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Chapter 32 – The second wave [D]

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Davy’s POV

I scream, completely panicking as I watch how Sid and a car collide, as a sudden burst of energy blows me and his mother backwards, knocking us off our feet. Car’s at full speed suddenly stop, before they slowly start moving backwards, and then I’m on my back, staring at the sky, too shocked to move for a couple of seconds.

Mrs. Hayes starts screaming, crying out in a heart-breaking way, as she scrambles up, rushing towards Sid.

My eyes widen as the full realisation hits me that Sid just decided to take his own life right in front of us.

I scramble up hastily, fighting the need to start crying, rolling up to a ball. I run forwards, following Mrs. Hayes over the guardrails and onto the highway. Three cars are affected by Sid’s action, all three are upside down on the road, one leaning against the guardrail, while a dazed and confused person crawls out. Behind the last car, other cars are stopping, people rushing out of their cars to offer help, as I find Sid’s lifeless body about ten meters in front of the car that hit him. There’s a huge gaping dent on the hood of the car and the windshield is shattered, glass spread everywhere.

Mrs. Hayes is already seated beside Sid, caressing his face, while he lays in an unnatural way.

I think I’m going to throw up.

My whole body starts to shake, as I force myself closer because I need to get to him.

But as I move closer, the shaking intensifies, and I feel as if I’m wadding through quicksand, unable to move closer as a huge force hits me, and I realise the entity is still inside him. Why is it still inside him?

Why can’t it just leave him alone now? He’s dead, isn’t that enough?

Please, let it leave his body. I don’t think I could ever comfort Annika ever again if she can’t even kiss him goodbye one final time.

I’m not even sure if she’s going to get over this, once news will hit her.

And as if on cue, my phone starts ringing as I drop to the ground, unable to reach Sid because the force is simply too big.

Annika’s name appears on screen. I deny the call, unable to speak up, as I stare dazed towards my best friend, shocked, completely unaware of my surroundings.

I notice two guys sitting down beside Sid, one checking his pulse, while the other is on the phone.

I vaguely overhear him asking for an ambulance, blabbering on about what happened, not making any sense.

I want to crawl closer, but even than I’m held back, and then my phone bleeps, indicating that I’ve got a new message.

It bleeps again, and again.


Davy? I have a really bad feeling… I felt this huge power wave roll over school…


Please tell me it isn’t Sid


Angie just showed up… she was with Sid… and she’s crying.


How bad is it?

I swallow hard, and then silence my phone to put it in my pocket. That’s when I sink to the ground completely, curling up to a ball, allowing tears to freely roll down my face as I stare at Sid in shock.

Annika hurries down the hallway into my direction, her face stained with tears, that are still rolling down her cheeks.

News travels fast, I guess.

Probably Angie who told her what really happened.

Or mom and dad, who came over because I asked them to. I think Mrs. And Mr. Hayes need their support right now.

As soon as Annika reaches me, she falls into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

“He’s alive… Annika,” I whisper into her ear. “Angie overheard the doctors… it’s a miracle, but he’s alive.”

“Wh-what? How? He was hit by a car!” She cries out, staring at me in shock, right before mom pulls her in her arms, and then ushers us inside the small family room they gave us a key too. Sid will probably be in hospital for a while, so they offered his parents a room to sleep in if they want to stay close.

“Anni, honey…” Mom sits her down on a chair and looks at her intently. “He’s alive, but they’re going to scan his body to find out how much damage there is. But you know he will heal fast…” She holds back on what she already told me.

They’re not sure if Sid managed to survive because of his Angelic powers, or because the entity shielded him as his carrier. Both possibilities could explain him surviving the collision, but only one explains why he started breathing again.

His dad clearly said he could not revive himself from death.

But we know the entity can, because it controlled his breathing before.

And Sid did not have a pulse after the accident, and he did not have one when the ambulance arrived. And right before they wanted to take over the CPR from the two guys, Sid took in a very deep, panicked breath, and he was back again.

And it’s almost 100% sure the entity kept him alive, shielded him from most of the impact, probably only because he needs Sid’s body to succeed in finishing the cycle.

And that pisses me off. Because Sid didn’t try to end his life for nothing. He’s losing control over his body and mind – we all saw it happen – and he wanted to do the one thing he could do to prevent himself from becoming a killer.

He did this for a reason, but now the entity isn’t letting him.

Not that I wanted my best friend to die, but I don’t want him to become a murderer either.

I don’t want him to suffer the way he does either.

I curse myself for coming up with the idea to go into the Miller Woods that dreadful night.

It’s my fault he is in this situation in the first place, and it feels unfair I’m here, unharmed, unaffected, talking to Angie, while he’s fighting as much as he is, for weeks now.

And we all know how things ended for people in his situation before.

Nobody dares to admit it, but we’re running out of time and we haven’t come near a solution so far.

As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Hayes join us in the room, there’s an awkward and sad silence, while Mrs. Hayes keeps sobbing softly, causing the only sound that breaks the silence.

“Are they checking on him right now?”

“They took him to make a scan to find out how much damage there is. His elbow is dislocated, and it seems as if both his legs are broken. But they don’t know if there’s any internal organs that are damaged.” Mr. Hayes speaks about it void of emotions. “We know he could heal some parts of it, but we know if the damage is to big, he won’t… his powers aren’t fully developed.”

And then the whole building starts to shake, and Annika screams in fear, as the lights flicker, and I feel a powerful wave – just like I felt after Sid’s collision – hit us knocking all of us off our feet.

I share a look with Annika.

“Sid…” She whispers. “It’s the same sort of wave I felt in school…”

The lights flicker for a couple more seconds, and then the lights turn of completely.

Mr. Hayes and dad hurry into the hallway, and there’s some sort of chaos amongst the patients and visitors, while doctors and nurses are trying to calm everyone down and find out what happened.

As I follow dad and Mr. Hayes out of the room, I stare through the window, seeing all lights in town go out as if a wave rolls over town, away from the hospital as an epicentre.

“Oh no…” Mom exclaims in shock. “This is bad, this is really bad.”

Suddenly, the air-raid alarm sounds outside, loud, in waves, alarming people to get inside, close doors and windows and turn on the radio to wait for further information.

“Everybody, calm down,” a nurse calls out. “Go towards your room, sit with your beloved ones, or take a seat in the waiting rooms. We will give you more information as soon as we know more!” She, along with other nurses, janitors and a handful of cleaners start escorting people out of the hallway, as I see all doors in the hallways close down.

“What’s going on?” Mrs. Hayes calls out, hurrying towards the door, that won’t open.

“The whole hospital is in quarantine until we find out what’s wrong.” A nurse gestures for her to leave the door along.

“My son… he’s in there…” She looks through the small glass, panic visible on her face.

“I assure you each section of our hospital is designed for these situations. There’s doctors and nurses with him that will take care of him…”

“I need to get to my son!” She calls out in anger. “You don’t understand!”

“I understand, ’mam, but it isn’t possible until we are sure there’s nothing dangerous going on. For now, we can’t open the doors. They have to open them from outside.”

It took them three hours before they managed to open the floor up. The whole system of the hospital took a hard reset during the power outage, and it’s now running on back-up energy, while the rest of town is still left in the dark.

Systems crashed, even though they are heavily protected to prevent them from crashing, and they lost information about a handful of patients; including Sid.

As soon as the doors opened, Mrs. Hayes and my mother rushed through them to find Sid, but he wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the room where they wanted to take a scan, and he isn’t in the E.R. or ICU.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes went on and asked a nurse where they took Sid, but he had no recollection of anyone called Sid, and he couldn’t find anything in the system either. He did hear about a kid attempting suicide on the high-way. The doctor that was threating him came running in our direction, grabbing Mr. Hayes by his shoulders.

“He’s gone, Harold,” He whispers in panic, out of breath. “It broke out, and it took Sid. Sid caused the power outage… the whole room is… destroyed…”

“Calm down, James,” Mr. Hayes grabs his face, forcing him to look right at him. “What do you mean, ‘it took Sid’?”

“Sid left, he woke up while we were starting the scan up, he shouted in anger, and that… wave of energy knocked us of our feet. It destroyed the machine, the room, it blew out the door.” The doctor, apparently called James, and familiar with what the hell is going on, starts to pull Mr. Hayes away from us. “You need to see the few images we got from Sid…”

Dad stops me from following after, but then Annika tries to follow to and he turns to stop her too, giving me the chance to duck under his outstretched arm, hurrying after them and into a room.

There’s the left-overs from a CT-scanning machine, but it look as if it blew up, rumble littering the floor.

Dr. James, Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Hayes go into the side room and I follow them. There’s images of a scan on the computer, and it shows parts of the scan of Sid’s legs; not one single broken bone.

“He healed already?”

“So it seems…” Dr. James turns to look at Mr. and Mrs. Hayes in worry. “He’s powerful, Harold. He caused the entire town to experience another power-outage… he healed within two hours after a deadly collision. It does not want Sid to die, and it made him leave in the chaos.”

“Is a scan supposed to be like this?” I gesture towards the darker images of Sid’s upperbody. It’s vague, the scan clearly didn’t finish yet.

“No…” Dr. James looks at me, realising I followed too. “It’s probably damaged…”

“Is it really? Mr. Hayes speaks up with a bit of panic in his voice. “Davy knows what is going on… he’s the boy I told you about. The one who seems to have a stronger bond with Sid.”

“Oh…” Dr. James sends me another look, before he takes in the scan shortly. “I think it’s why it lashed out.” James gestures towards the image. “The dark parts of his body… they’re not scanned fully yet, but it should be coloured in light shades. I think it’s the entity. It’s proof there’s something in Sid.”


All three adults nod, and I suddenly feel my hopes sink in, as Sid seems to be taken over completely now, and the entity now has full control over his body, enabling it to continue the cycle.

“Davy?” Angie appears in front of me, and I frown, staring at her but not really seeing her. “Sid’s heading towards the woods. But I can’t get too close because… there’s so much energy coming from him.”

“Of course, that’s where he’s heading,” I grumble in annoyance, turning to look towards Mr. Hayes. “The woods, the Lodge… that’s where it’s taking him.”

“The lodge? Hunter’s Lodge?” Mrs. Hayes suddenly sounds as if she’s on a mission. “We need to get there, and at least make sure it can’t take Sid out of the woods again. That way he won’t be able to make victims.”

“But then we’re locking Sid in the woods. How are we going to help him when we cast him away?”

“We’ll know where to find him as soon as we found a solution…”

“Olivia?” Dr. James sends her a pitiful look. “We can’t help Sid anymore. His soul is gone. The only reason his body is still moving, is because of the entity. You know as soon as it leaves his body, he’ll die.”

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