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Chapter 33 – Detached

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Sid’s POV

The last thing I remember clearly, is mom, inside the car, seated behind the wheel, telling me she was going to take me to see someone who might be able to help me.

So, it’s really fucking confusing to wake up in Hunter’s Lodge, yet again, but this time staring at my own body, lifeless on the ground in the middle of the room.

“Don’t tell me I died.” I haven’t succeeded in any of my plans yet.

“You’re not dead.” An old man’s voice sounds beside me, and I yelp, jumping in surprise.

Though I didn’t jump, I… floated?

“Then why am I a ghost!?” I demand an answer, before turning to find the vague forms of Baywick staring at me with an annoying amused smile on his face. There’s a vague white mist surrounding him, unlike Angie, who was almost always surrounded by some sort of light.

“You’re not. I just detached your soul. Your body needs rest and all the fighting in there isn’t giving it any.”

“But… but!” I stammer, gesturing to my own freaking body. “Won’t it decompose without a soul?”

“No, you’re still in there, just… not fully. We need to talk.”

“I’m not talking to you!” I call out in anger, floating towards my body, wanting to touch it, but going right through it. “You’re a murderer! You killed tons of innocent kids! You killed me!”

“I did not kill you, Sid.” He sighs. “And I did not kill those kids.”

“You did!” I call out – shout – at him full of despise and hatred. “You made others kill those kids, but it was you, alright?”

“Sid, it wasn’t me. Part of Elizabeth did those… horrible things.” He nears me, and I walk – no, float – backwards away from him, staring at him in horror. “My… dear… sweet… Elizabeth.” He sounds as if in agony and an internal battle.

And as if he’s going to cry.

“I’ve always known Elizabeth wasn’t the sweet girl she seemed to be. She liked hunting… killing animals… a little too much. She didn’t cry whenever she cut herself, or bleeding because she fell. She laughed at it.” He sounds miserable.

“But you possessed me, and I felt the anger, the hatred…”

“Three’s a crowd, right?” Baywick smirks, looking down at my body. “Elizabeth possessed you, the night you entered the woods. “I… needed to possess you to keep her from controlling you. I’m sorry for all the pain our fighting caused…”

I stare down at my body in shock. “Is she still in there?”

“She is, and she’s waiting for your body to be strong enough. But she won’t be able to do anything with it anymore.”

“How’s that?” I feel more confused every second.

“The Angel-part of you is still in there and it’s too powerful for her to control. That’s another reason I had to take your humanity out.”

“Wait, you… split my soul?”

“You weren’t connected fully yet. It’s amazing though, Angelic blood running through your veins.” He stares at me as if he looks at a miracle. “Let’s go for a walk first, your Angelic side will keep Elizabeth in here in the mean time.” He floats right through the walls of the cabin, and after a couple of seconds of doubt, I follow him through it, hesitantly while pointing a finger towards the wall to see if I get to float through it too.

I do.

And then I’m suddenly outside in the woods and Baywick is seemingly walking – though I know he’s floating – in the direction of the lake.

“You amaze me, Sid. Not just your Angelic blood, but your human soul too. You’re pure, innocent, full of love. You were the first who managed to control Elizabeth for a while. I would’ve helped sooner, but Angela was keeping me away.”

“Because we all think you’re the one to harm people.”

“I though, after reading Natasha’s diary, you would think better of me.”

“I figured you went malicious after your death because of the way they killed Jessabelle and you.”

The second I pronounce Jessabelle’s name, a flash of pain crosses his face.

“Fair enough.” Baywick nods, brushing the sadness off quickly. “Angela always hides from me, else I would’ve been able to help her sooner.” He gestures towards the lake, that is becoming visible in the distance.

“That lake scares the shit out of me after nightmares about it…”

“I was trying to give you information, Elizabeth turned them into nightmares.”

“Those dreams weren’t pleasant in the beginning either.”

“Because the messages I’ve been showing you aren’t.” Baywick sends me a knowing look. “I put you through a lot, but you have to understand you’re the first who was willing to listen to Angela, you’re the first that kept fighting Elizabeth. Though your actions of today nearly ruined everything, including your life.”

“My actions?”

“You jumped in front of a car. I barely managed to break the seal in time to safe you.”

“Wh-what? I… jumped… you saved? What!?”

“I didn’t want to break the seal because Elizabeth would evidently get out too, but I had to, to form a shield. I think I turned everything into chaos at the highway,” – he chuckles shortly, – “and Elizabeth caused more chaos in the hospital by sending a new wave of energy through town.”

“I’m so, so confused right now. Can we start at the beginning and slowly explain what is going on?”

Baywick nods. “But first, I want to make sure you know where to find Angela, and most other missing children.” He stops right in front of the lake.

“The lake?”

Baywick nods. “You can breathe in it, since… well, you’re not really breathing right now anyway.”

“In it? You want me to go in it?”

“The water isn’t that dirty in reality, Sid. Elizabeth made it look that way to prevent you from going in. She doesn’t want you to find the bodies, because you will take away the souls she’s feeding off.”

“Seriously, you want me to go in there?”

“I’ll stay with you.” He gestures, trying to encourage me to go in.

I stare at the lake, that isn’t black or smelly as I look at it, shuddering at the thought. “And I will find Angie in there?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“I’m not sure your promise means anything to me right now…” I mutter, stepping forwards. It’s a weird feeling as my feet touch the water. It’s not cold, or wet. But I do feel something. It feels different from the air.

I shake my head, take in a deep breath, and then move further forwards. Baywick smiles encouragingly, guiding me through the lake, that is shallow for a while. Then, the water becomes darker and I start lowering further into the water, Baywick disappearing under the surface in front of me.

I take in a deep – very unnecessary breath – and follow after him, into the deeper part of the lake.

It feels as if we simply ‘swim’ for minutes, when I reach the bottom. Baywick gestures me to look right, and that’s when I find Angie’s innocent, lifeless body at the bottom of the lake. She looks… peaceful, with her eyes closed and her hair floating around her in the water.

“How come she’s not decomposed?”

“Because this isn’t real,” Baywick simply explains as I inch closer to Angie.

“Go on… take her up. You wanted to find her body, and you promised her to do so. This is your chance.”

“But… if this isn’t real, then what good would it do?”

“Because this is your only chance to do so. You won’t be able to go down here yourself in person. But at least you can show her the memory, and she’ll know you did everything you could.”

“Will she find peace once she knows I found her?”

“I’m not sure how things work. I haven’t found a way out of this in-between world either.”

“Is she here in real life too? I mean, whatever is left of her?”

“Tell the authorities where to look, and they will find the bones.” Baywick smiles calmly. “They will be able to take her home for you.”

I was able to lift Angie’s body, and take her back to the surface. There, I placed her on the banks of the lake, in the grass, and watched down to her as she was surrounded by flowers.

She looked like she was sleeping, and I placed her in a way she must be comfortable, entwining her hands, letting her hold a flower. I don’t get to burry her right here and now. But at least this way I gave her a better resting place – for now.

We stood by her in silence for a while, until Baywick told me we had more to do before I would be drawn back to my body, as it is healing.

On the way back to the cabin, Baywick explained that my body is healing rapidly now that he removed the human part of my soul, leaving nothing but my Angelic part in it to do the work.

“What now? How do we stop Elizabeth?”

“We need Angie, since she’s communicating with your friends.”

“Angie? Is she here too?”

“Everybody is, they just can’t see you right now.” Baywick smiles carefully. “We need to retrieve Elizabeth’s body, and it needs to be taken to yours.”

“But, how do we know where her body is?”

“They buried her after she died.”

“Wait, when did she start killing?”

“About three months before my death.” Baywick grimaces painfully.

“The hunters…”

He nods in confirmation, now looking angry. “Elizabeth caused the ‘accidents’ and she started spreading rumours that I was fighting with those men. I never fought with them.”

“But why would she do that? You’re her father!”

“Because she was in love with Anthony Miller, and his father wanted parts of the woods for the mills.”

“But… they killed you…”

“She hated me as soon as she found out about Jessabelle and Natasha. She blamed me for destroying my marriage to her mother. But Lucia and I were never in love, we stayed together because Lucia got pregnant and it was the right thing to do.”

“Ooh…” I frown worried. “But…”


“The cycles started thirteen years after your death, and Elizabeth reportedly died when she was 49, that’s eighteen more years. Who did the first two cycles?”

“The inhumane part of Elizabeth that got split as soon as she started murdering people. It grew more powerful after every murder, and eventually was powerful enough to split from Elizabeth. I don’t know if she realised it was part of her that haunted the woods.”

“So, there’s a good part of Elizabeth too?”

“Which died when she did. We need to get the evil part back into her body, where it won’t be able to harm anyone anymore. For that, we need her body as close to her entity.”

“Which is still inside my body.”


“How can Angie help?”

“She’ll be able to see us, and she’ll trust you and listen. She can give your message to your friends, and they can get Elizabeth’s body to the woods.”

“Can’t we take mine towards her?”

“Sounds like a solid plan. Let’s take your currently lifeless body to the cemetery and ask the wiccans to release their magic in public. I’m sure nobody will be traumatized when they witness that…”

“Okay, okay.” I hold up my hands in surrender, staring through them, feeling weird again. “Find Angie, tell her to tell my friends where to find the body, and get them to take it here.”

“Hunter’s Lodge.”

“And then?”

“The wiccans will have to cast her out of you and seal her into Elizabeth’s own body. We’ll inform them your human soul won’t be harmed, and your Angelic soul might be able to heal over time. As soon as she leaves your body, your soul will be sucked back in automatically, as it needs to reconnect with the rest of your soul.”

“What if it doesn’t?”

“Then the same will happen to you as with Elizabeth. Your body, and half of your soul, will live, while you’ll be stuck in here with me, and possibly Angela.”

“Then I hope you’re right, and I will reconnect, because I don’t want to be dead. I’m too young.”

“As was Angela, and all the other kids. Just… remember that you’re doing this to save other children from harm, others from becoming possessed. We need to stop Elizabeth.”

“So, I might have to sacrifice myself in order to stop this.”


I grumble, but then nod in agreement. “Deal. Everything to save others from this… evil.”

“Good, I knew your innocence and pureness, your bravery, would be the solution I was hoping and looking for, for years.”

I send him an annoyed look, wishing he would’ve picked someone else, but not voicing that thought aloud.

“Do you know where to find Angela?”

“She’s either with Davy, Annika or Cory.”

“Davy was with you during your actions today, and I believe they summoned Annika to come over to hospital.”

“So, hospital it is?”

Baywick nods, and then he guides me in the right direction, further away form my body, which creates an awful feeling inside me.

I’m worried, scared, shocked all in the same time.

And I really don’t want to leave my body at the mercy of Elizabeth’s malicious soul. Or half of it.

But I have no choice. If I’m ever going to stand a chance to survive, I need Angie to communicate with my friends and family.

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