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Chapter 27 – Breaking [S]

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Sid’s POV

I find myself in a wooden cabin, a cosy one, with a comfortable fire burning in the firepit, while the smell of food reaching me through my nostrils. It causes my stomach to rumble, while I’m not experiencing the hunger that should go along with it.

The soft singing voice of a woman reaches me, making me smile automatically. The birds are singing their own song, while the wind ruffles the leaves. The night is rapidly nearing, the trees outside casting darkness onto the cabin sooner then the sun goes down.

And there’s silence all around the cabin that has a calm, soothing effect.

“Oh, honey? Could you set the table?”

“Yes, darling, anything for you.” My voice isn’t my own, and my reaction isn’t mine either. It’s as if I’m a passenger inside another person’s body, who is now getting up from the seat he sat on, turning around to walk around the chair, towards a small kitchenette, where a woman with long wavy ginger hair is standing with her back towards me. As I near, my hands – which aren’t mine either – grab her waist while I lean in to kiss her cheek and neck.

“It smells great, darling.” The heavy voice of a man tells her, while I feel weird since I’m supposedly in his body.

What kind of dream is this? Is Angie messing with me again?

I follow the guy around the cabin, while he sets a table for three.

“Call Ellie, because dinner is ready.” The woman turns around to face me, and all I can see is beauty in her. Her flawless skin seems to shine in the last rays of sunlight, combined and coloured by the fire in the fire pit. Her long ginger hair frame her face, while every movement makes it seem as if her hair is waving over her shoulders in slow, gulfs of silky soft hair.

Her eyes are a bright green colour and her lips a tint of pink, while a blush colours her cheeks in a natural way.

“Will do,” the guy answers, before heading over to a door, pulling it open. Right in front of a small deck, a girl is laying in a wood area, green grass growing in the small open spot in front of the cabin. She’s surrounded by flowers.

“Elizabeth, honey, dinner is ready.”

She looks up and smiles, raising to her feet, dusting off her dress. “Are we eating the rabbit I shot?”

“Yes, we are.” I nod and usher her inside. “And I wish you would wear a bit more clothes. It’s not that hot outside anymore.”

“It’s fine, dad.” Elizabeth smiles. “Jess, do we have enough water?

“Oh, good thing you said so, I’ll go and get some right after dinner. We’re running out.”

“I can get it right now?”

“No, Elizabeth, eat your dinner first.”

“But I’m going over to the cabins right after dinner. “Jocelyn and Anna are there.”

“Who says you are allowed to? It’s almost dark!” I firmly speak up, though I would never say such a thing myself. It makes me feel old.

By now, I realise I must be in Baywick’s body, seeing his daughter Elizabeth, and who I assume is Jessabelle, Natasha’s mother.

“Oh, let her go!” Jessabelle nudges me with a smile on her face. “I think she deserves it. She’s been helping you all week. Let her spend some time with her friends. Who knows, maybe she’ll even find herself a handsome young man…”

I chuckle over Jessabelle’s smile and dreamy look. “Okay, but I’m coming to pick you up because I don’t want you to wander these woods by yourself in the dark. After those accidents, I’m not sure if anyone is safe out here…”

“Dad, don’t give up on your dream!” Elizabeth calls out shocked. “You always kept telling me you would turn these woods into a paradise for those who love nature. No mining, no cutting trees, pure nature!”

“Well, I might give up on that for now. It’s not safe. But, we’re not leaving any time soon because we need to find ourselves a safe home first.”

“What about…” Jessabelle suddenly seems less happy, swallowing back what seems upcoming tears. “Natasha is close by… I get to see her…”

“Natasha deserves a good life, honey. If anyone will find out she’s my daughter, they will treat her the same way they treated you. Is that what you want? For her to be shunned out?”

“No…” Jessabelle shakes her head, taking in a deep breath. “We’ll take the secret to our graves, right?”

“Anything to protect my sister.” Elizabeth smiles happily. “But can’t we move to the other side of Greenville, away from here, but still close enough to Natasha?”

“We’ll look into…”

“Sid!?” Two cold hands cup my face, and I snap my eyes open, staring into my mother’s teary eyes. I notice Liza standing slightly behind her with wide fearful eyes, while dad is seated at the floor, hands in his hair. “Oh, baby… thank god…” Mom cries out, pulling me in her arms, pecking kisses all over my face.

“Mom… let me go…” I mutter, trying to push her off. She instantly let’s go, surprising me at how soon she gives up.

And as I look at a horrified Liza, memories come floating up.

And anger resurfaces too. Not as intense as it did before I blacked out, but there nonetheless.

“Where’s the diary?”

“Sid…” Mom starts, and I did not miss the fact she scooted away a bit. “We need answers. We need to find a solution…”

“It’s mine, and I want it back.”

“You’ll get it back, but we need to read it fi…”

“Now,” my voice sounds as if it’s a stranger’s voice, low, cold, distant.

Mom and dad share a look, and Liza walked further away towards the kitchen.

“I’ll go and get it, as soon as I’m sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.” I push her aside, getting up, staring at both of them shortly, “Really.”

“Apparently, he attacked Liza… she used her… powers…” Annika sounds afraid a bit. “I can’t do that, what if he attacks any of us?”

“We have to remember it’s not Sid who’s snapping at us…” Davy sounds unsure about his words. “And we need to stay off his belongings. Or at least, the things that have a connection with Baywick. I think that’s why he got that angry.”

“Because they took the diary away. If it’s true and Baywick lead him to it, he wanted Sid to have it. If we take that away, is it that weird Baywick lashes out?”

“That’s my point exactly.”

I sigh, taking in a deep breath, knocking on the door to Davy’s bedroom to tell them I’m here, warning them to not… gossip… about me.

Or the fact I lashed out completely, and it took hours for me to go back to normal.

To feel normal.

And I still don’t feel completely normal. Something inside me snapped yesterday an I know it’s the sea that is crumbling apart, and the entity of Baywick getting to me. I still feel drained from most of my energy after I had an outburst of anger that caused everything around me to move.

Like some sort of power-wave.

And if that is how the entity reacts when Liza holds me down with her powers, I do not want to know how it feels for being trapped inside me for weeks already. It’s been nearly a month since it got trapped, and I think it’s taking over my body by now.

My breathing is shallower, my heartbeat weak, my mind occupied by thins I can’t remember.

Just like now, I can’t remember greeting my friends, entering Davy’s bedroom, yet still I’m now seated on the bed, leaning against the wall with my kneels pulled up.

Annika smiles weakly, and the three of them are looking at me expectantly.

“What?” I mutter confused since they seem to await an answer of some sorts.

“How are you feeling?” Annika frowns, asking a question she probably already asked me.

“I’m… tired.” I admit with the shrug of a shoulder. “Like things are spiralling out of control.”

“Well, I do think they are.” She nods in agreement, sitting down on the bed carefully.

“Can I hug you?” I ask her sadly, knowing she didn’t even want me to grab her hand on Sunday.

“I…” Annika bites her lip, but eventually scoots closer. “I’m not sure…” She reaches out to me, but her hand stops moving closer, lingering over my hand.

“Is it that bad?” I stare at her in agony, since she isn’t making any more moves to connect her hand with my skin.

She stares at me shortly, and then nods. One finger taps my skin, she hisses, pulls back and shows me a small blister forming on her finger.

“The seal is broken…” she whispers, barely hearable.

I stare at the blister in shock, knowing I might never touch her again now that the wiccans, and the Archangels both tried to help me, not succeeding.

This entity is simply too powerful.

And it’s feeding off me, causing me to feel weaker every day.

“Can we talk?” I unsurely ask her, drawing circles with my hand on the bed. “In private?”

“Eh, sure…” She nods and pushes herself of the bed. “My room?”

“Sounds good…”

I notice Cory and Davy taking everything in, not knowing how to react right now. As I pass them on the way out of the room, Davy slightly cringes as I near him, and I wonder if he starts to feel the barrier too.

Soon, maybe only Edward, Amara, Amber and Cory are capable of nearing me close. The two people that are most important to me are not.

I silently follow Annika to her room, where she sits on her own bed, and I slump down in her desk chair.

“I think we should break up.” I drop the bomb, fighting the need to cry. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I found out Annika wouldn’t be able to come near me as soon as the entity breaks out.

Neither won’t my dad be able to, and I could really use one of his strong, warm, protective embraces right now.

“Wh-what?” Annika stares at me in shock. “Is this the entity…”

“It’s not.” I shake my head to deny her accusation that the entity might be doing this. “You already can’t touch me, and soon, you won’t be able to be close to me for long. If we break up, at least outsiders won’t start to think weird about us…”

“So, you’re doing this because of outsiders?”

“What would you think if one of the cuddliest couples in school suddenly wouldn’t come near each other, still claiming to be dating? I don’t want people to start bothering us with questions. You know what the girls are like…”

“I don’t care about them.”

“And I don’t care much about them either, but… I can’t do this either.” I stare towards my feet, pushing the chair from left to right and back a bit, swaying gently. “I can’t watch how you hate to be around me, how you can’t touch me… I can’t stand the idea of losing you slowly… I don’t want to break your heart.”

“Which you are doing right now,” she whispers with a croaked voice. “We could try, right? I mean…”

I scowl and shake my head. “You’re burning yourself when you touch me, and the entity isn’t even fully out yet. How do you think this is going to feel when he is out?”

“Painful…” She swallows, shortly before she starts sobbing. “I don’t want to lose you Sid.”

I swallow back my own tears as hers start to roll down her cheeks. “but you might,” I tell her in all honesty. “And you should stay with me, because soon, I won’t be me.”

“I love you…” She sobs, covering her face. “Please…”

“No, Anni, you know this needs to happen. You know I will probably hurt those who are closest to me, the most. I don’t want that to be you. I have to break up.”

She sobs louder, shoulders shocking at every breath she takes, rigidly, upset.

“We’re done, for now.”

She throws herself onto the bed, wanting to hide the sadness that is coming out, probably because she knows we have to do this.

“I’m sorry… Anni… I love you… but we can’t be together.” I tell her, wishing I could at least kiss her one more time, hold her in my arms, feel her fitting into my hold completely. But instead, I turn around and leave, heading downstairs because right now, I can’t face Davy.

I broke his sister’s heart and I clearly remember the day I started dating Annika. He was clear that he would break my neck if I would ever hurt her in any way. And I think I just did that.

I actually broke up with the girl I love so much I can’t imagine my life without her by my side. I wanted to marry her, have sweet little mini-Annika’s, grow old together.

But I don’t think I will get to grow old, and Annika shouldn’t feel held back because of that.

Suddenly, I’m already back at home and I wonder how I got here that fast. And as I’m opening the front door, a flash comes to mind of me opening a wooden door to a cabin in the woods.

It’s faint, but it’s there, and it’s confusing me like hell.

It’s as if I’m back in the dream I had when I blacked out after the outburst of energy. To go back inside for dinner with Elizabeth following after me shortly.

I almost expect to find Jessabelle in the kitchen, but it’s mom and that throws me off for a few seconds.

I greet her with a mumble, heading upstairs to grab Natasha’s diary, because ever since I got it back, all I do is read in it.

The coven is looking into the blood-bond and how it could affect the seal, while I overheard mom and dad talking about him meeting with Angels and Michael to discuss the possibility my Angelic blood is causing it to disfunction.

The spell was obviously meant for humans, not Angels. And since I might be a full Angel, my genes developing in a different way then my sisters’ genes, it might be causing them a hard time to constrain the entity.

It’s feeding directly off my energy right now, and that’s taking its toll on me.

Because as soon as I’m upstairs in my room, I’m out of breath and I need to sit down for a while, before I’m able to grab the box with the diary.

I wonder if this entity knows I’m physically not even capable of slapping a kid, let alone kill one. My body is practically useless to it in this condition.

And then again, I know it’s going to give me enough power once it breaks out. I felt the energy when I got angry at Liza on Sunday.

I felt the overload of mental and physical energy, until the outburst drained me from all of said energy and I couldn’t even get up anymore.

I couldn’t even stay awake after that.

Which might explain why the missing kids never went missing within days off each other. What if the energy is temporarily, and it needs to recharge after using it for one reason or another?

Then maybe I can prevent it from killing again, simply by using up all energy before it succeeds.

And becoming extremely angry seems to be doing the trick.

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