In Our Dark

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Missed a Step

"I prefer to give ease, to make things quick. One should not suffer when it's time to leave. Come, the next one beckons me."

I stand looking down the flight of steps, the dark abyss below. It is not dream, no's reality. I always hated the basement, i always hated that dark, damp place where the furnace and washing machines are. Where the breaker box stands and also my deepest fear. I always thought something dwelled down there, something dark, evil and starving.

Heaving sounds, a dark draft that always crept behind your neck. I was afraid of the shadows, stretching up the walls, down the floor, coming towards you, lured or attracted like moths. No...more like...vultures. As i stood, my foot dangling over the first step, i try to think of light and happyness, just to get strength. I just have to go down and flip the switch. I just have to close my eyes and run down them. I just...



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