In Our Dark

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Warmth, like a golden liquid.
We bathe and dance to it's rhythm.

Scalding, like fire feasting on fuel.
It consumes and destroys all in its path.

No! Hush. It's noble, pure and vivid.
It shines and guides lives with romanticism.

It's faulty, uncontrollable and crude.
Guides towards deception, obsession and wrath.

The stronger the light, greater the darkness.
Truly it's corrupted by envious power.

HA! It's sin incarnate.
Indecent desires, toxic emotions, raw impulses.

It gives hope in the world's harshness. strength when we falter.

You're tired...yet you debate.
It's duality... harmful and helpful, are synonyms.'s the right way.
To plunge deep into the fray.

It hurts, i hurt.
Why must it be this way?
Such is it's beautiful concert.

Symphony of agony and despair.
You corrupted it, and you don't care.

No, that's where you're wrong.
Such was its nature all along.

Make it stop.
I'd have to take your heart.
Take it all, rip it apart.

This cycle, it's nonstop.

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