In Our Dark

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Light a Fire

You, me who is trapped in the dark, why is it that you hide? Tell me, with pride.

Strike the wood to light a fire... A song that chants in my head. Strike the wood to light a fire... for we need the light and fire. We need the warmth and power, the vision and ease. For we live in this darkness, a world spoiled and rotten.

Strike the wood to light a fire... for shadows lurk around us. Cast the shining light upon them, swing your axe and pray you dont miss. For the shadows are cowards and run into the dark...but snap like twigs at the strike. Strike with fever and abandon, purge the world of their malice. Strike with fury and hype for exciting is the night. Strike the wood to light a fire...forgotten its haunting cries. Hack and slash til its sap seeps out, the fuel for our flame. Strike the wood to light a fire! Burn the fuel ablaze! For the fuel ignites our soul, ignore the shadow's cries.

But be careful...bearer of the lamp. For if you lose your fuel...another will come to hack you like wood. For...there must always be a fire. A fire that blinds and burns bright it makes the rest dark as night. So dark you cant see friend or foe, near or far...good or bad. So strike, strike the wood to light a fire...feel it's almighty power. And surrender your soul to its blaze...until your soul is no more...

Strike the light a fire... are you tired? Or have you noticed it? The dark red fuel which you burn ...or the mangled wood you hacked from? The light is blinding indeed...

What have you done light bearer? Did you not know what the wood was? Or were you too afraid to look? Or enjoyed it? Yes... you hacked away...without wanted the light for your own...

Such is who you

Strike the wood to light a fire...

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