In Our Dark

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Why do you like stories so much, my lamb?

They remind me of how much we have lost..

You speak as if we are part of their lot. We who hide in shadows and dusk.

You remind me of a story i heard from the young.

Tell me this story, love.

There was once a town who lived in fear of dusk. Every night, a dark creature would come to kill their young. To ease this monster, they struck a deal. A young kid in a lamb's hood would be the seal. Such was the town's ordeal.

Would the child suffice such a creature's hunger?

When the first child stepped into the dusk, the sky raged with thunder. He bowed to the creature... and changed the scripture. He would become his servant, wear the lamb with pride. But only, if he was given the monster's hungry drive.

He would become one with death.

The monster chuckled and made a friend. He slipped under the hood and kept, to his word, true. They would be the same as long as either was still living.

One and the same. A good fable.


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