Final Sacrifice

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Flesh Shapes

She had not felt a jarring pain in her chest for a considerable time. Clutching her dirty tunic, Vex let out a long breath as a green light glowed from beneath her clothes. Approximately from where her heart was located. Her eyes narrowed as she wrinkled her nose and quickly made her way over to her grimoire. Looking at the dark leather cover she let out a relieved sigh. Looking over her shoulder towards the exit, the stone door baring the way, she felt a sense of unease and panic slowly enveloping her senses.

“What in the three hells are you doing Riken.” She stated under her breath, her hand clenching into a fist, and arms shaking slightly on their own. Shaking her head, she quickly padded across the crypt floor, the sound of slapping feet echoing in the room. Reaching into a small crack in the wall she pulled out an item wrapped in a burlap sack. With careful and delicate fingers, she unwrapped the contents revealing a double blade dagger. It gleamed with a silver polish, the blade itself small to a normal human yet perfect for a dagger to a pygmy. The silver lining reflected Vex’s stern face revealing a rather worried and unsettled look. Gripping the shade wooden handle, she closed her eyes and concentrated. Opening her yellow eyes, the blade began to make a low humming sound, the tips of the blades beginning to glow an eerie green.

“Blade is not finished, but it will have to do.” Vex mumbled to herself as she made her way towards the entrance. Her stride longer and determined as if knowing what was transpiring not far from her abode.

Riken let out a long hiss as a spear became lodged into his shoulder. A green hue of blood oozing out of the wound giving way to a stench befitting a morgue. With the ambush of the goblins underway, Riken, fought back the best he could using his long antlers to stave off the closer enemies. The goblin atop of him twisting his spear into his shoulder bone in hopes of severing the tendons keeping it together. Bucking up straight to repel the intruder atop his back, Riken showed his immense size and height. The shadow he casted on the ground before him was dark and formidable. Were it not for the fearless goblin hunters, all other mortals would have caved at the trembling sight.

The goblin in charge shouted suddenly with a pointed finger, as two hunters ran past with their spears aiming for the exposed chest of the abomination. Their spear tips gleaming in the sun light, and the poison dripping from the points.

Beren stood there not having realized how quickly the fight had broken out. Other than an occasional bar fight or staving off some wolves, he had never done combat when he was alive. The wail deep inside was wanting to come out and save Riken, but he knew by bellowing he would also hurt the creature he was hoping to protect. He thought back on how he was able to posses the body of the soldier but did not realize how he did it. Anger and pure anguish accompanied him that day, and his very being was as if a conduit of suffering. Trembling he watched in defeat as Riken protected himself the best he could. His gaze did not turn away when the spears lodged into his chest where the organs were presumably located. The goblins in the attack let out a roar as they coordinate quick jabs into the chest and abdomen of Riken. The beast stayed upon its back legs unable to land forward without becoming impaled, while the goblin atop his back began stabbing at his back haunches in hopes of toppling the abomination over.

The sight itself was gruesome and remorseless. Flesh and matted fur were torn completely off of him as the attack continued. The goblins working together seemed symmetrical in their efforts obviously having training in the woods they occupied. An odd gushing sound unlike the one Riken normally lets out escape his lungs as he began to fall. In a quick fashion a few goblins in the back threw a few ropes around the exposed neck of the abomination and began pulling back to quicken the effect. Riken fell in what felt like slow motion. The low gushing sound escaping his lungs as he hit the ground gave way to sincere remorse and grief.

Unable to take it anymore Beren ran forward and tried to will himself into the closest goblin, but found his body simply phasing through unaffected. Moving to another he found the same dilemma befalling him as the orange skinned goblins continued their attack, their spears jabbing into the creature as more thick substance poured out from the undead abomination. Beren watched in horror as the lead goblin walked up to Riken as he pulled out a hand axe from behind his back, and gently sat it upon the exposed neck of his prey.

“You put up a good fight, but this ends now corrupted one.” The goblin stated as he took the axe in two hands and lifted it up above his head. Beren felt his perception of time slow down to that very moment. The eyes upon Riken looked dimmed and diminished. His body torn and mangled with an absurd number of gouged wounds across his body. If the creature were alive it would have died minutes ago to the pure tension it was given. Beren looked down at himself and grimaced in aguish. His thoughts raced back to the altar upon which he died, unable to protect anyone or anything. Were he able to cry he would have, for such an atrocious beast with an unparallel amount of warmth, should not be treated with such disdain no matter the beliefs. Feeling enraged suddenly, Beren closed his eyes and willed his spirit forward as fast as he could into the body of Riken.

It felt confined much like the soldier, the day he became a spirit and did his first possession. Except instead of restraints it was welcoming and symbiotic in nature. As if there was no prevalent soul only memories and reflex to govern its body. It felt rather unsettling as he felt a lingering gaze in the back of his head, as if someone was watching him from afar. Realizing his situation, he willed his eyes open and found himself looking through the eyes of Riken. Everything looked like a green haze with an odd animalistic perception he never witnessed before. His body felt heavy and sluggish giving a clear indicator of the damaged he had sustained during the fight. At the corner of his eye Beren noticed the lead goblin stop in his tracks, as he backed away before committing the final blow.

Taking this moment to get used to the weight, he moved Riken’s body to his side in hopes of getting to his four feet. He had not realized the leg he was using had began twisting and shaping into a humanoid arm. An odd silvery green hue wrapped itself around his limbs as the body itself felt more limber and easier to maneuver. Slowly he found himself on all four feet and eventually, on two legs. Tracing the line of magic towards a tree branch above him, he took sight of Vex channeling an odd artifact in her hand. The silvery green line of magic clinging to Riken’s body like spider thread, slowly shaping the flesh and bones within. It felt strange as the body he inhabited contorted in odd shapes, as it slowly became upright in an unsettling humanoid fashion. The front arms and shoulder elongated with spikey bones for hands. His lower legs absorbed much of the muscle as it transitioned into a sturdy base for him to balance upon. The excess spine became a make shift tail, extending three feet out of the abomination. The skull itself did not change, but the jaw lowered, and the teeth sharpened into a carnivorous appetite.

The body was reformed before Beren’s very eyes. He even felt the vigor within Riken return as he gave Beren an emotion of approval, as if telling him to take the wheel. Pulling up an arm and flexing the sharp bones for fingers into a fist, he felt himself smile slightly; realizing how gruesome and horrifying it must be to witness such an awe-inspiring sight. Beren slowly moved his head to the side where a lone goblin stood with his spear shaking violently in his fur outfit. Beren felt an odd taste come from the goblin, an animalistic sensation similar to fear. The sense was as if he was smelling or hearing, a sensation not easily described to a common human. Beren withdrew his arm slowly in an arc above his head. And with an unprecedented amount of force, jabbed his arm into the abdomen of the vile little creature. The entrails felt hot upon his bones as he slowly withdrew, leaving the goblin to fall to the ground lifeless. Its blood gushing out onto the soft grass, feeding nature itself with its nutrients.

Lifting his gaze, Berens eyes fell upon the remaining forces. He counted five left before him as they assembled in front making a small wall of spears. Their faces showing uncertainty, while their hands gripped their weapons in defiance to the fear that gripped their hearts. For no mortal creature should lay eyes upon such a hideous and vile creation. The fear escaping from the goblins delighted Beren’s senses in an unnatural way that made him feel sick and disturbed. In the background he could feel Riken give off a vibe of hunger and greed. Shaking the odd feeling off, Beren filled his lungs with as much air as they could hold. His chest expanded and the rib cage popped slightly as it neared it capacity. Holding it in for a moment, he did not know what force would expel from such large lungs. But he knew Vex would forgive him for destroying the pair.

The goblins before them held their ground as their leader held his axe off to the side and simply smiled. He was an older fellow that had to have seen countless battles in his day. He held a sense of combat prowess that entitled him a combat sense, that novices of the craft would not understand or appreciate. One of those senses had kicked in and told the goblin one thing. It was over. The beast before him let out a slight hiss then an explosion of force, as a wail encumbered his party. The golbins in disarray fell to the ground clutching their ears. Others clenched their chests, as a few fell prey to heart attacks their fear befalling them. The few left standing fell to the ground when the wail ended, their eyes rolling back into their heads and blood escaping from their noses. The lead fell to his knees and hands as he coughed up blood before falling into a heap with the rest of his comrades.

Finishing his wail Beren felt the lungs decompress and rip apart inside his rib cage. The violated fleshy lungs drooling out of his carnivores skull, proved the force to of the wail to be too powerful for the body. Looking at the pile of goblin corpses on the ground he felt Riken hiss inside his mind as he pushed himself to take back control of the body.

“Beren don’t let Riken eat, let me restrain him!” Vex exclaimed atop the tree branch as she began to nimbly and gracefully climb out of the tall tree. Beren nodded as he realized Riken has forced the limbs to move and approach the dead goblins. Fear gripped his heart not understanding what it was that Riken was attempting to obtain from this. Trying to keep control against the abomination, he felt saliva escape his mouth as he wrestled with the body. Not enjoying the disgusting and revolting appetite from Riken being pushed onto him. Beren threw the body onto the ground, his bones hands but inches from the nearest goblin.

He eyed the body and realized it was still alive. The goblin looked back with his wild bewildered eyes, as if waking from a dream into an all too realistic nightmare. His eyes met Beren’s as he felt the sensation of fear escape from the goblin. Unfortunately, that was the tipping moment. Riken had gained full control effectively pushing Beren to the back of the mind, unable to protest or fully control the body anymore. Beren felt and sensed as Riken slowly reached forward and grabbed the leg of the goblin. The poor creature fighting the grip as he clunged onto roots and grass, pulling it out of the ground with him as he reached his destination. Unable to look away Beren felt Riken open his mouth, the saliva escaping as it fell upon the body of the little goblin. The fear escaping it was intoxicating yet invigorating as it aroused the hunger within Riken. He had no control now. Still stuck inside the body, he felt as Riken sunk his carnivorous elk jaw into the flesh of the goblin. It was slow and deliberate, the sensation of torture and savoring became a mixed sensation that made Beren gag. He cried out inside the body of Riken as the little goblin let out an ear-piercing scream, as flesh was ripped off of its abdomen. His intestines and entrails spilling forth suddenly. This excited Riken more as he plunged his muzzle into the exposed body and began to bite and pull out the contents.

Beren felt sickened and violated, as the gore fell down their throats and settled into the stomach of the body they were occupied in. It slid down perfectly, the feeling of warmth and slime as the digestive system eagerly absorbed its nutrients. Beren let out a scream inside the body unable to remove himself or stop Riken from his feast. All he could do was indulge in the senseless hunger with Riken, as he felt every morsel and flesh enter his body unwillingly. He felt his soul grow dark and dreary with hatred for the beast but before such possible atrocities could continue, he felt a warm sharp blade enter the back of their necks. He felt his soul get ripped out of the body, the sensation of pain and coldness enveloped him as he was separated. He looked down to see Vex holding the back of Riken’s neck with a glowing hand, leaving the abomination to fall onto its face as if in a trance or deep sleep.

“I told you to not let him eat idiot!” Vex exclaimed her face beat red and breathing heavily as if she had been running. Beren stood floating in mid air shuddering, displeased with the sudden events that had transpired. Vex raised a finger at him shaking her head. “Just don’t, I told you to find ghost glow not pick a fight with goblins.” She stated as she let out a sigh shaking her head with anger. “Now I have to recharge my artifact and remove the filth inside of Riken before it rots him.” She stated as she let out a sharp whistle.

Bushes moved behind them as three walking corpses in scorn uniforms approached them. Their limping stride gave way to unholy magic driving them in their undeath. They had no eyes only a soft glow of green escaping their sockets. Their mouths sewn shut and their feet bare as they crumpled forward, a soft moan escaping their closed lips. Vex nodded to them with a wave of her green hand, while pointed to the entranced body of Riken.

Beren watched in disbelief as the they pulled out swords and appeared to watch over the sleeping body of Riken. They refrained from further movement save for the green glow within their eyes dimming and glowing as if a heartbeat. Beren caught Vex’s movement as she laid her hand on Riken’s body and mumbled some words, her grimmoir sitting open next to her. The corpses from what Beren could conclude were Vex’s doing and was yet another show of her unknown power.

“I don’t like shaping Riken’s flesh mind you.” She stated coldly her ears pinning down near her shoulders as if threatened. “I have not done enough research to sustain Riken in this form.” She added as green energy erupted from her hand forcing Riken’s body to contort and slowly evolve back into his original state. His carnivores jaw replaced to a normal elk and his limbs retracting into what would resemble an animal once more. The bones popped and cracked, and flesh ripped while the Vex’s magic was underway. Beren floated nearby trembling slightly, at the aspect of gore and torture that had been wrought onto him. If he could breath in and sigh to calm down he would have, even the nearby resurrected corpses were a devious sensation to his sense of moral.

“This could have been worse I suppose.” Vex stated as she stood up wiping the dirt from her knees and shaking her head, her long white hair dancing back and forth in retaliation. “Though this still sets us back I think coming upon forest goblins may be in our luck.” She stated as she lifted her book and closing it in the process. “These creatures are known to cultivate rare ingredients and I am sure they have a few shamans that keep ghost glow around.” She added before turning her gaze back to the silent corpses, their awe-inspiring sight of fear encasing any mortal unlucky enough to gaze upon them.

Beren followed her gaze to them as well, shaking his head not wanting to adorn another creation of Vex. The little pygmy took sight of his defiance realizing his foresight on the matter. Smiling she walked to one of the corpses and jabbed her dagger into the abdomen of the corpse revealing no response.

“These corpses are temporarily raised mind you they have no will of their, once you are inside one…”


The air boomed around them as Beren cut Vex off short mid-sentence while shaking his head. Beren spirit form grew a bit more ominous as the red glow became more apparent. He had enough of possessions and wanted nothing further to deal with Vex’s creations. Grimacing he kept mouthing the word no shaking his head in process. Vex noticed his actions as her mouth turned sideways and appeared sympathetic.

“Listen if we don’t get this ingredient I can’t bind you to your vessel.” She insisted while stepping forward slowly, her bare feet moving in front of the other. Beren narrowed his eyes upon her and felt a sense of annoyance, yet at the same time appreciative. The fact this underworld creature he had no idea existed while alive, was willing to help him left him dumbfounded.

Vex had fully approached, as Beren stood in thought eyeing the small pygmy with confusion and frustration. Putting her arms behind her back and tiptoeing up she smiled towards Beren, her sharp pointed teeth adding to the absurd angular features of the pygmy. If he were able to roll his eyes he would have as a mortal, for the meager attempt at being cute and convincing.

“Not working?” she stated as she rolled back onto her heels her toothy grin gone but still smiling with wry intent. “I promise you will never have to posses Riken again. But I do need your help in our next…feat.” She implied before pointing to one of the corpses. “How bad do you want your revenge?”

Beren followed her finger towards the corpses, their unmoving posture more inhuman than before. The setting sun within the green forest made the scene more ominous. As pygmy and a vengeful spirit stared into each other’s eyes knowing what the end outcome will be. Reluctantly, Beren approached a corpse fists closed in frustration his mouth clenched tight.

“Great let’s go meet some goblins and ask them polity to compensate me for hurting my pet.” Vex casually stated as she pulled out the double dagger and traced her finger in the air chanting a spell as if preparing for a fight.

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