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Chapter 34 – A message from the in-between

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Davy’s POV

Since Sid wasn’t in hospital anymore, my parents took Annika and me home. We needed to go to bed, and it became a fight because both Annika and I wanted to help look for Sid, or whatever is left of him.

Annika begged mom to allow her to help locking him in the woods, so she would at least see him one more time.

She was not allowed to, and eventually, knowing our parents would never let us join in during the night, we went upstairs, to Annika’s room, both not wanting to be alone right now.

The power is still out and for a second both Annika and I contemplated on going out on our own search as soon as our parents would be out too. But dad stayed at home, and every so often he checks to make sure we’re still here.

Annika is now asleep, crying herself to sleep in her bed. But I’m too restless to sleep. I asked Angie to go out on a search, and so far, she hasn’t returned to tell me she did find Sid.

And I’m growing more nervous every second, because the three of us voiced the fact we all thought he was at Hunter’s Lodge, but I assume he isn’t as Angie headed there first.

As I’m about to give up, contemplating on going to sleep because at least then I wouldn’t have to wait endlessly, Angie appears in front of me, with a sad expression on her face.

I push myself up and stare at her, awaiting the news. “Is it bad?”

“Lets... dream?” Her voice sounds panicky, and she shortly looks to her right. It looks as if she’s grabbing something, confusing me a bit. “And we’ll talk then, okay?”

“Eh, okay?” I look sideways towards Annika. “Can we take her too?”

“Yes, we will.”

I’m just not sure why we can’t just wake her up instead of waiting until I fell asleep, but since I’m exhausted, I bet it won’t take too long.

I lay back down, taking in a deep breath, closing my eyes.

I yawn, rolling over to my side, opening my eyes slightly to look at Angie, swearing I can distinguish another shape right beside her, but too confused and tired to open my eyes further.

Angie inches closer, sitting down in between my bed and Annika’s, sitting down in the same yoga pose as always.

I blink again, sleepily, not fully opening my eyes, as I notice the second shape shifting too, following Angie.

And then I fall asleep, as Angie sighs deeply.

I wake up in the room again, for a second thinking it didn’t work, because Angie is in the same spot she was just in, while Annika stirs behind her, pushing herself up with a yawn, stretching her arms.

But then Sid’s eyes meet mine, and he smiles awkwardly.

“Sid!” I call out, shooting upright, causing Annika to snap her head towards me, finding Angie and Sid in between us.

But as I fully focus on Sid, allowing his presence in the room to sink in, I first feel afraid because we clearly were told he’s not himself, but then my heart drops, as I notice he’s… vague.

He’s a mere ghost of himself. I can see through him in the same way I can see through Angie.

“No…” I mumble, staring at him in shock. “No… Sid…”

“Calm your tits, pussy. I’m not dead.” He smirks, and Angie shifts uncomfortably. “I know what this looks like, but I assure you my body is still out there, alive.”

“Sid…” Annika crawls towards the edge of the bed, reaching for him, her hand going through him. She pulls it back quickly. “You’re a ghost. You do realise, huh?” Her voice is void of emotions, though tears are forming in her eyes.

“I know…” He scoots sideways a bit, turning to face us both. “Baywick split my soul in half. The part you’re looking at right now is the human part. My Angelic part is still in my body. It’s making sure my body will be fine…” he cocks his head. “Now I know how Baywick felt when he explained things…”

“Baywick explained things?” I frown. “Baywick kills people. He’s killing people. And you allowed him to split your soul?”

“It wasn’t like I allowed him too.” Sid awkwardly laughs. “Guys, I know this is freaky and I’m still trying to let everything sink in. But Baywick isn’t the bad guy. He actually… saved my life today…”

“He saved your life, and then split your soul,” Annika deadpans coldly. “Sid, this is serious!”

“Yes!” he calls out annoyed. “I know, Annika! I just saw my own freaking lifeless body! And all I can do is hope Baywick told me the truth, and part of me is still in there, fighting to keep control over my body. It’s that, or I am actually dead, and this is it. This is our only way to communicate.”

We stare at him in silence and I think Annika and I both don’t know how to react.

I guess believing Baywick is helping him, is our only hope of getting him back.

“Baywick showed him where to find my body,” Angie mumbles softly. “They… honoured me, by giving me a better resting place.” She smiles warmly at Sid, and he smiles back. “But I don’t want to be found if Sid will remain a ghost. I don’t want him to be alone.”

“That’s sweet, but you deserve some rest ever all these years.” Sid smiles, and leans in to hug her. It’s weird, because they actually seem to hug.

“So, back to business.” Annika sits up. “Because the wiccans are planning on locking you into the woods.”

“Tell them not to!” Sid calls out. “I need to show you guys the way. Baywick thought of a solution and it will help me too.”

“Then I have to warn dad.”

“Tell him Angie told you, not me or Baywick. I don’t want them to freak out because you told them you saw my ghost.” Sid stood up as soon as Annika did too. “As soon as you wake up, you won’t see me anymore. We’ll get to talk through Angie. But if everything works out, I’ll be me again by morning.”

“Tell us the plan, and then we’ll take action.” I suggest.

“It’s Elizabeth that has been haunting the woods. She killed the hunters and framed her father.” Sid instantly starts telling hastily. “Her soul split in half, and the evil part grew stronger after every death caused by it. The good part died when Elizabeth was 49 and Baywick isn’t even sure if she was aware of her evil part haunting the woods. But she was the one possessing people, making them kill to feed off the souls of the children. Her entity is still inside my body, and my Angelic side is preventing her from taking it over. Baywick says that part of me is strong enough to constrain her in there and she won’t be able to use my body. But in order to save me, and stop her from killing again, we have to reattach her entity to her body.”

“And how do we do that?”

“We have to get her body close to mine. Mom and the coven can cast her out and then seal her away inside Elizabeth’s body.”

“No, Sid!” Annika calls out in shock. “They said your soul is gone and as soon as we get the entity out, your body will be empty…”

“No, it’s not. The Angel part of me is in there, and as soon as she’s gone, I’ll be able to reattach too.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well… not entirely. There is a teeny chance I won’t reattach, like Elizabeth split her soul in two. That would mean my human part would remain a ghost, while the Angelic part will live in my body.”

“But… that won’t be you…” Annika swallows hard. “That part is…”

Sid nods knowingly. “Underdeveloped.”

So, his body would remain alive, but since the Angel part of him isn’t fully developed yet, he’ll probably won’t be the same, or really alive at all, just… breathing… But Sid told us, if it would happen, we could always find a way to reattach him into his body by the use of magic, like the Coven needs to do to Elizabeth too.

It sounds… solid?

For now, Annika and I woke up, after Annika repeatedly told Sid she loves him, and she will find a way to help, no matter what.

We’re currently in the car with dad, who listened to our story, and thankfully decided to take our side, and help us out.

Angie has been guiding us through town, towards the cemetery, and towards Elizabeth Baywick’s grave.

Part of the coven agreed to meet us there, and they used a bit of magic to dig up Elizabeth’s coffin, break it open, and find the remainders of her body; mummified and rapped in old clods.

Annika and I weren’t allowed to see, but since it’s Angie that is telling us what to do, mom took me, covered my eyes, and made me tell them what Angie was telling them, passing on Sid’s words.

It’s weird to have Mr. and Mrs. Hayes with us, knowing Sid can see them, but they don’t get to see him.

We haven’t told anyone about his presence either, and Annika says she feels as if he stays close to her as much as possible.

She feels a constant presence, a cold draft around her.

After they dug up the body, making sure not to leave a trace for other people to notice, they took her body – after Angie’s instructions, towards the Mill.

Since the coven was already planning on going there, this didn’t cause much trouble.

Though there’s a discussion about us yes or no going with them.

That is, until the yet again realise they can’t hear or see Angie, who knows the way.

Just like I do.

So, we guided them, along with other members of the coven, through the tunnel and into the woods.

That’s where I got uncomfortable, while Angie stayed close by my side.

Shortly before we reach Hunter’s Lodge, she stops floating, staring back and forth between two empty spots.

“What’s wrong?”

“Baywick’s here…” She whispers with a shaky voice. “Sid, I’m really scared…”

She stares to an empty spot beside Annika, and then nods, taking in a deep breath.

“One chance, if he acts freaky, I’m going to leave.”

“Sid’s in there?” Mrs. Hayes sounds nervous and her words tremble, as does her hands.

I look at Angie for confirmation, who nods.

“But be warned, because he seems lifeless, but he isn’t…” She looks at the same spot she just did and confirms my suspicion Sid is sticking by Annika’s side. “Maybe not let Mrs. Hayes enter the Lodge first.”

“Angie is suggesting for dad to go in first.” I’m not sure why I point out dad, but I think if I suggest for Mrs. Hayes not to be the first, she’ll feel insulted.

Surprisingly, they all nod, and Dad, along with Mr. Hayes, carefully push open the door to the shabby remains of Hunter’s Lodge.

They carry Elizabeth’s remains inside, and I follow after them before anyone is stopping me.

Sid is in the middle of the room, his skin drained from most colour, his eyes closed as expected. It must be really creepy to be Sid, as a ghost, right now, and see his own body.

“Sid…” Mr. Hayes kneels beside him, carefully inching closer. “There’s no energy… The energy… it’s gone…”

“Sid says it’s because his Angelic part is constraining the entity… and the entity can’t feed off of it, like it fed off his human soul.”

“It’s because there’s… no… human soul…” I clear my throat. “Sid’s… only partially in there…”

All faces turn to me in shock.

“Sid’s been guiding us here… not Angie…” Annika carefully tells them. “He… showed up in our dream with Angie…”

“What!” Mrs. Hayes stares at us horrified. “If he’s with Angie…”

“No!” Mr. Hayes calls out shocked, pulling Sid’s limp body in his arms. “No, Sid…”

“Tell them the plan!” Angie gestures for us to get a move on things.

“Mr. Hayes… Mrs. Hayes. We need to cast the entity out and seal it inside Elizabeth’s body.”

“But… I don’t understand.” Mrs. Brand sounds confused. “Sid will die if we cast the entity out. Does he realise he will?”

“He says he won’t… can we please explain this later, not in these woods?” I beggingly ask them. “What choice do we have? We could at least cast the entity into Elizabeth and seal it away where it belongs.”

“Where it belongs?” Mom sends me a confused look.

“It’s not Baywick… well, not Thomason. It’s Elizabeth.” Annika steps forwards, towards Sid’s body, kneeling down to grab his hand. “Elizabeth is inside him, Baywick never harmed anyone. And Baywick is helping Sid right now. So, the least we can do, is try. Because we could leave things like this, and lose Sid to the bad side, or we can cast the entity out, get him back, or at least allow him to die a honest, loving person…” She sounds emotional, and it’s even affecting me, wanting to cry now.

“We should try.” Its surprisingly Mrs. Hayes who speaks up. “I love Sid, but it’s killing me to know his body is being used for evil things. We can leave him behind like this, but then we would give up on him. We need to try, we need to set him free. And hopefully we’ll get him back.”

“You’re his mother,” mom gestures towards Mrs. Hayes, and then looks at Mr. Hayes. “As his parents, you two should tell us to try, or not.”

“We try.” Mr. Hayes nods, sending me a look. “We have to.”

“Then… let’s take both of them to the pit, and make sure the entity won’t be able to get away after getting it to leave Sid’s body.” Mrs. Brand claps her hands. “The children will have to stay in a safe zone.”

“We’re in the Miller Woods. There is no safe zone,” Annika deadpans coldly.

“Besides, we need Annika.” Aunt Maya waves at Annika. “We need a tenth Wicca.”

“We need her…” Mom stares at Annika. “And she trained hard, she’s smart…”

“She’s strong.” Aunt Maya smiles at Annika. “And we can’t leave Davy alone.”

“So, the children go with us?” Mr. Hayes stands up. “We will stay close to Annika, and Davy has to stay behind his father and me.”

“Deal.” I instantly agree if it means I get to witness the ritual. I want to be there to see if Sid is waking up.

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