Death Mask

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A group of four kids start their lives with rough starts that lead into violent and destructive tendencies. Rape and drugs are just the tip of the iceberg, it gets much, much darker. I was arrested the first time when I was nine on charges of possession of illicit drugs and assault. My father beat me good for that one. The worst night was the night I came home late and heard my father ranting on and on about how my mother was stupid and all that shit. I couldn’t figure out where they were so I wandered around the house trying to find them. When I came to the garage I hesitated. Opening the door I stepped in, automatically wishing I hadn’t. In front of me was my father’s back, but I could see the gun and I could make out the form of my mother falling forward as the shot echoed off the metal door. He turned to go inside but stopped in his tracks when he saw me with a crowbar in my hands and took a look of death in my eyes. I guess I thought he’d be scared of that, but of course, he wasn’t.

Horror / Thriller
Tabatha Sims
3.8 4 reviews
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There is a fountain of youth;

It is your mind,

Your talents,

The creativity you bring in

Your life and the lives of

People you love ~

Sophia Loren

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