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Chapter 35 – Unleashing [S]

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Sid’s POV

I’m following Angie around the entire time, since she’s my only way to communicate with others.

They are currently preparing for the exorcism, the Wiccans casting a spell to create a barrier around the pit, so the entity won’t be able to get away.

Annika is going to function as a speaker during the spell, along with my sisters Lynn and Ellie, Mrs. Brand and Amber’s mother Maya.

My mom, Janet – Annika’s and Davy’s mom – Liza, a woman named Josie and Esmeralda are functioning as protectors, knowing the entity will fight and do anything in its power to prevent the spell from getting finished.

Mrs. Brand, as the head of the coven, will cast the spell, while Annika, Lynn, Ellie and Maya will repeat her words to strengthen the spell, or to take over if Mrs. Brand will be taken down by the entity – which could happen.

While the wiccans are preparing their ritual, I stop Angie from floating around aimlessly and impatiently.

“I need you to talk to Davy for me.” I tell her, looking over towards Davy, who seems nervous and completely out of place, taking in the activities around him.

“What do you want him to know?”

I take in a deep breath and tell her about the authorities having to find her body and those of the other children, in the lake, to weaken the entity, would it escape despite all the effort. She seems to understand the importance of them being found, including her. I press on the fact I promised to find her, I did, and now somebody needs to get her body home and to her family.

And how I’m still doubtful if I will be able to.

“So, ask him to locate the rest of the missing children, including me.”

“And there’s one more thing.” I shortly look over to Baywick, who is hoovering around Elizabeth’s body with a pained expression on his face. “You need to tell Davy he has to make sure Baywick’s body, and Jessabelle’s too, will be found.”

“Do we know where they are?”

“The basement…” I clear my throat, knowing it’s where she got killed. “You don’t have to guide him there. Just tell him there’s a basement and that’s where their bodies still lay. They deserve rest once Elizabeth is done.”

Angie bites her lip, but nods in agreement nonetheless. “I’ll tell him.”

I watch her float towards Davy, and shortly watch Annika reading something on an old piece of paper, while Lynn is there talking to her.

Then I follow after Angie and listen to their conversation.

“And where is your body?” Davy shuffles his foot awkwardly, and I notice him staring towards the direction of the lake for about a second. He already knows the answer, I guess. Well, I did tell him about the freaky dreams with all the kids.

“The deep hole in the lake. Get people to search the entire lake.”

“Why does it not surprise me?” Davy rolls his eyes in annoyance over the fact her body is in the lake.

“Because it’s a spooky lake? Which makes sense if there’s a lot of children spooking around?” Angie giggles, and Davy can’t fight a smirk, and neither can I. Lately there hasn’t been a lot of reasons to laugh or joke around and I missed Angie’s humour.

“Okay, the lake. I’ll make sure they’ll search the lake.” Davy nods in agreement.

“He says it’s really important, as the entity feeds off the souls that are trapped. I’m not sure what that means because I never found any other ghost. And Sid proves I can see others. And so does Baywick…” Angie sends a sideways glance towards me shortly. “If any of this fails, make sure they remove the remains of the children and give them a proper burial. It’ll set them free and it’ll weaken the entity.”

“Right, I promise I’ll fight for it.” Davy nods again.


“What’s the second thing?”

“Baywick asked Sid to locate his body once he regained control over his body. But since we’re not as sure as Baywick that he will… he’s asking you to locate them.”


“Thomason and Jessabelle.”

“Isn’t he buried in the local cemetery?” I frown confused, since I’m pretty sure Thomason Baywick is buried in the cemetery in town. “And I thought Jessabelle left town.”

Angie remains silent for a while, looking to my left, nodding understandingly. “She lived with Baywick in secret and was killed in the same fire. Baywick’s grave is empty as they never recovered the body because they didn’t know where it was left. He never got a burial spot until years after his death. They didn’t think he deserved one. It’s why he’s not at rest.”

“So, where are they?”

“The basement…” Angie takes in a deep breath, shuddering at the thought of the basement. “The basement below Hunter’s Lodge.”

“But, is it still there? Didn’t it burn down either?”

“It didn’t… well… it wasn’t made of wood…” She shudders again. “Can we not talk about the basement? It’s where…” She swallows, and suddenly floats away. “Just promise me you’ll do it for Sid if he can’t.”

Angie pulls me away from Davy, towards the other side of the pit.

“I’ll teach you a trick,” She ducks towards the ground. “Look, I can write in the sand, and you can too.”

“I push right through the ground when I try.” I shrug, showing her that my hand simply disappears.

“Do you feel the pressure it gives on your hand? The fact it’s not air?”

“Yeah…” It’s the same with water; I get to go through it, but it feels different. The ground puts a pressure on my hand, but not enough to prevent my hand from sliding through.

“Imagine that pressure when you’re about to touch the ground, and it will resist. Then you can write.”

I repeat the movement over and over again, concentrating on the feeling of pressure underneath my finger, enabling me to move around the sand, drawing something on the ground.

“Quick learner.”

“Ang?” I get up, looking towards Davy and Annika, both staring at Angie, probably because they can see her talking – to me that is. “How do I attach myself to them?”

She smiles knowingly. “You’re really scared it’s not going to work, huh?”

“Yeah… and they’re close to my body now, I feel strong here, not outside the woods…”

“It’s because this is where you detached. This is where you get to attach too…” Angie looks around. “Connect with their minds and hearts.”

“By scratching them?”

“The scratching is a result from… touching their mind?” Angie giggles awkwardly. “Put your hand in their head and wait until you hear their thoughts. Then you’ll be attached, and if they open up during the dreams, the bond will grow stronger.”

“Strong enough for them to see me?”


“Wish me luck, I’m trying it on Davy first.” I smirk towards Angie, who giggles again and nods.

“You can do it, Siddey.” She smiles even wider. “Come ask anything if you have more questions.”

“Will do, milady.” I courtly nod, causing her to laugh again, and as I look towards Annika, I can see a flash of pain in her eyes. She knows I’m goofing around with Angie. But I don’t feel bad for doing so. I always start acting out, and mostly goofy, whenever I’m nervous. I’m simply trying to lighten the mood here.

Because there is an awkward, uncomfortable mood over here, as if someone already died.

And in some way, I did, for the third time.

Damn, I should stop getting hurt to a point that I’m dying. Baywick won’t always be around to save me from actual death.

Davy shudders as soon as I pretend to put an arm around his shoulder, causing me to chuckle because of it. Then, I share a look with Angie, and stand behind him, closing my eyes, and touching his head – sliding right through.

Is Sid here? Is he causing a sudden cold to… auch, fuck? Davy grabs the back of his neck, and I notice a red mark appearing on his skin, smirking.

He shudders yet again as he’s looking back and forth between Angie and Annika in worry.

“I know you’re here, Sid. And I swear, if you’re going to haunt me, I at least want you to attach yourself to me in the same way Angie did. Because I want to see your stupid face when I laugh at you over your stupid jokes.”

I laugh out loud, kneeling down to let him know I can hear him right now.

His eyes widening as he sees the letters forming in the sand. ‘Already did, shitface’.

Davy laugh out loud, smiling wider as he stares at the words in awe. “Did Angie taught you how to do that already?”


He smiles towards Angie, and I notice she’s smiling sadly towards us, causing my own smile to disappear.

“I hope it’s gonna work, Sid. Because I don’t want to lose you just yet.”

I stare towards the ground, silenced because a sudden sadness took over as I watch towards Annika, knowing I could have fun in this state, but I could never be with her ever again. So, I duck down and write; ‘me too’.

“We’re ready to start.” Mrs. Brand stands close to our left, while Annika is on our right, Janet again on her right, sending a nervous look towards Annika.

They position themselves, and while Mr. Bray stays close to Annika, gesturing me to come over, dad is close by Mrs. Brand.

“Baywick is with us, ready to protect Mrs. Brand and help her finish the spell.” Angie appears by Davy’s side again, causing me to search the circle, finding Baywick in front of Mrs. Brand, faced towards the middle, towards Elizabeth’s and my bodies.

I head closer to him, because ever since we started talking a couple of hours ago, he makes me feel safe. He’s this wise, huge guy that has way more knowledge about any of this, then any of us do. It’s his daughter and he knows her best, even the evil side of her soul.

“Regna terrae, cantata Deo psallite Cernunnos,” Mrs. Brand starts, while the five women forming the circle widen their arms in the same time, and four gentle whispers repeat after her in an almost hypnotising tone.

As soon as she finished the first sentence, the wind sweeps up, and the trees start waving back and forth as if there’s a sudden storm starting; my body in the midst of it all.

“Regna terrae, cantata Dea psallite Aradia,”

I hear Davy yelp and see him duck down as a tree branch breaks down, nearly falling on top of Mrs. Brand. She’s shielded by mom, who uses powers I did not know she had, to send the tree branch flying into the woods behind Mrs. Brand.

She continuous unfazed;

“Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia. Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates.”

And the four women repeat after her, wind now causing all of them to brace themselves to remain standing, while leaves are blowing around us in a tornado-like way. I’m unaffected by the force, as are Baywick and Angie, the latter standing in between Annika and Davy, looking back and forth between them, I think trying to see if they need protection.

I stare towards the middle of the circle, noticing a black smoke surrounding my body, growing bigger each word, crawling around the physical part of me, waving in the wind.

The sky grows darker, and a sudden burst of energy hits everybody from the middle of the circle, knocking all of them of their feet.

As the wave hits me, I suddenly feel depressed, angry, I only want to cry and scream, but the words coming from Mrs. Brand have a soothing effect on me, as she calmly continuous the cast the spell, not fazed by any attempt to stop her so far.

None of them seems to be able to get up, as the wind blows in such a strong way, they have to remain low, bracing themselves and preventing from being blown further away, and in case of the women; out of position.

“Ut coven tuam secura…”

The ground starts shaking, as three waves hit everybody, one after the other in a high tempo.

But as I look towards Mrs. Brand, it suddenly looks like she’s unaffected, Baywick standing in front of her, functioning as some sort of shield, but visibly struggling.

“We can help.” Angie passes by, hurrying to stand next to Baywick, spreading her arms, enlarging the shield.

I start moving towards them too, but then Davy cries out in pain, and I notice a string of the black smoke holding him.

I’m startled for a second, but then shoot towards him, jumping in the shield him from the power, causing him to suddenly drop on his knees, breathing for air.

A female scream sounds, as Mrs. Brand speeds up the words, the other four follow her lead, speaking firmly, powerful, as if on a mission.

And we are on a mission; saving me and any future victims.

And suddenly, the black mass spreads, shooting in all directions, and my eyes widen in shock, and fear, as it suddenly becomes dark all around me,

I’m disorientated, but as soon as I hear Annika scream close to my right, I don’t care where I am, I need to find her. And her voice is enough to guide me towards her.

She’s floating in the air, her eyes wide, her full body frozen.

“Anni…” I mutter as I push off the ground, wanting to engulf her in a hug. And as I do, her body goes limp, and drops four meters down and onto the ground. “Anni!” I call out shocked.

I lower down to her body, not moving, eyes closed.

“No, Anni…” I cry out, as a force starts to drag me away from her, while I fight to stay with her.

But I can’t, because the force is too powerful. All around me, there’s a black mist, there’s panicked voices coming from Liza, mom, Josie, dad and Davy, while Mrs. Brand’s voice keeps firing the Latin words, unaffected by anything that is happening around her.

And I know, she needs to finish the spell, or this will al be for nothing.

Annika disappears from sight as the darkness is now swirling around me, engulfing me.

I’m confused as I wake up from what feels like hours of sleep, and suddenly any movement seems heavy and hard, and I realise I’m back inside my body. There’s still a dark mist in the pit, there’s a scream from Lynn, a cry from Mrs. Bray, as I scramble up, ignoring my burning lungs, my beating heart that I painfully slamming against my chest, crawling towards Annika’s direction.

She’s still in the same position she was in when I was dragged away, and I pull her onto her back, pressing kiss after kiss on her lips, as tears start to roll down my cheeks.

I have no idea what is happening around us, but I do hear my mother’s voice firmly pronouncing more Latin words, as the mist starts to dissipate slowly, being pulled towards the middle of the circle.

I connect my lips with Annika’s, as I feel a warmth spreading inside my body, and a strong energy starts gulfing out of every part of me, overflowing onto Annika, and we’re surrounded by a blinding white light.

I’m not sure how this works, but it feels as the same energy I felt whenever I was in pain. An energy that made things better and less painful.

But as I keep my lips on her, feeling as if I’m giving her energy she needs to heal, I weaken further and further.

I pull back, out of breath, out of energy, slumping down next to Annika tiredly.

Right before I allow my body to rest in a silent darkness, I notice Annika’s chest slowly rising, and falling again, as she takes in a deep breath.

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