In Our Dark

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The White Light

I feel my strength leaving my body, my mind foggy, hazy, unable to generate a thought. I fall down to the void, to the darkness, sinking in a dense sea. Then... i see her. The lady dressed in white. Her face hidden behind a fluffy hood made from sheep's wool, which falls down to her feet. She smiles and greets me like an old friend.

"Come, fair child, to my sweet embrace. The time is here, upon us, daunting, finite. It's the time of the end, your end, absolute and definite. A dance of absolute grace."

I am standing before her, lost.

"Who are you? Why do you come to me in this dark night?"

She tilts her head, her pink lips visible under the cover of her attire.

"Dark night? But we have so much light! Flickering, like fire, like life... Then again... i can only see strife."

I take a step back, feeling a chilling wind creep up my body from my feet.

"Please, leave me alone. I do not wish to go. I have done nothing wrong. I am still..."

As i try to take another step back, a feel a warm, moist pant on the back of my neck. I halt dead.

"Are you afraid? You know me, as i know you. I have been here, and there, at your beginning... and..."

"At my the end?"

"You get the idea. Yes. I have come to guide you. To lead you to your end. A swift and courteous one is do. Unless... you prefer my friend."

"I can feel his breath behind my neck. Waiting for me to run, to make him start the chase. Why must you be this way? I thought it was all lies. I thought my end was just... the end."

"A life so rich and filled by memories, it'd be a shame to see it just fade away. Child, you certainly can't believe we were a mere myth. We come to take you back to the beginning, but first we must have our pay. Just..."

I see her take out a white blade- a dagger.

"Say my name."

My heart stops as i look at the perfectly polished and impeccably clean device before me. I didn't want to die.

"What is your name?"

I am shacking.

"We have been known by many."

A grave snarling tone comes from behind me.

"But you can call us Death."

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