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- Six months later -

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Sid’s POV

I still can’t believe how excited some teens are in the morning of school. I still feel annoyed for having to get up early in the morning, to head over to school.

I can honestly say I kind of miss my period of recovery back in December and January, missing a whooping two months in school.

Off course, Annika made sure I wouldn’t fall behind in school since she wants me to graduate and go off to college along with her.

I cursed her many times for bringing me homework in hospital or at home, forcing me to spend at least some time every day to do some of the work.

I fell behind a bit, but thanks to supporting teachers, and my closest friends, I managed to pick it back up as soon as I was back in school.

It has been a couple of hectic months, since they all agreed it had been mostly my doings for the missing children – all of them have been found – to be found in the lake.

I, by now, spoke to numerous of families, all thanking me for finding their beloved children.

Eleven families offered me a reward, as they promised a certain amount for anyone who had information that would lead to finding their children.

I couldn’t just take the money, as it felt wrong to do so.

Instead, with the help of Mr. Brightwaters and Mrs. Brand, I set up a fund – the Baywick fund – for people to donate money to pay for the maintenance of the woods. All eleven families donated money, and Angela Donna’s family appeared to be rich, offering to pay the fines we had to pay for damaging the gates; since we still had to pay it, despite that our trespassing caused us to find the children eventually.

The insisted, and since Davy and I would be in depts for years to come with those fines, we eventually agreed for them to pay it.

They also donated a large amount of money to the Baywick fund.

I’m thankful that the week of school is over, and that I had my check-up with a psychiatrist – seeing all the things I did caused some trauma’s – and that I can now sit back and relax with my friends.

I place my bike in the rack, designated for bikes, in the middle of the woods, still feeling slightly restless for being here.

I smile as soon as I find my friends, on a blanket, with drinks and snacks, laughter filling the air.

I hold off on joining them for a second, grabbing my backpack, carefully retrieving the flowers I bought on the way here, walking over towards the memorial stone they placed – holding all the names of children that died in here and funded thanks to the donations – and place it in front of it.

I find Angie’s name and smile sadly, thinking back of her humour, her giggles, and all the time we spent together, despite her not being with us physically.

“You miss her?” Annika appears by my side, and I nod, suddenly fighting tears.

“I do, so much... but she’s in a better place now...” I pull Annika in my arms and rest my chin on top of her head, as she leans into my hold.

“I’m sure she’s looking down upon us, and watching over us now.”

“I bet she is. I think she isn’t the type to sit back and relax.” We chuckle both, staring towards the stone in silence.

Angie stayed with us until they buried her remains in the presence of her family. We said our goodbye’s shortly before her family arrived, leaving before they would see us, because we could not do it in their presence for they would not understand.

They don’t know we know her, and I wonder how they would respond if we would’ve told them the truth.

I also think about her a lot, and wonder what it would’ve been like if she was alive, in our time, and we would’ve gotten to know her then.

Lately, my mind is occupied with her and Thomason Baywick a lot. I owe my life to them, and in some way, it means Annika and Davy do too.

Because they kept repeating how I saved both of them on the night we fought Elizabeth’s evil remnants. How I was willing to give my life to save Annika’s by pouring my energy into her.

By now, dad helped me to understand my powers, and helped me to gain control over them.

I was also clearly instructed to not use them for every little thing. I can’t help it whenever I injure myself. Every cut, scrape, scratch I got in the past couple of months, just healed overnight.

But I’m not allowed to use it whenever somebody else injures themselves. Humans need to experience the consequences of their actions. If we would shield them from pain, they would start acting foolish, living on the dangerous side of life.

In Annika’s case, I can never help myself to help her out anyway. But – Annika being an Angel herself – she’s different anyway. They clearly told me the rules apply to humans. And she’s not human, at all.

So, I literally kiss her pain away, whenever needed.

And I will keep doing it for the rest of my life. I nearly lost her once, and I won’t allow it to happen ever again.

“Let’s go over to the rest.” Annika suggests, grabbing my hand to entwine her fingers with mine with a happy smile on her face. “We’re about to light the candles, but waited for you.”

“Cool.” I smirk, and walk with her towards the rest. Cory and Edward discussing something, having an heated argument, while Amber rolls her eyes in annoyance. Davy waves at me, and gestures for me to sit next to him, holding a small paper boat with a little candle in it. “We assumed you wanted the one with Angie’s year.”

“Yes.” I nod and take over the small boat. “I wrote something for her to read, hold up.” I grab my backpack again, and pull out a small note;

If you ever want to play hide and seek again, you know where to find me.

I put the little note in the boat, knowing it’ll burn once the flame reaches down, and I feel as if it will reach Angie as soon as it disappeared like she did.

“What did you write?”

“It’s something between me and Angie.” I smile wearily, lifting the boat, grabbing a lighter, and heading over to the side of the water.

“Wait up!” Edward and Cory wake up from their discussion, and grab their little boats, joining the rest of us by the lake.

We light the candles in the same time, and place the boats onto the water surface carefully, watching them float away from us calmly.

And then I look up to the sky and smile.

“We will never forget.”

And as I watch back towards the boats, the sun shining a little brighter, the wind sweeps up, and while the candles aren’t blown out, the note I left in the boat get’s carried up in the air, and we all follow it as it flies up higher and higher, disappearing over the trees.

“Bet Angie was too impatient to wait for it to burn.” Davy nudges me and I laugh, knowing Angie could be a bit impatient.

“Yeah, sounds like her.”

“Well, let’s open the drinks, and salute to them.” Edward gestures for us to come over, handing the guys a beer, and the girls a glass of wine. “Don’t tell anyone, because I stole from dad’s cabinet and he’ll kill me...”

I chuckle and nod. “We wont snitch.”

Today it’s been half a year exactly since we fought and won, getting rid of Elizabeth. And we’re here to bring honour to the children, to Thomason Baywick and Jessabelle, and mostly to Angie.

We all miss her, and sometimes I wish we wouldn’t have found her. But then I know she deserved peace and that’s what we gave her.

And now, we all deserve some peace, and thank god, exams are over, and we only have to wait and find out if we managed to graduate.

I’m certainly ready for the next part of my life, heading of to college, to the big city, and out of Miller Town.

But before we do so, we booked one of the renewed cabins, wanting to spend a summer in the woods, just like Baywick lived.

Because I know he’s still out here, watching over these woods. Even after his body was recovered and properly buried close to his old home.

Baywick never left, because these are his woods, and he will always look after them.

And we will help him as long as we shall live.

Because a beautiful piece of nature like this, should never be covered in darkness, kept hidden from the world, ever again.

“To Baywick woods.” I hold up my beer, and the rest joins me in a salute. “May it always be a beautiful getaway place for people who need rest.”

And then, I turn to look towards the place where Baywick’s cabin once was, and smile at Thomason Baywick, watching over us from a small distance.


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