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Chapter 2 – Guys-night

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

I’m as bored as ever, happy that the guys and I agreed on hanging out for the night at my place, as my parents are away for the weekend and my annoying sisters all decided to go out.

The house is mine, and mine alone until tomorrow morning.

I bought us some chips, popcorn and managed to persuade my sister into buying some beers so dad won’t find out because I otherwise would have to steal his beers. Edward brought over some beer of his own, while Davy took care of three spliffs.

We’re currently binging Orange Is the New Black, though this is a solid Edward choice in series – as Davy and I are more into creepy things.

We just finished the last season of Supernatural, we watched Stranger Things, and a bunch of spooky movies of which none really made an impression on us.

Edward has had it with the same type of series and movies, so he opted for something lighter for now.

But it results in me feeling bored out of my mind, despite already having smoked a spliff and drank a bunch of beer. It’s not that I dislike the series, it’s just a lot of the same things, over and over again.

The same women in the same prison, and a lot of female drama added in the mix. Why on earth do people like this show so much?

It’s entertaining, but after two episodes, I’ve kind of had it.

“Can’t we go play Fifa or whatever?” Davy groans as Edward wanted to start the next episode. “I’m done watching series.” He leans forwards, pausing the episode and sending me a pleading look.

“I vote Fifa!” I raise my hand to put some power behind my vote. “Need some action or I’ll fall asleep soon.”

“You guys always do this,” Edward whines, giving in anyway, exiting Netflix to start up Fifa. “But can we at least do Rocket League too? I suck at Fifa.”

“We’ll do both. As long as I don’t have to watch another episode of that show tonight,” I grumble while getting up to retrieve the controllers from a drawer.

We decide on starting with Rocket League to give in to Edward again, as a sorry for again cutting the series short – we normally binge watch series for the entire night – and not give him a feeling as if Davy and I are constantly teaming up against him.

He was after all the last addition to our group, while Davy and I have been friends for over ten years already. We simply are thick as thieves and we share a lot of interests and opinions, we’re both just a tad bit smarter than Edward and we have way more memories made together to talk about.

And then there’s the fact I see Davy nearly every day, if not because I’m hanging out with him, it’s because I’m in a three-year-long relationship with his twin sister.

We both game a lot more often, we both play soccer and we both ski during the winter, while Edward prefers snowboarding. Davy and I go out wakeboarding a lot during summer months, while Edward didn’t like it when he once tried out to find an interest to share with us.

So, practically, the only thing we have in common is our shared interest to become designers, and our love for creepy things.

Call us childish, we can still appreciate haunted houses in theme parks and on carnivals and we love any thrill we can get.

We’re a team of three during Rocket League and this is the one game Edward is able to excel compared to us, so we play the until around midnight because we have fun, we laugh a lot, we fuck up some things and laugh even harder because it pisses of Edward when we do not take a match serious.

And right when I want to start the next game, the TV shut’s off, in the same time the lights go out, the dishwasher stops, and it becomes completely dark and silent around us.

“The fack?” Edward looks around, while I hear Davy shuffle next to me. My eyes need some time to adjust to the dark.

“It’s not even storming,” I mumble, pushing myself up as Davy turned on the flashlight on his phone. “The power only ever gets cut when lightning strikes.”

“Try turning it back on, we were winning everything!” Edward gestures towards the phone while I walk over to the hall, where I know fuse box is located.

During thunderstorms, the power in this house cuts on a regular basis, like every ten minutes. But without a thunderstorm, I have no explanation to this power outage.

Davy offers me light while I pull out some mess that is stashed in front of the fuse box, but as I try turning the power back on, it keeps flipping off.

“Dude!” Davy hits me pretty hard, his eyes wide while I’m getting increasingly annoyed that the power won’t turn back on. Davy waves his phone, showing me there’s no signal to his phone, no internet to be used.

Great, now how are we going to play games?

“Dude!” He repeats, pointing towards the small windows in our front door. “Everything went out. We’re not the only house without electricity.”

“So?” I grumble, walking back towards the living room. Thank god Edward already grabbed some candles and lighted them. There’s a spooky air all around us, with the flickering flames of the candles casting big shadows behind each of us.

“Dude, massive power outage, do you know what that means?” Davy followed me, while I thank god for the fact my parents told me where to find the old radio.

“The fence is out.” Edward looks at Davy with wide eyes. It’s the doom scenario we’ve been waiting for.”

“Wait, what?” I swirled around on my feet to look at them. “I’m sure there’s a back up for it... like hospitals have back ups for their power supply.”

Davy snatches the radio from my hold, sitting down and installing the radio without another word. “Let’s hear what they say on the radio.”

We put in some batteries and turn the buttons to find a decent signal, tuning in on a local show.

In the background, we can hear sirens coming closer.

“We should leave before they have everything on lockdown,” Edward suggests. “Get us clothes to wear, like, black clothes.”

I take in a deep breath, actually contemplating on telling them I’m not so much excited about going anymore. Cory has been very clear about the aftermath of his visit to the woods. He clearly said we shouldn’t want to enter the woods.

Then again, we’ve been waiting for this for years and I don’t want to be the pussy that ruined our chance.

I nod and run upstairs to grab us the clothes, grabbing my backpack, some flashlights and other necessities, before heading back downstairs. While we dress up for a visit to the woods, we listen to the news bulletin, which tells us there’s a power outage not only in town, but in the entire area. We’re told to stay inside, use candles and spare batteries to any important items, like phones and whatnot.

The sirens of cop cars telling us there is an emergency and it is nearby the forest.

We fill the backpack with bottles of water, bread, grain bars and the necessities I took from upstairs, including rope and a large blanket that we put in a second backpack. All in all, it takes us nearly half an hour to get ready and go outside. Since it’s only a couple of blocks away from my house, we decide on walking, to leave as few evidences as possible.

I think we’re all nervous as we walk in silence, sneaking the last few meters to the corner of the last street. There’s a bunch of cop cars parked in front of the only gated entrance into the forest, and a group of police officers standing about 40 meters on our left. We bend over, sneaking away from them and run towards the gate. It’s nearly pitch-black outside, so as long as we’re silent, they won’t notice us. We duck down as a truck comes from opposite direction.

“The army?” Davy nudges me and Edward. “Now I’m definitely sure the power is gone.” He turns towards the fence, and so do we. He first throws a twig and when nothing happens, he moves to touch the fence himself. He hesitates shortly, but as he makes contact, nothing happens. “This is it. Now, or never.”

We make our way towards the only known blind spot in the fence, since a homeowner decided on growing bushes in front of the fence, making it impossible to see it without actually looking for it. Then, Davy cuts the fence while Edward and I stay on watch in case a guard walks by on either side of the garden. It’s dead silent all around us, the only sounds coming from Davy.

I’m nervously biting my nails, but then he taps my shoulder, gesturing for me to follow him.

Davy is first to crawl through the hole, I’m second and Edward is last.

I can’t believe we managed to get on the other side of the fence.

I can’t believe we’re actually here, trespassing a fence that is going to be guarded by the freaking army.

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