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Chapter 30 – Natasha’s testimony

September 20th, 1637, Greenville

Dear diary,

Everyone has lost their minds.

They have killed my parents in a raging anger now that three more hunters have died in Baywick woods. It has been three days and I haven’t stopped shedding tears over the loss of my parents, who were two loving, happy people that got slaughtered while they were innocent.

I finally found them and got the answers I always longed for. They did not want to give me away, but they felt as if I would be safer with another family as village people looked down upon my mother’s pregnancy.

Three days ago, I have lost them again

It was horrible to witness, and I don’t think anyone knows I saw it happen as I was outside, by the well, to get fresh water.

I’ll try to write down in words what happened, and I hope some day someone will be able to use my side of the story to clear my father’s name.

Thomason Baywick is innocent, and this is why,

When the first hunter died in an awful accident, my father was with my mother at home. They were asleep after working hard to get wood to build another cabin for hunters to stay in. Elizabeth spent half the night with them, before she went to her own cabin to meet with three friends.

When the second hunter died in an accident, my father and mother were visiting my adoptive parents and me in the town of Greenville. We went for an evening walk around town and even spoke to the neighbours for a short period of time.

On the night of the third hunter’s accident, my father was visiting his brother, far away from here. Mother was in the cabin even though she wished not to be alone after the village people started accusing my father of the first two accidents.

During the fourth and fifth incident I was staying over in the cabin and I am sure my parents did not leave the cabin for more then three minutes, to get water, or close the shed. We sat around the fire until late at night, talking about the time we have spend apart.

During the sixth incident, last week, father was still in Greenville, after meeting with the Miller’s to discuss their proposition to buy parts of the ground that father owns for they need the wood to build more houses and furniture. Father refused the sell the grounds to people who would destroy nature. He came over to visit us at home, needing to get rid of some of the anger he feels over their idea that nature is merely serving humans. He told me it is not, and I agree.

But father was innocent, and those horrible, terrible humans killed my father and mother as they would not believe he was innocent. They brutally locked mother inside the cabin, while keeping father outside. I heard mother scream, cry out in agony and pain as the flames surrounded her from all sides. I could not get inside, for those humans blocked every door, every possible way in or out of the house. Father fought, screamed and yelled at the top of his long. He broke free, barged through the front door and disappeared into the same sea of flames that was by then lighting all of its surroundings.

People just stood there, watching, yelling, shouting profanities towards the house, doing nothing to help my parents as they both were in terrible pain, dying as innocent people, revenged upon for something they did not do.

I feel yet again as if I am an orphan, no longer left behind by my parents, but ripped apart from them by merciless humans.

I feel incomplete and alone, despite mama and daddy who try to comfort me over my loss. They are grieving along with me and offered Elizabeth a safe place to stay and grief, far away from the people who took not only mine, but her parents too.

Despite our loss, Elizabeth and I feel strong. We will make sure those who are responsible are punished for their actions.

I will not rest until I succeed


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