In Our Dark

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Two Deaths

I am starving for some fun. I wish to chase, to hunt, to capture and to strike. People today live so fast, always moving from one thing to another. They rise like a burst of flames.

And die like one too, in a flume of smoke.

Always so cold, sister. Why do you never like to speak to me?

I do speak to you, brother. But there is only so much i can tell myself.

You say as if it were bad. We only have each other.

As it should be. One and the same.

Brother and sister. Black and white.

Black and white? Do you wish to give fright? There is no good or bad way to die. After all... we are tied. We are the same, what you do, i do. Where you go...

I go. I hunt...

And I capture. We are the perfect couple.

No one can escape us. The final end.

Yes, precisely my friend... it is time we move. Our next child will begin his journey soon.

Maybe he'll grant me with a hunt. A violent death, an emotional end. I wish to taste his blood, to satiate my thirst.

His death is absolute. Running, will only make it worst.

Yet, children aren't wise.

Shush, lets see how this child dies.

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