In Our Dark

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Caught in the Dark

Mangled, mauled and bloodied the young girl falls to the ground. The trees of the forest giving way to the view of a full, bright and white moon. Yet, she couldn't find it more horrifying. Walking towards her, prancing with grace came a slender figure, a maiden in white, twirling a beautiful white dagger, dripping fresh red blood.

"Yes, keep running, take your time. We have waited all your life."

"You chose to run, an unwise decision to some."

As the figure, face covered by a soft and white wool hood, looms over the girl, she tries to utter a cry. Underneath the hood, fangs, like those of a wolf, stare back at her in a blood curling smile.

Tell us a story, lamb. Let her life end with a loving tale.

Like the story of the girl who wooed death?

I know that story.

There was once a girl who died at a young age. She was so beautiful, Death asked her if she wished to stay. The girl, honest as day, offered her love to him- til her final day. He let her live, vowing to wait for her all her life. When the time came to die...

She tried to hide.

She never came back, trying to stay away. Death hunted her down like a wolf in rage. He murdered all life in his wake. When he found her again, frail and calling his name, he remembered the past. The little girl he had once saved. And so...

He granted her her wish. Life in Death.

He ripped her soul, white and pure, and made her into a hood.

A white hood of wool, like a lamb.

And he would always carry that hood. To be and hear his darling lamb. Inseparable, unable to escape. One and the same.

Just like us?

Just like us.

The knife plunged into the girl's chest and, after a terrifying cry, granted her the eternal rest.

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