In Our Dark

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A tickling sensation runs through me.
You are heartless, what is this nonsense?
You took my heart and yet i can feel.
And what is it that makes you twitch?
I... have an itch.
Is that what's making you turn and twist?
My blood boils, my minds fogs, my impulses...gnaw.
Let them out, it's bad to repress such drive. must not lose control.
You won't, for i'm here.

Let me take the wheel.
NO! You will only lead us astray.
I wish to help you scratch your itch away.
Yes... but at what cost?
My bill is cheap. Pleasure is my fee.
And what of me? Of us?
We are always together. I can't part from thee.

One and the same forever and ever.

Why do i let you?
Because you are weak.
Aren't we all?
And thus, i thrive.

Take me.
With pleasure.
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