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Chapter 36 – Serenity [D]

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Davy’s POV

In the few seconds the entity was free, out of Sid’s body, right before Mrs. Hayes sealed it away in Elizabeth’s dead body, it lashed out to as many as possible.

Esmeralda and aunt Maya died, attacked by the entity, swung up into the air. Both broke their neck and died on impact.

Liza broke her arm, dad needed stitches after he was impaled in his leg by a branch. He needed surgery to fix the damage, and he might need another surgery to further heal his leg.

Annika is in hospital too, after she too broke her neck, but appears to be fine.

None of us knows exactly what happened right before Mrs. Hayes sealed the entity away inside Elizabeth’s body, other then the fact a blinding light surrounded Annika.

As the darkness cleared, the light was all that was left as a sighn of paranormal activity.

I panicked almost immediately after the darkness was sealed, and along with me, so did some others.

Sid’s body wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but there was so much chaos, and a strong need on my behalf to hurry towards Annika, that we all felt a shock when the light slowly faded, and Sid was seated next to Annika, grasping for air, right before he fell backwards with closed eyes.

Angie cleared up what we missed; Sid suddenly using his body to get to Annika and kiss her until she started breathing again.

He didn’t do CPR, no, he kissed her back to life.

And Mr. Hayes thinks he used his healing abilities to save Annika’s life, but along with that, reviving her from death, he gave her his own energy.

Energy he didn’t have left much after fighting the malicious entity, after his human soul was split from his body for hours.

Sid’s in a coma, Annika is recovering from breaking her neck – though Sid healed most of it in the woods and James, her doctor, said she just needs to keep it down for a while.

And while I would’ve rather stayed in hospital with either one of them, I promised to take over Sid’s mission; recover all those bodies. Or at least, making sure others with more abilities will.

James set up an appointment for Cory, mom and me with a guy at the police station that knows a little more about all the paranormal activity, believing in it and probably willing to help us set up another search.

But he wants to hear our side of the story first. He wants to know what happened in the woods.

He want to know why two people died, why three are injured, why there’s a body burned in the pits, and why Sid’s in a coma.

We have a hell of a lot to explain, and we’re talk of the town.

As soon as the entity was sealed away, they set the body on fire – an instruction coming from Baywick – and right after that, it was as if the woods came back to life in front of our eyes.

It was less dark, it was as if it wasn’t pressured by something evil any longer. The phone’s gained reception as soon as the power-outage magically got solved, and dad called the emergency number, telling them to open the gates, and send in ambulances.

We’re in tons of trouble for trespassing yet again, but the basic story we told authorities, was how Sid was taken and we went in to save him.

That created a discussion about not calling the cops, but we pointed out that the power-outage knocked out most possibilities, and the lines were busy because of it. We didn’t want to waste any time and the argument was cut of shortly after that.

And now I headed over to the cops myself, because even though we managed to get rid of Elizabeth, ending her wrath, some things still need to be done before we can finally put all of this behind us.

It’s been over two months since we first entered the woods, but it feels like a lifetime ago.

All the things we discovered, all the things that happened. The fact we nearly lost Sid three times, and he’s still fighting for his life as we speak, the fact we lost two people in the final battle against Elizabeth.

But most of all, how Mr. Brightwaters is trying to set facts straight about Thomason Baywick, the true founder of Miller Town.

How Sid single-handedly figured out his innocence, even finding evidence – even though it may be outdated and we can’t proof the truth in Natasha’s words – and how he was prepared to give his own life to save others.

Amber, my parents, our entire family, is mourning over aunt Maya’s death, but she will be remembered as a hero in our family.

Not many people might find out why she gave her life, but we know she did so to save others too.

And the same goes for Esmeralda, who protected Liza when Elizabeth aimed for her, giving her life to safe her.

And because Angie told me, I know Sid protected me too, when Elizabeth was about to throw me into the air too.

Elizabeth, an honoured founder of Miller Town, the first school, and many other good things, had an evil side to her too.

And even though it wasn’t part of her throughout most of her life, it was inside her and it caused countless of innocent children and even adults to die.

Angie spoke to Baywick for a long time after the events during the night, and he explained her how Elizabeth, in her younger years, always was looking for a thrill, always getting in danger, always loved to haunt and kill animals.

He explained the same to Sid when he was convincing him of his innocence, and by protecting Mrs. Brand – which Angie told us too – he proved he was the good guy who had limited possibilities to help sooner. But thanks to his consistent protecting of Mrs. Brand, she was left unharmed and was able to finish the first spell.

Angie is a hero herself too, for protecting Mrs. Hayes in the same way as soon as she started the spell to seal Elizabeth for once and for all. Without them, I don’t think we would’ve been able to succeed.

Without them, we probably would’ve all died that night, for the wiccans fought back with magic, but were powerless against the strength in Elizabeth.

Cory was shocked as soon as he found out what happened, and a bit insulted we didn’t inform him as soon as Sid escaped the hospital.

He wanted to help, but he would’ve been a liability in the process, just like I was in essence.

But now he’s here, ready to explain everything that has been going on ever since we entered the prohibited woods, finally putting an end to things.

Soon, we will all be able to leave it behind and move on with our lives.

I just hope Sid will be there the witness what our hard work brought us.

Monday, November 28th, 2016

It’s been a week since we first spoke to the cops. In the mean time, they spoke to Amber, Edward, Amara, Annika, both my parents, Sid’s parents, and numerous of others involved in the events of the last two months.

D.I. Jones, the guy at the police we originally spoke to, guided us through the process, making sure we would give out a believable statement, leaving out all paranormal incidents.

We admitted entering the woods on several occasions to follow our gut feelings to locate the kids, how we searched history to find clues about the missing children’s final resting places, finally finding evidence of the location in the basement of Hunter’s Lodge, a long-forgotten room underneath it.

Baywick guided us back towards the children’s home, the attic where we retrieved Natasha’s diary, to guide us towards Jessabelle’s belongings, retrieving letters and notes in which she question’s Elizabeth’s behaviour, and admitting to being with Baywick during all the accidents with the hunters, that now turn out to be murders.

Last week, we buried aunt Maya and Esmeralda in the private company of family and close friends only.

It felt cruel for Sid not to be there, but so far, he hasn’t woken up yet, and they’re worried he might never.

Today, however, I miss his presence more then ever, as we – Cory and I, are allowed to witness a search in Miller Woods, to retrieve the children’s missing bodies. We hoped it would take longer, and Angie would be able to say goodbye to Sid before she would finally get the rest she sought for so long.

About an hour ago, they retrieved the bodies of Thomason Baywick and Jessabelle Conrad in the basement we guided them to, and currently, divers are searching the depths of the lake.

Angie is nervously bouncing up and down on my left, even attempting to bite her nails.

“Do you think I’ll be gone as soon as they find my bones?”

“Do you think you’ll know they’ll be yours?” I ask in a whisper, covering my words by pretending to cough in between.

“I’m not sure…” She shrugs and smiles. “Maybe I can play ignorant for a while.”

“Maybe they need to identify them as yours first.” Cory whispers without moving his lips too much. “Get them home to your parents… you do want to see them first, right?”

Angie nods, and silences as two divers resurface after only ten minutes of search.

They go over to a small rowing boat and lift something that looks like bones out of the water.

“They found something.” I share a look with Cory. “They actually found something.”

“Why have they never searched the lake before?” Cory wonders aloud. “Isn’t it a logic place to look when you are missing at least fifteen children?”

“They did search the lake before.” Angie frowns. “So, it’s really surprising Sid found out I am in there, and so are the others.”

“What if it cleared up enough now that Elizabeth is gone?”

“What if Sid’s presence in there caused sand to shift so that the bones would be revealed?”

“That sounds more like an explanation,” Angie mutters. “We are capable of moving things, so why wouldn’t it be Sid who moved sand?”

Cory and I nod in agreement and I think we silently agree that we’ll leave it to that; Sid caused them to find the bones.

The media is present too, and while it’s a cold late November day, the sun is lighting up the entire surroundings, actually casting a beautiful light onto a wood that – despite winter starting soon – looks more alive then it did in a very long time.

And while I look at the camera’s hurrying forwards to capture a piece of the retrieved bone, I suddenly think I understand why Baywick initially decided to settle into these woods.

There’s a calm serenity in the air that feels liberating.

And I hope, now that the cold-case missing children are found, the authorities might reconsider to open up the woods again.

Maybe we could do it step by step; opening up Hiker’s trail first, and prove that the evil is gone, and children will be safe again.

I know D.I. Jones is going to fight for it again, now that he knows we cleared the woods from evil.

I think it’s safe to say there’s probably tons of things present in these woods that we can’t see or possibly know of, but that doesn’t mean it is a threat.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing, and despite us defeating Elizabeth over a week ago, I’m still jumpy, and I yelp at the sudden sound.

Cory laughs at me, I scowl at him, and then pick up the phone as I notice mom is calling me.

“Davy, honey?” She sounds… happy? For the first time in days that is.

“Yeah, is something wrong?” I frown, still watching as another diver resurfaces with a bone, knowing they are currently locating more and more bones of kids that deserve to be found.

“No, nothing’s wrong. It’s good.” It sounds like she smiles, and I can tell she let’s out a sigh of relief. “Anni is allowed to go home. She still has to rest, and she has to wear a brace around her neck for a while, but she’s allowed to go, so, that’s good.”

“What time are you home? I’m still at the lake with Cory. They just found the first remains of children.”

“Oh, that’s very good news. We should be home in about an hour. Annika off course insists on seeing Sid first, so we’re taking her to see him now.”

And that’ll be a relief to Annika, since she hasn’t been able to touch him for so long, and she hasn’t seen him ever since the day he jumped in front of a car to try and end it all. She only remembers his lifeless body in the middle of the circle, still possessed by Elizabeth. She didn’t witness her being forced out of his body, and into her own.

She has nightmares about it. About Sid being a ghost, always around, but never physically there.

She fears she won’t ever hold him again, so seeing him in a very deep sleep might help to get rid of the nightmares in the least.

“I wanted to visit him today too, but I’ll go after dinner. I need to tell him they found the children, and Baywick and Jessabelle. He needs to know…”

“We’ll visit after dinner. I’ll drive you. But we’re going home in time because you need to rest more too. How’s your arm?”

“Painful…” I sigh, since one of my arms was dislocated and I have to wear a sling for at lest six weeks.

“Did you take your painkillers?”

“No… I forgot…”

“Then it’s good I took a bottle with me. I’ll pick you up as soon as we leave hospital. I’ll let Anni call you to warn you. You need to start walking in time.”

“Can we perhaps take Cory too? He wants to visit Sid too.”

“Off course he can. He’s always welcome, you know that.”

“I know, but still…”

“We’ll see you in about 45 minutes, okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

And with there, I mean at the gates, that are open, but still guarded.

I hang up, noticing D.I. Jones heading our way with a smile on his face. I smile back, causing Cory to turn his head to look at him too.

“We found the first remains. We’ll probably will need a couple of days to find all, or at least most. And the remains will be taken to a lab specialised in DNA search.”

“Do you think you get to identify all missing children?” Cory asks curiously, shortly looking towards Angie.

“If we find their bones, we will. We’re starting to send out letters to inform families, and ask them to come over so we can take their DNA to find a match.” He now looks fully at me. “And since this is your… discovery, there will be some families that might want to talk to you. Are you up for that?”

“It’s Really Sid who found them…” I clear my throat. “But I would be more then happy to talk to them on his behalf…”

“As long as he isn’t awake and strong enough to do so, I think it’s best to not bother him in any way.” He shortly looks over his shoulder as he’s being called by others, as the first rowing boat reaches the side of the lake. “We’ll keep in contact, Davy. Because I know you want to be the first to know once we identified Angela Donna.”

“Yeah, I would like to know once you found her…” Cory and I both look at Angie, who’s smiling happily, humming and gently waving from left to right and back as she’s overlooking the search mission. “D.I. Jones?”

“Call me Marc.”

“Marc… you know more about… ghosts, right?”

He nods in confirmation.

“Do you think Angie will be gone as soon as you find her?”

He looks thoughtful for a second, and then smiles. “I think she’ll be there until we give her a proper resting place. Honour her life, and in silence her help. But I think she’ll be there until her family says goodbye.”

I nod and smile, thankful I will get to say goodbye to Angie once they found her, on the day of her real funeral.

Let’s just hope Sid get’s a chance to say goodbye too.

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