Final Sacrifice

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The barn was pitch black; the only signs of light were the cracks by the large door where the stars illuminated the dead forest floor. Beren felt uncomfortable with the entire situation even when first trekking into the decaying trees. His thoughts wandered to ease himself as he let air slowly escape his lungs as an old numb sensation washed over his sense reminding him, he was dead, and no physical force could subdue him. Though the little humanity left within him still struck fear and paranoia into his senses primitive though they may be.

Holding his hand up to his face he could barely make out the outline despite it being inches away. Grimacing his face, he peered towards the opposite sections of the barn assuming Vex, and Ragnar slept peacefully unhindered by thoughts. He was not sure how long he sat there with only his thoughts to comfort him. He had an inkling to open the door and let light in but felt rather befuddled that Vex hinted that there was something watching them. It was peculiar feeling that left a rather sick sensation boiling in his gut. The thought of haunting eyes peering from the dead trees to spy and observe them.

Beren moved his gaze back towards the barn door where the star light illumination, though faint was still prevalent. A thought enveloped in his head as he pondered separating his soul to investigate and see for himself what lay before the door. He knew if it were something physical, he could most likely posses it and move it further away from their location. However, that would require something actually being there and not simply a figment of humanly paranoia.

Clenching his fingers into his hand he recalled the words of Vex, stating he was no longer a human and should stop trying to act and think as one. The notion though said simply, was rather a complex abstract type of thought he could not comprehend effectively. Shaking his head, Beren let out another sigh as he put a hand to his chest as he concentrated on his very being. His mind was made up and he was determined to look outside with a portion of his soul. Though the practice was still new to him it felt similar to looking through another eye though hazy and tired. He peered deep into his soul as he felt the burning red hatred roll around in a ball in the decrepit body he possessed. Concentrating he felt his inner being as he lowered his head letting some of his soul leak out like a gas out of his mouth. A faint red aura left his lips in an instant as it slowly formed into a rather weak transparent figure of Beren’s normal ghastly form.

Opening his eyes, he looked into his own eyes and felt perplexed. It was if he was staring at a mirror and everything he wanted or was about to do he controlled. It gave him a sense of vertigo as he was peering out of two eyes instead of just one. Lifting his physical body up he walked over to the ghastly form with his arms crossed. While at the same time he crossed the arms of his ghostly form to mimic as he brought himself closer to his physical body. Being able to control both entities left him with a whirlwind of pierced sensations. Without putting much thought into it he knew if he would make another copy of himself, it would leave him dubious and confused as he would try to control more than he could handle. Concentrating he walked his physical body to the pillar into a seated position vigilant and quite while he put the rest of his concertation into a ghastly form as he slowly walked up to the barn door.

Levitating off the ground his toes almost drifting atop of the dust, looked back once more confident he would be back with a moment of investigating outside. Looking to the barn door he pushed his hand through as it slowly phased into the world outside. Were his form mortal with skin he would had felt the cold air brushing against him as he slowly began making his way outside. The illuminating stars reflecting off of his ghostly arm as the air remained still unmoving. Fully phasing through the barn door, he took notice of the dead forest being illuminated in twilight colors of black and purple from the stars and moon’s distinct glare.

His feet levitated above the moldy ground his toes phasing through the black grass. A sensation he knew he would have grimaced over in disgust could he feel it. Concentrating he peered his eyes through the illuminated dead forest and saw nothing. With a scowl he looked to the run down barn then to where he assumed was the east where they arrived from earlier in the day. Figuratively holding his breath he willed his spirit forward as fast as he could go gliding through the twilight dead forest as a red spirit. His lower body further behind than his upper as he concentrated on his movement. It was effortless and perhaps just as fast as his physical form were it not for his ability to phase through trees and foliage.

It did not take him long until he advanced on the road leading to the gray castle of Drita. Peering his eyesight behind him, he took notice of the forest slowly receding into the green hills they had arrived from. To his front a long road that lead up to large iron gates. Even from this distance it was still difficult to tell if anyone was present. What he could tell was dancing firelight not too far off ahead of him. Curious he strafed back into the forest with the road at his right before progressing. Granted nothing could phase him, the fact of being found would be detrimental to his party. Focusing on his movement he glided forward once more as no sound could be heard nor a breath from the vengeful spirit.

He found himself slowing down slightly as he would take notice of a few trees with skeletons chained to them. Stopping abruptly, he quivered in rage as he spotted a tree larger than the rest. Except this one was benign natural nature. Adjourned along the bough of the tree were a multitude of severed human arms nailed into the tree giving it a hellish appeal. They were decrepit and dry much like the forest as if they had been there for some time. Looking around him he took notice of more skeletons chained to the trees. Further north he went the more skeletons, up until he started across corpses though rotting chained to the trees. Beren’s red spirit grew brighter as he slowly approached a corpse to investigate and noticed a crude symbol etched onto the chest of one, while their eyes and ears were removed. Looking up ahead the light was closer now and he could detail sounds of harassment and laughter.

Beren let his face fall into a scowl as he glided forward once more this time with ill intent and blood lust. The trees were adjourned with human corpses each batch getting fresher and fresher as he moved forward. The tree cover did not wain as he found himself eyesight distance of the large iron gate to Drita. Outside of it a woman clad in chain followed by soldiers dressed in scorn colors, escorted her along the road.

Beren watched as he glided forward ready to meet them. They soon stopped a short running distance away from his location as the soldier tugged on her chains and threw her against an unused tree. A man in black and silver robes holding a knife and orb walked forward with a smug as he awaited his men to constrain her. Beren began moving closer as he felt an unbridled rage develop within him. It blurred his vision slightly as it began harder to discern his main spirit and the temporary form he controlled.

“My dear, you are here by gifted the opportunity to feed our god, Scorn.” The man in the robe stated as he smiled slightly as the soldier finished tying her up. The cloth across her mouth only letting out muffles weak as they may be, a sign of obvious abuse prior to the outing.

Beren not able to stand it any longer let out a wail from deep within him. It echoed around in the air circling the soldiers and robed man. It could not be pinpointed but it did not need to be, for there floating and levitating towards the soldiers was Beren. Bright as day were the sun able to illuminate a hellish red glow upon the earth.

“Hey boss, what is that?” A soldier asked as he withdrew his sword pointing it at Beren who continued to levitate towards them in an eerie fashion.

“Be at peace child, it be but a projection from the dying fae in these woods.” The robed man said with a smirk “It seems he still has enough power to project images to us despite our best efforts.” The robed man finished as he patted the soldier holding the sword as if to ease him, before walking up front with a smirk.

“Oh forgotten dying fae of the Drita forest, we offer your trees more human blood to rot your domain, be at peace as you wither from this world. May Scorn take your soul in his feast.” The robed man stated as he raised both his arms up smirking.

Beren stopped his movement unable to think clearly anymore he just wanted justified revenge and to protect what human life he came across. The talk of a dying fae and the forest mattered little to him. All that signified was that a scorn preacher and his lackeys were near to feel his wrath.

“I am no Fae…” Beren stated his voice low almost a growl as the air shimmered leaving the guards and preacher to remove their scowls. Before they could remark however, Beren zoomed right into the body of the preacher as he began taking over the form. Much like his first time possessing a living body he pushed the inhibitors soul to the back of the mind as he began seeing the world through a living person eye. Breathing in deeply he held the air in his lungs as he looked to the soldiers behind him.

“Boss? Is everything ok? Did you expel… what ever that thing was?” A soldier asked as he shivered slightly his legs shaking having never seen anything like this before.

“Yesss….” Beren stated through his teeth as he fought the preacher for full body control. Forcing a smile he let a wail build up inside of him as he suddenly compressed all of the air from his lungs. His shoulders rolled back and his chest expanding as the lungs of the preacher reached beyond its limit, tiny holes forming in the organ. Holding his smile he let out a wail as he charged forward with both of his hands holding the head of one of the soldiers. The full force of the wail drove into the soldiers skull and flesh began ripping, his eyes flattening against the force. Only stopping as blood and phlegm flew onto they disfigured soldiers face. Throwing the weak body of the soldier to the ground he wiped his mouth as he let the preacher regain control of the suffocating body before leaving it.

The guards watched in astonishment as the preacher grabbed for his chest falling to his knees as a red spirit left its body. Pulling out their swords they aimed it at the spirit, their legs and arms shaking fearing what had just occurred. The disfigured soldier barely able to stand began crawling back towards his company attempting to leave the spirit behind him. His face a red pulp of severed flesh, his jaw hanging to the side and one eye popped and oozing from the pressure.

Cocking his head to the side Beren flew into the next soldier as he pushed the inhibitors soul to the back of its mind as he began swinging the sword wildly at the other two men. They blocked in confusion as they did all they could to resist the bashing of the attacks of their possessed comrade. Beren lost focus form his rage as he noticed one of the soldiers break off and began helping his friend to his feet escaping to the iron gate. Grimacing Beren stopped attacking and let the defenders sword impale into his abdomen. Much the same he felt pain, but it was directed only to the soul trapped in its mind. Blood gushed out from the wound as Beren left the dying body and possessed the next, this ones will weaker than the last as he figuratively knocked his spirit out. Pulling the sword out of the dying soldier he spat on him as he turned around and began making his way back towards the escaping two men. The disfigured one limping as blood continued to ooze from his face.

Moving the body as fast as he could he felt the fatigue grow in his legs as he leapt forward and stabbed the back of the man helping the disfigured. The blade jabbing into leather armor as rib bones crunched and organs impaled by cold iron. Pulling his blade out he kicked the man to the ground before pushing the disfigured man onto his knees pointing his sword at him.

“Good bye little human.” Beren stated as he brought his sword up and swung as hard as he could. Similar to how he would have, were he still a lumberjack. Twisting his hips and moving through with the motion, his sword only cleaved through most of his neck as it became lodged in, unable to be removed without excessive force. Blood poured profusely from the wound as Beren kicked the body to the ground letting the ground soak up its nutrients.

Eyeing back towards the tree he began walking towards the woman. His rage and wrath subsiding slightly as he felt his focus back at the barn come into view along with his present location. Standing before the woman gaged and blindfolded, he reached forward and undid them a scowl on his face as her eyes met his. Upon her forehead was the word whore, a newly bloody etched mark that will scar her face for life. Gripping his hands he let out a ravaged sigh as he attempted to control his anger. Pulling on the loose chains he undid them as he took a step back to let her stand up.

“What is going on? Who are you?” She asked her white night gown dirty from having sat in the dirt and moldy tree before her.

“It does not matter, do you have a place to go?” Beren asked as he pulled out a coin purse from the jerkin of the body he possessed. Tossing it to the woman he pointed to the guards. “Find a weapon, steal some clothes and hide.” Beren stated as he pulled out a dagger and held it to his throat.

“Wait!” The woman began as she reached forward stopping his hand, the warmth of another person’s touch sending shivers into his very being and soul. Her face was smooth and her blonde hair long, her eyes blue and her face fair were it not for the bloody scar above her head.

“I do not know what you intend to do but do not kill yourself we need your help!” She insisted as Beren brought the knife closer to his throat. “I am already dead…” Beren stated as he jabbed the knife into his throat blood spraying out suddenly as he let his spirit leave the dying body. His red aura intimidating the woman as she took a step back. His eyes followed her as she grabbed a small knife off of the closest guards body and began running down the road not looking back once. Beren nodded to himself as he looked to the massive wall towering over him. Were his attacks any louder more guards would have surely come. Eyeing the running scarred woman once more he let his attention fall to the woods as he began moving west hoping to happen upon the barn in the dark.

He felt a sense of belonging as if a source to the south west, assuming this was his calling back to his origin spirit he moved along through the forest doing his best to disregard the trees. He did not reflect on his actions as he moved forward but instead was curious on what the guards were stating about a dying fae. As he thought, he heard a rustle in the trees as a small cat pounced out of no where and landed on a tree trunk above him. Startled slightly Beren looked up pondering what was going on, he had not seen any wildlife save for this dark cat whose green eyes glared back at him in the twilight. Raising his hands up as if wondering if the cat will speak, he waited. Grunting with an eerie purr it landed in front of Beren as it rubbed its body against his ghastly form only for it to phase through.

“A spirit you smell like, but ill intentions to have wrought to our domain.” A voice echoed through the forest as it surrounded Beren leaving him to wonder where it came from. Looking down to the cat he noticed it had disappeared as quickly as it appeared. “Perhaps you and your lot will help remove the rot hmm?” The voice asked as it continued to echo around him similar to how he would speak while a spirit.

Waiting to hear more Beren levitated in place silently looking around. A few moments passed as nothing was heard again nor seen, feeling put off slightly he began his descent into the rotting woods towards the old barn. His evening of blood lust and revenge sated for only a little, while his curiosity replaced it in earnest. The stars still shined brightly still onto the forest floor as he found the barn. Phasing through the door he walked towards his body as he reached out both spirit and mortal form to conjoin once more. It felt as though he gave himself a hug as he felt the spirit re-enter his body making him whole once more. Still sitting cross legged he looked around and noticed it was rather dark in the old barn. Perhaps too dark to tell if Ragnar or Vex caught sight of wanderlust into the forest. It mattered not though, he was sated for now and had information to tell them once they wake.

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