In Our Dark

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What's wrong?

The endless night haunts.

Can't sleep?

We never do.

Ever watching, ever prowling, ever...

Waiting for the end.

That's dark.

Such is life.

Tell me a story, get your mind off things.

My stories are dark.

I know them well.

A child floats and stands in the vast emptiness of the darkness. Engulfing and beautiful, swallowing everything in it. A starless night, yet calm and soothing. The wolf's maws.

He's always been there. Free, walking in water. Slow, sluggish yet the void caresses him.

His child.

A light in the distance. A beautiful silhouette. One he knows well.

It shouldn't be here.

Yet, there it is.

Frivolous and enamored agony. His heart storms with longing. His desires move him towards she.

Sweet agony. Bitter pain.

Each step he feels the tug of the darkness. How it tries to stop him. How it slowly tries to crush him.

He moves on.

He pushes, the darkness opposes.

She watches. He knows. He tries harder.

The darkness cuts t him. It rips his skin. It crushes his body. It breaks his spirit. It takes pieces of him. He moves forward, paying harshly for each step.

But... he makes it. He falls before her. A fallen angel. A broke soul. But one strong, whose overcome so much.

But she does not know.

She takes him in her arms, smiling.

She gives him false hope.

No, he's filled with genuine happiness. One he had forgotten how to feel. One she finds endearing.

The seed of hope. The illusion of a future. One to never come. She lets go. It's a "Goodbye". Her silent voice says he can't follow.

She fades. Back into the light.

He falls, back into the darkness. Back to the start.

Not the start.

The wounds, the scars, the pain lingers. As the darkness lovingly envelopes him, he feels all he's lost. He sacrificed everything... and lost.

He desperately reaches forward.

Where? Nothing is there.

Like a dream.

But he knows it's not. The sweet juice of the fruits of Eden are now deep into his memories. Into his mind.

He cries.

Wouldn't you?

It's just a story.

Is it?

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