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Chapter 20 – Sealed [D]

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Davy’s POV

It has been a nerve-wracking day, and a weird one in the same time. Because suddenly we know the true identities of our parents, and the fact they all have certain powers they never told us about.

By now, mom and Mrs. Hayes explained they have been planning on talking to us ever since they saw Annika not touching Sid.

They also told us they do feel the presence of something dark when close to Sid, but it’s the fact Annika is an Angel, with developing powers, that she can’t touch Sid. As soon as I will start developing my powers, I won’t be able to come close either, as long as the entity is still inside him.

Even the seal won’t be able to prevent Annika from burning herself.

It’s simply because she is the purest of forms in existence, while whatever is inside Sid, is one of the most malicious, dark forms of energy there is known to earth. It’s like fire and ice; and Annika is the ice that will melt.

Amber has already been experiencing things that prove her to be a Wiccan, which is why she felt so uneasy. She never told her parents about the weird things she noticed, like the fact she every so often heard voices, that she now knows are people thoughts.

If she would’ve done so, they could’ve explained her true identity, while now, she was trying to deny the fact she was different, simply out of fear of not having anybody that would believe her.

Apparently, Sid’s Angelic blood caused him to suffer from the haunting more, because the effects of it taking him over, burned his skin on several spots. The lashes are caused by the entity, as are the bruises on his throat.

Sid being unconscious for a week has everything to do with the fact he’s battling the darkness more then we thought he was. It’s in his blood to fight the evil, and it caused his subconsciousness to struggle with the entity over the power of his body; a battle which he lost the evening he started moving his finger again.

We know he lost, simply and only because Annika still can’t get close to him, and because his parents, my parents, and Annika all felt a much bigger force surrounding Sid after he woke up.

Simply stated, Sid is functioning as a shell for the entity to succeed in his mission to take revenge on those who burned Baywick.

Simply stated, our parents are going to seal the entity in a spell, that will function as a shield between Sid’s mind and body, and the entity.

Or more so, they are doing it as we speak, while Annika, Amber and myself are outside in the park. We were told to leave, and not come back until we got a call to tell us it is safe.

It’s been two hours, we’re all silent, and we’re all eager to find out if it worked. I never asked what the risks are. What if the spell fails? What will happen to Sid when it does?

I think none of us dared to ask that question aloud, since none of us knows what will happen if the spell doesn’t work.

Angie decided on staying close to Sid, as she is worried about his well-being. But mom clearly told us to tell her to not stay in the room, because she could be sealed away too as she is made of the same sort of energy; left-overs from a soul, trapped on earth with a mission.

I just hope Angie listened to that warning, or she will be shielded inside Sid along with a very dark energy that scares her too.

I jump as soon as my ringtone starts, not expecting the call right now, also being deep in thought about all that was told to us yesterday. I feel surreal and as if I’m dreaming.

And part of me hopes I’m just dreaming and I will wake up the morning after the power-outage, to find out all of this was a dream.


“Hi honey. You can come home. Sid’s doing… okay.”

“Did it work?”

“We think it did, yes. But we think Annika will be the answer to that. If she’s able to face him again, I think it’s safe to assume it worked.”

“Okay, we’ll come over.”

Amber and Annika already got their bikes before I am able to hang up the phone. I shoot a quick text to Cory to tell him we’re heading home right now to see Sid, and then I follow the girls who impatiently took of without me.

There’s another silence on the way home, filled with worry and fear for what we’re going to find at home.

We head over to the Hayes household, parking our bikes in the front garden. The door is already opened before any of us was able to ring the bell, Mr. Hayes smiling carefully at us to let us in.

“He’s in his room, asleep. He’ll be exhausted for a while, so best to let him sleep. But you can see him.”

I nod, grabbing Annika’s hand to offer her some much-needed support, as we head upstairs, towards the attic and into Sid’s bedroom, all in silence, followed by a nervous Amber.

I instantly find Angie, seated on the bed with Sid, with a content smile on her face, staring at him with a dreamy look.

“Hi, Ang.” Annika whispers, still sounding a bit sad. “You’re smiling, is that a good sign?”

“Very good.” She nods happily. “There was so much negative energy surrounding him that it made me sick and depressed… and it feels nice to sit next to him without feeling that right now.”

Annika let’s out a breath as if she was holding it ever since we left the park, walking towards Sid with a pained look on her face. “I get what you mean with that feeling. But I don’t feel it either anymore.” Annika smiles carefully. “He seems so… peaceful.”

“He’s dreaming a very unimportant, simplistic dream. Must be nice for him.”

“Does that mean your connection to him is back too?”

Angie bites her lip, and then shakes her hand. “No, but he talks in his sleep, and he’s dreaming about Anni.”

Annika blushes at that statement, but soon smiles a wide smile, already pushing his hair back without overthinking her move.

She instantly pulls back, but then stares confused towards her hand. “It didn’t burn my skin…” She whispers full of disbelief, and relief. “I… I can… touch him…” There’re tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks as she leans forwards to place a kiss on his cheek.

Annika refuses to leave his side now that she doesn’t feel the barrier between her and Sid, so mom decided on informing us that everything worked out well. It did put up a fight, and it used Sid to verbally and physically fight them. I didn’t miss the fact mom has a bruising on her arm and aunt Maya was holding a paper cloth to her nose when we came home.

But Sid seems fine now that the spell worked, and the entity is temporarily locked away inside him.

After that, all they do is search for ways to get the entity out of him without Sid’s life getting in danger.

So far, they found nothing.

I’m reading a book with ancient spells and information about possession, sitting on Sid’s desk chair, every so often looking at him and Annika, curled up in bed, holding each other.

Sid is weak, and he’ll remain weak for another couple of days, but other than that, he will be fine for now.

He’s been quiet ever since his mother explained to him what is going on, and he’s currently staring at Annika, who fell asleep in his arms.

He suddenly turns around to look at me with tired eyes.

I place my finger where I was reading, stopping to look back at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you think I’m going to die?” He asks with a whisper, words shaky and heavy with fear.

“We’re going to do everything we can to not let that happen…” I tell him truthfully, knowing I can’t guarantee anything right now. “We’ll find something.”

He nods shortly and turns back around to look at Annika. “So, Angie was right about Anni being an Angel?”


“And you’re one too.”

“Apparently, but I’m not developing any powers yet. And you’re a half-blood.”

“Can you imagine that our parents know magic and are Angels and all?” He again turns around, this time letting go of Annika to push himself up into a seating position.

“No, it feels like a dream. I can’t help but feel as if any moment, I’m going to wake up and it all turned out to be a bad dream.”

“It’s not just feeling like that, I’m hoping it is…” he drawls, lolling his head, then staring at his hands. “There’s something inside me, Dave…”

“I know…”

“And it’s going to make me evil, it’ll kill me once I finished what should’ve ended two years ago…”

“We’ll sop you from doing so.”

“At what cost, Davy?” He laughs, but it’s pained. “It hasn’t been stopped before, so why would it stop now?”

“Because we don’t want to lose you. Because it’s the first time it messed with an Angel.”

“Half-blood…” Sid cocks his head and looks at me. “Which still feels weird…”

“Tell me something… our mothers are in a secret coven. Speaking of which, they’re meeting the rest tonight.”

“How many are there?”

“Not much are left…” Davy sighs. “Some died by now, some never had daughters… they’re on the verge of getting extinct. Thank goodness you have three sisters.”

“Wait, my sisters are Wiccan too, right? And Angels?”

“Yes, and they know, since they all reached adulthood.”

“So, are they in the coven too?”

“I guess…” I shrug, sighing, deciding on putting the book aside. “Do you feel good enough to go and get something to eat? Cory, Amara and Edward are dying to see you again.”

“Do they know? You know? About the coven, us being Angels?”

“Cory knows, Amara and Edward don’t. We’re not allowed to tell just anyone.”

“Then why Cory? Is he one too?”

“No, but you and he are connected through relatives who died while being innocent. They went missing on the same day.”

“I can’t believe I missed this much break-throughs…” he mutters sadly, suddenly gasping, grabbing his chest, taking in a deep breath.

“What’s wrong!?” I jump up, the book landing on the floor with a loud bang, waking up Annika, who flies up in shock.

“What!?” She calls out, staring around her frantically.

“Nothing.” Sid grumbles, still holding a fist pressed against his chest. “Mom said this could happen the first day… it’s fighting…”

“What happens during the first day?”

“The entity…” Sid and I tell her in unison. Sid gets up from his seat right afterwards, pulling jeans in his direction to put them on. “So, you’re going to be okay?”

“I can’t say I’m going to be okay, while there’s something inside me that is going to make me kill, only to kill me right afterwards,” he deadpans with an annoyed look on his face. “This would’ve never happened if I wouldn’t have followed Angie that night…”

“Hey! Don’t blame me,” she snaps at him, though he can’t hear her. I decide not to tell him what she said, and so did Annika.

“Go out to get a pizza?” Sid suggests, since dinner passed while he was still asleep, and he hasn’t eaten anything today.

“Sounds like a plan.” I nod, grabbing the book to put it on the desk.

Annika frowns, but shrugs nonetheless, getting out of bed too, shooing me out of the room since she is wearing one of Sid’s pyjama pants and needs to get dressed to tag along with us.

I head downstairs, followed by Sid, who walks agonizingly slow, and I can tell it’s costing him a lot of energy to descent the stairs. “Are you sure you’re strong enough to go out for pizza?”

“You’re not going out for pizza, Sid,” his mother speaks up as soon as we enter the living room. “I’ll make you dinner, or we’ll order pizza, but we need you to stay here for now.”

“Why!?” He calls out in annoyance, staring at her, while I notice his three sisters are all seated at the dinner table that is covered with books. Amber joined them and mom and aunt Maya are in the kitchen, bend over papers that are spread across the cooking isle. Our three fathers are seated in the living room.

Uncle Carlo is a human, but he knows about all of this since he married a Wiccan. He tries to help with his knowledge being a doctor, trying to come up with ways to help Sid once they get the entity out of him, to prevent him from dying of natural causes like many before him did.

“I’m not going to sit here, at home, locked away from any fun things, while I’m the one who’s going to die!” Sid calls out in anger, swiftly turning around to barge out of the room and head back upstairs again.

“Sid!” Mrs. Hayes exclaims in shock, hurrying after him.

“Get away from me, mom!” he cries out as soon as she pulled him in a suffocating tight hug.

“You’re not going to die. We won’t let it happen.”

“Let me go!” He tries to fight her by pushing her away, and eventually she lets him storm off, back upstairs.

Since Annika is still there, I guess I should leave him alone for now, let her comfort him, while I decide on helping to find a solution.

It’s really the only thing I can do to comfort and help Sid; find a way to save his life.

But I know the stories, and I know that none who got possessed survived. Mom explained that over the years, the Wiccan’s always tried to help those who ended up getting possessed, by locking the entity away to save time. It’s why the missing cases, after the first one happened, always took about three months before the rest of the kids went missing.

So, Sid might only have three months. It always was around three months until the entity broke free.

“Mom?” Amber speaks up, holding the papers that hold the list of missing kids that I was trying to fill up. “What happened to the person who was responsible for Jordy Dane’s case in 2014?”

Everything falls silent and the adults share a look of sadness.

“He killed himself once he realised what he did. He started having blackouts more and more… and then he realised he was responsible for Jordy. Instead of letting us help him, he killed himself.”

“Well, that’s not going to save Sid either…” His sister Lynn sighs deeply, sliding down in her seat a bit. “This is hopeless. Over the ages, everything has been tried, nothing worked!” She calls out in frustration.

She’s the one who’s reading through the book that appears to be some sort of log, in which every attempt of saving the kids and the possessed person are logged, with a short statement what happened and why not to use it again, or how it could help in some way.

But none of this information is helping us.

And since I don’t hold any power or knowledge, I decide on texting the group, asking them to meet me in the library first thing tomorrow after they opened.

I want to do something, and research in the library feels more useful then sitting around at home reading spells that I don’t understand anyway.

I owe it to Sid to do everything I can to help him.

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