In Our Dark

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Duality and Unity

"Do you wish to run? Please do. I am not daring you, i am asking you to. I am starving for a hunt."

I am too afraid to turn to look at the one behind me. His husky and snarling voice sends tremors down my body. Instead i keep my eyes on the white lady before me, playing with the knife between her fingers.

"Dear friend, please be patient. We are known to always wait."

"Patience is your virtue, friend. I prefer when the reaping isn't slow. Violent deaths tell a better tale."

"Violent lives have violent ends, you just love the thrill and taint."

"I have a simple life. Can't i just go?"

"He wishes to play my game, white. Let him deal with what he decides."

"Wherever you go..."

"I go."

"Always and..."


I felt trapped.

"Dear child. What do you decide?"


"That is not an option. Your life has come to its end. Do you wish to run or do you accept your fate?"

I fall to my knees. I begin to cry. This was the end.

I feel my head rest on something soft, like a pillow made from clouds. I raise my gaze to the snowy white wool covering her face, her rosy lips curled into a smile.

"Let me take you home, child."

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I nod.


I watch the white figure's smile bare razor sharp fangs. I watch as the shadows below the white hood give way to a darker shade. But i cant take it back, i simply feel the knife go into my side, a single weak cry coming out of my chest as my life fades away.

<<Wolf in sheep's clothing.>>

"All life ends with us."

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