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The Monster... Frankenstein lost his life on his efforts to find the secrets to eternal life, and yet his legacy remains... through the logs of his research, through his journals of written scientific discoveries, and through those of his many creations... For it would soon be realized by Vlad Dracul and by Lucy Vanhelsing that Frankenstein had not created only one of his monstrous aberrations... The components are being gathered for him by agents around the world, and old adversities are quickly resurfacing to challenge him... and his son Vladamere is becoming his worst of enemies...

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Satan's Crucible

New York,

The Phoenix Corporation Parking Garage

Vladamere Tepes stood tall before his gathered followers. a blackened cross turned upside down behind the man hung from hooks anchored to the garage’s ceiling. The evil symbol serving as an ideal of cult worship following inspiration.

Vladamere looked upon the gathered wit rising irritation.

“... Is this all that would be raised to follow the one true master of fate? The devil, he is the one and the only faith that will lead us to truth...

Satan, he will not abandon us as others have done... as others still do... Satan, he walks with us.”

The gathered now spoke in unison.

“We gathered here give our lives and our devotion to the one true lord... to him under the service of all powerful Satan... All hail Satan... All hail Satan.”

“... Bow before our lord Satan, for he is angry with you... his word must be spread with persistent influence...

Rise only after you have made penance with our lord.”

Vladamere Tepes too kneeled before the backdrop of the inverted cross and the speakers’ podium.

Before the eyes of the gathered a spectral visage of the devil appeared to manifest upon the blackened cross.

Unseen by his followers, burning embers flared where once had been set human eyes.

The son of Vlad Dracul, he was to be the avatar of the devil’s seed.

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