?

The truth would be a lie. And the truth must always stay true. The gear that makes the master clock tic. The forge from which life is born. The light that shines through the dark.

And yet you defend such a notion?

Order is necessary, even if the shadows is where i must remain.

Ever so noble.

Ever so naive.

Guardians of the truth.
Protectors of order.

Ever so noble.
Ever so naive.
Ever so opposite.
Ever so the same.

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