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The Eternal Empire of Naoir

“I fell in love with this such a long time ago… Before I was even called a citizen…” I leaned closer to study the man’s eyes.

His eyes were blue. A bright and clear color. He glared, but a pellet of fear hid behind it. “Leave me alone.”

“He made me, Kae. He threatened my sanity.” I gripped my small knife while I remembered.

He kneeled in front of me. “He killed them. If you ever want to be okay ever again, you have to take your revenge.”

I closed my eyes tightly, the pain returning. I backed away from the man’s blue eyes. My back bent as my scar burned, tingling from the memory. “I don’t want to remember!” I yelled, holding my hands against my head.

A dungeon door slammed outside of my own.

I opened my eyes as I stopped moving, frozen. “She threw you to the wolves, Kae.” I laughed once, turning. It was clear now.

Wasn’t it?

I swept part of my dress behind me as I stepped back towards the blue-eyed man. “I never ask why I am given food, Kae.” I cornered him into the wall, slamming my empty hand into the wall beside him. “Do you?”

His anger was gone. “My name isn’t Kae…” He tentatively announced.

I smiled. “Isn’t it?” I brought my knife closer to his face, where most of the scars that people see accumulate. All other scars are hidden. Every single one. “Kae…” I sighed. “How should I tell you this…”

The blue-eyed man swallowed.

I slid the knife closer to his throat and his bobbing Adam’s apple. “Your blue eyes are beautiful.” I grinned. “Can I see them?” I met his shivering blue eyes. I brought the tip of the silver dagger to the edge of his eyes next. Then to his wide pupil of his left eye.

“I wouldn’t blink, or move, if I were you, Kae. I like your eyes.” The tip of the knife pierced the outside of his eye, digging into the rim of the pupil. The liquid iris bled into the cavity, through the lens.

The man screamed.

I gripped his arm. “Shhh, Kae.” I watched the blue-eyed man become darker and darker until his left eye was black.

“Now you’re beautiful, Kae!” I giggled. I kicked him in the gut and as he bent at the waist, I caught the dripping iris, beautifully blue and shimmery.

I dropped the black-eyed man to the ground, blind in one eye and never out of screams. The sound scratched through my ears, painful, but easy to ignore.

I instead concentrated on the passing guards and the blue liquid in my hands.

“She gave it another toy to play with. Do you think he’ll stay?” I envisioned a much older man with a dark beard and a thick build. His voice was rough and disgusting.

The other voice was a woman’s, light and innocent. It was familiar… “Everyone who ends up in there with it does, you know that, Darrie.” I imagined a tall woman with blond hair, her eyes a dark blue that made me shiver the first time I saw them.

Now one of them was black.

As she walked away, I heard another sentence she spoke.

“You know I did.”

“You know I love you, right?” I whispered, my voice tired.

My father kissed my forehead with a smile. “Just as I love you. Sleep tight.” He stood and stepped to the tall white door set neatly into the frame.

As I closed my eyes, I saw a shadow travel behind him in the hallway. I was asleep before I could scream.

This time, as the black-eyed man quieted, I screamed. “No! No!” I gritted my teeth. “Father!” I shook my head, my long hair whipping around me. “Look behind you!”

As the blue-eyed man stood, I stopped, waiting for him.

An object clinked off the right wall. Footsteps echoed…

“My name is Jaeli!” He yelled from behind me.

It felt like time slowed. I spun into standing and grabbed the object he had picked up, a long sword, and stepped into the small circle around him.

Heat and the smell of sweat radiated off of him.

“And I am not human.” I gripped his chin. “Not to them.” I cupped the back of his neck with my hand. “Not with these memories.” I tightened my hand around the sword. “I don’t bleed. Not like you.”

I pressed my lips to his, their soft surface perfectly warm against mine. Blood welled within his skin, a silent killer entering his body.


The black and blue-eyed man dropped like a ragdoll.

My father… My father was…

Dead. Dead.


“You will never be human, vengeful little monster.” He whispered behind me as blood dripped off my hands. Off the knife. Out of my tearless eyes.

My parents were dead.

Both by a monster’s hand.

I laughed as I smiled and sat upon my thin bed, ready to wait for the chance of escape. Someone had to come for the third person the monster had ruined, after all.

She came to visit me again. I like her. Her eyes are pretty. Like chocolate. She came with two guards that had milky-white eyes. Underneath the film, they both had blue eyes. They almost looked like twins, but she wouldn’t have made that kind of mistake.

I studied her eyes as she ranted about me killing her prisoner. I zoned out after the first sentence, knowing that she was basically saying the same thing over and over and over again.

Her eyes were pretty… Like milk chocolate…

“Why isn’t it listening?” One of the guards whispered to the other.

The other guard scoffed. “Because it wants to be killed. In every way that that man was slaughtered.”

“You didn’t have to clean it up.” The guard to the left shivered. “I wouldn’t wish that upon the darkest of souls.”

The guard to the right went silent.

She turned. “Bael, what did it do to him?”

“Drained his eyes, I bet.” The right guard muttered. He crossed his arms, his milky eyes blank.

She glared at him, glancing back at me.

I just smiled slightly at her, my blue necklace hidden underneath my reddish clothing.

“Are you sure you… want me to tell you?” The left guard’s gray covered eyes were beyond terrified. Bael… A cute name.

She didn’t move, waiting.

“He… was stabbed in the neck. Achilles tendon was cut. Wrists slit. Eyes drained. Face disfigured. Femoral artery cut. Knees and elbows were smashed. His blood was everywhere.” He cringed, his jaw tight. “Why did he deserve that?”

She smiled. “Because he didn’t. It recognizes guilt versus innocence. It is my judge. He was innocent, so he was killed. It gave mercy.”

The right guard scoffed. “Some kind of mercy that was.” He turned and left the room, sparing me a slight glance.

Bael followed him out, leaving her alone with me.

Her eyes were ugly. Like dirt.

“Monster.” She turned to me. “Monster!” She stepped towards me.

I just smiled. I was a monster, after all. This small cell still smelled like blood. Light filtered from behind me to the ground, watery, but mesmerizing. The shadow, my shadow, was interesting…

Her staff hit the ground. “Monster!” She accused. “Answer me, Monster!” She pointed at me, her face open to her anger. “He was innocent!”

My interest disappeared. I was bored with this. “He was guilty.” I said simply.

“Innocent!” Her staff hit the ground again. “What was his name?!”

Jaeli… “He never told me.” I lied.

“They all tell you. You remember them all. Why now don’t you remember?” She hissed, confused by my response.

I stared at her, watching her dirt-coloured eyes. She knew I was lying, but she also knew that I wouldn’t say his name.

I hadn’t yet.

“Kae made me promise.” I smiled, lowering my head. “A long time ago.”

The woman bared her teeth, her shimmering eyes dull and ugly in the faint light coming through the grate. “Forget him.”

I tilted my head and sat on my crooked and uncomfortable bed. “How can I?” I stared into her eyes, her frozen eyes smeared with dust and mud.

The woman leaned forward, her shadow falling over my chest. “You are mine.” The woman’s mud-coloured eyes revealed diamonds. “Tell me his name!” She was so close to becoming pretty.

As her hands were placed threateningly on either side of me, I leaned closer to her, bending my shoulders towards her. I smiled slightly. “Kae made me promise.”

“My name is Kae… And you…” His face was split by a mesmerizing, beautiful, all-encompassing smile. “Will be mine.”

I lifted my hand as the woman recoiled in confusion, but only slightly. She was still… so.. close… to me. “So close…” I whispered, collecting my fingers and sharp nails.

“What was his name, Monster?” She asked, her brown eyes turning to gold.

She was finally beautiful. I pulled back my hand and thrusted it forward, diving deep into the woman’s chest. Her sternum cracked and shattered easily into my hand, despite one of my fingers in my middle finger developing a fracture. I kept going, her heart tough, but simple as the blood sunk into my skin and pushed into her lungs. It was a wonderful feeling, having such connection to a human being.

Someone who functioned normally and thought normally.

As my hand slowed, I felt the contracting muscles around my fingers and the smooth bone at the end of my nails. I scratched her spine before retreating, her glistening blood draining from my hand easily as it appeared everywhere else. I closed my eyes for a few seconds as I tasted the the metallic liquid that had fallen onto my lips.

The woman coughed and screamed in pain, stumbling and falling to the side. She was dying. Dying…

“Y-You’ll… never… b-be normal.” The woman bent over herself, holding the hole in her chest in her hands, watching the blood drain out into the ground of my cell.

It was her grave.

I turned towards the closed door as she hoarsely exerted her last words.

“N-Never… J-Jak…” Her chocolate eyes glittered before dulling back into mud, her beautiful blood marring her perfect face. “Never.” She sighed, letting the silent beat of her heart fade into nothing.

“Save me Kae.” I whispered, lowering my head as I forgot about the blood on my hand and the stinging bone. “Please.” I turned towards the door, wondering how many of my guilty roamed the city.

Maybe I’d find them… I paused at the door, reaching out with my dry hand for the handle. I gripped it tight and twisted the handle, closing one of my eyes. I glanced back at the quiet woman, remembering her name that I had never spoken before.

“Can a monster ask for forgiveness?” I paused, remembering Kae. “Can a monster regret an action?” I stopped, opening the door silently, remembering the guards outside the door. “Hm…” I sighed. “Forgive me, Morana.” I stepped outside the door, stepping silently past the blind guards.

Their eyes were wonderful with their white sheen. I wished I could’ve had them… But as I walked down the damp hallway, I forgot their eyes. They had once had wonderfully unique eyes, but now, just like Morana, they were gone.


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