In Our Dark

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Second: A Question

Having fun? Feeling ok? Sometimes the plunge can be quite the surprise. Yet, swimming is a skill, something you can learn. Did you know that?

Imagine it, to be able to swim in your own dark. What would it be like? Would you dare? A sea of shadows, of ooze, of vile, of wretchedness. A sea made... of you, of your desires, your hatred, your envy, your gluttony, your pride, your vices. A sea of all the things your fear...and hate.

I dare you...

I dare you to take the plunge. Dive into your darkness, see what's below. Look at your monsters and fears. Look at what you hide under that smile and glee. I wish you luck.

Are you afraid? Why? Do you hide that much? A sin you wish to forget? A regret that eats you away? Or already know. You know what's down there, in the sea...staring back at you. Yes, you should be afraid...for you are not alone.

You've heard it before. That voice inside your head...the little voice that answers back. The small hand that itches your back. The shadow over your shoulder when you're alone. The one who's always waiting and haunting. Have you seen him? He is there. He is watching you...hunting you. He feeds off your hatred, your greed, your fears. And when you fall...he looms over you...a nightmare waiting in your sleep. But he's real...he is you.

So...when you better be sure you'll swim...and not drown. Or you'll be lost...drowning in the dark. Where no sound reaches, no light touches. He will win, and you will be... lost..

I dare you...jump.

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