In Our Dark

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Nothing...i see nothing... feel nothing... want nothing. As i see into the darkness, i see nothing. My light is fading, swaying at the wind, at my own breath.

I am so tired. Tired of struggling, of crawling and dragging myself through each day...with no light, no warmth. I want to just rest, to close my eyes and let it all go away. My light quivers as i rest, extinguishing as i forget its tend.

I am so sad. For sadness is what bring me here. And there. Everywhere. A walking nobody with no road, no future, no goal, nor home. I am sad, for i cant sleep, nor feel. I'm sad... i cant cry. I can only stare at the void that stares back...also sad.

I am falling, drowning, the darkness enveloping. I can feel it's welcoming. It is calling me home. I surrender to it, as my candle burns to a cease. A whiff of smoke in the air, a single breath from my chest, a tear down my cheek, a snapping of the neck.

I am free...

"And we welcome thee."

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