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Happy Birthday!

By pavitra All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Horror

Chapter 1

“Really? I can spend my birthday with my friends the whole day, like from 12 am to 12 pm?” I asked again. 

“Yes, you can, Jane.” My dad answered, still looking at the tv. I looked over at my mum, she was looking at my dad quizzically. “So you prefer spending your birthday with your friends more than your family?” My sister asked scornfully. I gave her the ‘shut up and don’t make dad change his mind’ look. She walked past me without a word. I looked at my mum innocently, “Is it okay with you?” She shrugged, “Obviously your dad trust you and allow you to stay overnight with your friends and I know I should respect his decision and trust you, but if you really want me to be okay with this then maybe you should give me the details of what you guys up to?”. 

“Of course I want to tell you but it’s my birthday mum, I don’t think my friends would want to tell me the plan it’s suppose to be surprise but sure I will call and let you know later.”

“Hey Naomi, yes, my dad said yes. How about the rest?” “All good, get ready at 8, I will come and pick you up.” “Just us right? Girls?” “Yeah, just us, there’s no room for boys, wait you want Justin to come with us?” “No, of course no, that would be awkward, me in swimming suit  and him around, never.” 

“Hahaha, okay, start packing now, bye.” It’s my sixteenth birthday and my parents just agreed with my friends plan to spend my birthday at Port Dickson. I still cannot believe it, am I dreaming? I’m super excited. I was smiling ear to ear until I saw my sister standing at my door, staring at me. “You really going, ah?” she asked, not so happy with it. 

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I had my break from studies, this is just perfect.” 

“Are you sure it’s your friends and not Justin?” She asked suspiciously. “Of course with my friends. Why would I spent my birthday with him?” “Hmm, because he’s your boyfie.” “No I'm not and why are you so against with me going out with my friends?” I asked my sister, getting annoyed with her attitude. She went to her room without saying anything and came back with a paper bag. She shoved it to my face, “I thought of surprising you but since you won’t be here at 12 so just have it now.” She said with a poker face. 

“What?” I took the bag and peered inside. Something glittery in there, I took it out. “You bought this? For me?”. “Try it on.” She said. 

It’s a black dress. Black sparkles glitter across a rounded neckline and back panel. I’m not a huge fan of black but wearing this dress, I feel sexy? Is that the right word, no more like I’m in charge, I have the control and the power. I wonder what would Justin’s reaction if he see me in this. I took out my black strappy heels from the box under my bed. I took some time to admire my too high, sky high heels before wearing them. “I think you should wear it tomorrow with your friends.” “I don’t know, should I?” We are going to the beach not some expensive restaurant. I might wear it if Justin’s around because he give me this different vibe, like everything should look classy and rich but with my friends, it’s more to being comfortable. Nah, I’m not gonna wear it. 

It’s 8 pm and I’m still packing. I was too into that dress and chit chatting with my sister until forgotten to pack. I hope my friends are running alittle late too. I looked at that dress indecisively. I have no heart to leave it behind, fine I’m taking it with me, no harm in doing so, right?

It took us an hour and 20 minutes to reach Port Dickson. Thanks to Naomi’s dad, we found our way to P.D without getting lost. Until now, all of us could not accept the fact that our parents actually said yes to this. This is super crazy. 

“Girls, we are here.” 

Naomi parked her car and we all got out. The air was so cold and refreshing. We could see the beach from the high hilled car park. The sea looked  dark at night. Beautiful view,  all of us stop and stare at the sea for awhile, admiring the dark sea that seem so still and calm. Then, we heard some voices coming from the small hut at the side of the car park. “I think we should go to our chalet now.” Anna said. “Yup, it’s not right to be out here just us girls.” Ivy said as she gets her bags out of the car. So we quickly took our bags and walked to the chalet we booked. It has a huge room with two queen sized bed, a kitchen and a living room. And of course a private pool. After dumping our bags in the room, all of us went to the pool. We can see the beach from here. I sat by the pool, my legs in the water. My friends joined me. 

“Guys, seriously thank you for bringing me here.” I said, feeling awe. “This is so relaxing. I wish we could run away from our busy life once in awhile like this.” Anna said. “Yeah, that would be great.” Naomi sighed. And just like that we started to talk about everything under the moonlight while watching the spectacular view of the sea.

We had been talking for more than an hour now. None of us moved from the pool, oblivious to our surrounding until we heard a sound coming out from the chalet. We stopped talking and looked at each other. “You locked the door right?” Ivy asked Naomi. “Yes, I did.” “Did the sound come from our chalet?” Anna asked, while getting out of the pool. “I’m not sure. We should go and check it out. Anna, go.” I said, my heart started to beat fast. “What? Why me? Let’s go together.” She said, in a low voice. Ivy got up, “Don’t be scared, the door is locked, maybe a rat or cat in there.”

“Whatever it is, but if anything happen on my birthday I’m going to kill you guys.” I told them. All four of us walked in the chalet, we went to the kitchen, there’s nothing there, then we heard something from the room. So, we walked very quietly, not to mention very slowly hand in hand towards the room. We switched on the light and saw nobody. Everything seems fine. Then, something moved on the bed. The thick white blanket moved. “Guys, did that blanket moved by itself?” I asked my friends, not believing my eyes. “You saw that too.” Ivy whispered. My heart was beating so loud, I barely heard her. Slowly we back out from the room. All eyes on the bed as we step out of the room, before we could leave suddenly the white blanket rise as in someone is in the blanket and getting up. We screamed for a second then stopped because the light went out. I froze at the door, I couldn’t move. My friends started to run. I heard someone knock over something and fell down. I heard Naomi’s voice, she was shouting, I couldn’t make sense of what she’s saying. My eyes were on that blanket that is now literally floating in the air and moving towards me. I wanted to run and screamed but I couldn’t. I heard Anna, “What? The sliding door is locked? How can that be possible?” That’s it, my head turn towards the sliding door, Naomi was struggling to unlock the door. “There’s someone in the pool.” Ivy said, suddenly. I looked past the sliding door and saw someone was standing in the pool. Staring at us, in the chalet. Naomi screamed just when I realized the white blanket is now right in front of me. I screamed at the top of my lungs but that blanket thing shut my mouth. I pushed it away and ran towards my friends. We were so shocked that we stood still looking at the blanket. It looks like someone is hiding in it. Then, something walked out from the kitchen, no someone and it’s looks like a knife in his hand. We screamed again. I can feel tears rolling down my cheeks but I have no time to wipe it away. I’m about to die. On my birthday.

I cannot believe this, how could my birthday turned out this way. Never in my wildest imagination, I ever thought something like this could happen to me. This is my first trip with my friends. I’m just turning into 16, there’s no way I’m going to die now. Right now 3 creatures are staring at us. I feel as if I’m screaming forever now. We are all crammed into each other at the corner. Naomi still struggling with the sliding door. Then, ‘click’ the sliding door unlocked. We ran out as fast as we can totally forgotten about the other creature standing in the pool. I glanced at the pool, it’s still there, not moving at all. Ivy ran mindlessly and hit something. She stopped and stood still. We all stood still. Someone with a really big eyes and the face looked as if it’s under some sort of spotlight. It hurts our eyes to look at but we couldn’t look away. Anna suddenly screamed frantically, we tried to get a hold of her she was being so hysterical. That’s when we saw it, the creature in the pool, now at the side of the pool, where we are standing. It is holding Anna’s ankle. She was out of control until she slipped and fall on top of the creature in the pool. We wanted to get her but we were too afraid of the water. The white thing and the guy with knife, now are standing in front of me and Naomi. We were surrounded. Naomi started to scream for help, “Help!” The guy with knife approached her and tried to stop her from screaming. If I’m not mistaken, Naomi started to kick him and both of them went off balance and fell into the pool. Panicked, Ivy ran towards the opposite direction and ran into the ugly faced creature. Something hard and solid fell on the floor. I heard the ugly face groaned in pain.

As I was standing all alone in the middle of the front yard looking helplessly at my friends, I noticed something lighted up on the corner table of the yard. I paused and looked at it in confusion. I blinked away the tears and stared at the table. The first thing that came into my mind was, I am the target, these things are here to kill me, it’s my birthday. They are targeting birthday girl. My mind was running wild trying to reason the new discovery as I stared at the lighted birthday cake in horror. I never thought a birthday cake can look this scary. As I was trying to process what is happening, suddenly it hit me, is it a prank? A surprise? I looked around again? Did my friends plan this out? I sure as hell hope not. Just as I was figuring things up, the lights came back. I was looking at the white blanket thing eye to eye. Eyes? Yes, eyes. The dark brown eyes that I know too well, Justin’s eyes. I stood there like a statue staring at him, unable to do a thing. It was an eerie silence. 


So, my friends are not part of this. Naomi looked so pale, she was trying to get off from the pool. Hugh and Ray were standing in the pool, looking pale as well. I turned around and found Ivy on the floor with Nick. Ivy was holding a huge torchlight and looking at Nick accusingly. So, we just got prank on my birthday. A horrible prank. Though I was in state of shock I expected Justin to say something but clearly he was dumbfounded when he saw my expression. None of the guys said a word. Clearly they didn’t expect their plan would go overboard. Nobody gave second look the birthday cake at the corner. We were all assessing each other’s reaction. Then, I lost it, I wanted to yell and hit him hard but all I manage to do was cry out loud. I was so glad it was a prank. I cried right in front of him and his expression turned so guilty. To make him feel worse, I started cursing and crying at the same time.

"Happy Birthday." 
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