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Chapter 2

_________________11 Years Later______________

Jack woke with a start sitting up quickly, his breathing rushed and shallow, eyes wide with fear. With what fear though, he couldn’t say. A few moments passed before his breathing slowed and he was able to calm himself down. He flopped over onto his side in an uncomfortable position. His eyes surveyed his room with an expectant look, waiting for something to slowly enter his line of sight. His eyes moved to and stayed locked on the door to his room. As he shifted to get out of his large king sized bed his eyes never left the sliver of space between the door and the doorframe.

As he walked to his dresser opposite the door, he was forced to look away so he could consciously pick out matching clothes.­­ Dressed in his skintight, worn jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt he turned back towards his door. His eyes met the crack of the doorway. Staring back at him was a black eye with a small ring of white outlining the abyss of despair that stared back at him. The eye, surrounded by a solid black mass, looked Jack up and down. Sharp, dull colored teeth showed little of the mouth that was attempting and failing miserably at forming a welcoming smile.

Jack started to walk towards the door, and the eye disappeared as he neared. He grabbed the door handle and opened it quickly. He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. Making his way down the short hallway he peeked in every threshold, the second bedroom was empty, aside from the boxes of stuff that had yet to be unpacked, the office was void of life also, he turned to look into the bathroom, seeing nothing he stepped in, but before he closed the door to take a shower, he shoved the shower curtain aside.

He was roughly shoved to the side, falling onto the porcelain toilet, breaking the lid atop the tank. He winced as the black mass rushed out the door. His eyes closed, he turned toward his head toward the door. With one hand resting on the spot of his back he just broke the lid with, he placed his other hand on the sink countertop. He opened his eyes and stood slowly, the pain in his back rising like a fire to a dry tree. He groaned as his steps grew heavy on the way to the door. He leaned against the doorway and poked his head out into the hallway.

The thing that just rammed him out the way was sitting on the arm of the suede couch. The creature looked down the hallway, a grin plastered on its face.

Jack kept his face devoid of emotion as he spoke monotonously, “Let me take a shower first, okay?”

The monstrous mass’s grin grew more mischievously as it gave a slight nod.

Jack nodded back, “Good,” and he swung his weight back into the bathroom and closed the door quietly.

Using the slight momentum from his weight shift he turned to the sink. Brushing his teeth he heard rustling in the kitchen. Jack rolled his eyes and spit out the foam from the toothpaste. He stripped down quickly and looked himself over in the full length mirror that hung on the door. He turned his body to look at his back. The black spots on his back had grown in the last eleven years of his life, so much so that they now formed an entire twelve inch circle that was at least three inches thick.

He frowned slightly at the sight, and turned towards the shower. He turned the water on and he sat on the tub edge and kept his hand under the flowing water. Once it was a few degrees under scalding hot, he stood and stepped in the shower. His pale skin turning pink underneath the running water, he roughly scrubbed his skin until it was red and made the water feel even hotter. He shivered slightly at the temperature as his body attempted to cool itself down. He leaned down and shut off the shower. He stepped out and dried himself off. He put his clothes back on, walked out the bathroom and went into the kitchen adjacent to the living room.

The creature was sitting atop the teak table and innocently swung its legs back and forth. It looked at Jack like it had never done a thing wrong in its existence.

Jack eyed it skeptically, “We both know you aren’t childish enough to be looking at me like that.”

The beast let out a horrendous laugh and swung its head back. It stopped suddenly as stared at Jack.

Its voice still laced with the other’s from Jack‘s memory, as if they were all here in the room, “Dear child, we only wish to speak with you today.”

Jack crossed his arms and glared, “Oh, I see, I guess that’s why you shoved me out of the way earlier and made me break my toilet.” Jack was trying to put poison into his words, but failed as the fear of the creature before him was overpowering.

The creature was suddenly inches away from Jack as it spoke, its rotting breath filled Jack’s nose, “Hurting you is just so fun though,” the smile grew more than Jack thought possible. “Jack, today we come to tell you that the time is coming. A year from now,” the smile faded and the too thin lips came together. “We will have you.” The creature put its long fingered claws on Jack’s chest shoved him to the ground. It hovered above Jack’s face as it brought its black slimy tongue to his face and licked his cheek slowly, “You still taste sweet as snow.”

It licked its lips slowly as if to savor the flavor of his skin. It smiled lustfully and faded into nothing. Jack laid there with his eyes closed as tears began to well up. He fought them back successfully as he focused on trying to not let that thing get to him.

He stood hesitantly as his back was in even more pain from being shoved to ground. He walked to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice. He twisted off the cap and chugged it down. He put the cap back on and set it in the fridge. He stared, debating if he wanted something to eat. Deciding against it, he looked at the clock above the sink to his left.

Sarcastically, “Awesome, seven ‘o’clock.”

He walked out of the kitchen and to the front door in the living room. He stepped outside to go for a run. The air felt of fall, so he was glad the thought of changing into running shorts slipped his mind and he was still wearing his jeans. He reached the sidewalk outside his home, and began to start a fast jog around the city. After the first few steps, pain shot through his back. He abruptly stopped and placed both his hands onto his back, wincing and clenching his teeth together. He chose to walk instead.

The sun was rising, casting a yellow glow on the tall buildings as he entered the city limits a mile away from his home. He smiled through the slight pain that lingered in his back.

Walking along his path for running, he smiled and waved at the people that were out at that time on the edge of the city. As he approached the busiest part of the city near the plaza, a confused look crossed his face, as the sidewalk was more empty than usual. He shrugged his shoulders as he rounded a corner.

He walked right into a wall. He closed his eyes at the shock and the wall grabbed his shoulders to keep him from falling. Jack opened his eyes at the peculiar thought and saw that not a wall was holding him up but, a tall, tan skinned, attractive man was grabbing him albeit, quite hard.

“Oi mate, watch ya’self.” The handsome man spoke. Jack almost drooled at the Australian accent of the man.

Jack put his hands up to the man’s, now realizing, very firm, toned chest. Composing himself mentally Jack snapped back, “I’m not the one who ran into you. Watch yourself.” Jack put emphasis and venom on the last word.

The Australian man gave a startled look that turned into a glare, “Okay mate, whatever you say. Now get out of my way ya’ drongo.” the man used his grip to lightly move out of the way.

Jack was moved a little too close to the curb and lost his footing from being moved. He started to fall backwards into the street.

“AH!” Jack shouted as he fell with a frightened face.

He reached out for anything to catch his fall into the street. He felt a strong hand unexpectedly grip his slim forearm. His other hand swung behind himself suddenly which caused it to get clipped by a car’s side-mirror.

“Ah-ow!” Jack shouted again as he was pulled more firmly onto the sidewalk. He brought his injured hand to his abdomen and cradled it. The grip on his other arm loosened and he brought to his injured hand and touched it lightly to judge the pain. “Gah!” Jack winced as his extremely light touch caused searing pain in his bones.

Jack felt a hand rest on his shoulder and he looked up with a tear of pain running down his cheek. The attractive Australian was looking at Jack’s hand, as if assessing it. He looked into Jack’s eyes.

They stayed like that for a few moments. Ice blue eyes getting lost in spring green ones and vice-versa.

The Australian shook his head as if to rid a thought, and spoke matter-of-factly, “I think you broke it, mate.”

Jack sneered at his words, “I broke it?! You’re the one who shoved me into the road!” Jack’s voice started to rise as he spoke.

The eye-catching man retorted, “Well if ya’ had more weight ya’ wouldn’a’ fallen when I moved ya!”

They began shouting at one another, and they started to get looks from other people. When it was Jack’s turn to respond he looked around at all the people that were on the sidewalk. He tilted his head to the side like a questioning puppy. When did all these people get here, Jack thought.

The other man smirked at the stunning kid. He was thinking about how cute he looked with his head tilted like that looking away. He wanted him to look at him all cute like that. He shook his head again and cleared his throat to get the kid’s attention.

“Hey,” he tapped the kid’s shoulder. Jack jumped at the sudden awakening from whatever thoughts he had. He looked at the attractive man. “Hey ya’ drongo, I think you should go to the hospital for that hand o’yours”

Jack looked down at his hand, it was beginning to swell.

He looked at the obviously older man, “It’ll heal on its own fine. They won’t let it get bad.” Jack covered his mouth with his unbroken hand and his eyes got wide. He shocked himself that he would say ‘they’ at all. He must think I’m crazy now. I should’ve just agreed to go the hospital.

The Australian gave him a confused look, “If ya’ decide not ta go ta the hospital, I’m gonna carry ya there whether ya like it or not.” He mentally slapped himself for saying he’d carry the kid there but held his composure. This kid is a beaut though. I think I’d carry him home if I got the chance. Oh gosh, I need to stop.

Jack gave him a look of disbelief at his words as he responded, “I wouldn’t mind being carried.” Jack struggled to flirt with such an attractive man.

He wasn’t expecting this new man to take the bait like he did. The next thing Jack knew he was lifted off the ground and was being carried. He was surprised to say the least by the action, and his mouth hung open.

The Australian man couldn’t believe he was doing this. He didn’t know this kid and he was carrying him to the hospital that was six city blocks away. He kept his face stoic like a professional and hid the fact that he was mortified with himself with the forwardness he was having right now. He considered himself to be very subtle when it came to flirting. This kid though, made him act differently, He wasn’t usually one to have his anger escalate like it did with this kid. He was waging a war inside his head on what he was going to do when they actually reached the hospital.

Jack’s open mouth turned into a smirk, yet he was slightly afraid of where or what was going to happen. He didn’t know where the hospital was because like he told the toned man, the creatures that chose him always have him healed within a few days. He was afraid because he had never met the man and he could be bringing Jack to his house or dungeon where he kept all the people he kidnapped.

They made the way to hospital in silence. Both worried of what was to happen when they actually got to where they were going.

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